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Being a Vegan in itself in a challenge in your own home country. Picture the difficulty when you’re exposed to environment and places you are not familiar with. Shivers, right?

But thank heavens for these Vegan travel bloggers who make sure that you do not have to worry about your food and you travel tension free. Check out these bloggers who found all the hidden vegan food sources you would need when you’re all alone in an alien nation…Well, at least, you won’t be starved, now.

  1. Heart of a Vagabond – An inspirational blog focused on responsible travel, traditional vegan food, yoga and mindful living.
  2. Angloitalian Follow Us – Slow vegan travel blog by Dale & Franca, with focus on architecture, art and design.
  3. Don’t Forget to Move – The ultimate budget backpacking vegetarian couple, Jules and Christine, that met and fell in love while travelling.
  4. Vegan Miam – Rika & Doni run the vegan food and travel blog. They love bold, global flavors and have a passion for crafting recipes inspired by their travels. They aren’t afraid of some funk and fermentation and certainly enjoy a healthy measure of spices.
  5. Justin Plus Lauren – Vegan part-time travelling couple, Lauren and Justin, are video editors. They love animals, nature and music.
  6. Indefinite Adventure – Vegan gay British couple Sam and Zab travel light and slow, and work as they go.
  7. Am I Nearly There Yet? – Eloise and Stu are a British backpacker couple, slow travel experts, travelling the globe long-term and living life to the fullest! Great pictures and vegan travel tips.
  8. Mindful Wanderlust – Giselle and Cody are vegan couple travelling in a compassionate and responsible way.
  9. Powered by Tofu – Olivia is very activ woman, she explores, creates and lives the good life.
  10. North and South Nomads – The computer nerd, poutine eating Canadian, and the beach loving, vegan Aussie Lawyer travel the world together.
  11. Bounding Over Our Steps – Travel adventures and nomadic life of the lesbian, vegan couple, Ligeia and Mindy.
  12. Burger Abroad – Mnimalist travel blog about green, vegan, slow, solo, budget, female travel written by an artist and pet-sitter Amanda.
  13. Travel and Tofu – Vegan girl traveling around the world.
  14. World Wide Vegetarian – Katie’s food and travel blog sharing vegetarian and vegan recipes plus tips for veggie travel.
  15. Vegan World Trekker – is a vegan solo female traveler who writes about her world travels and travels around the USA. She loves adventures that include nature, animals, history, and culture. Her blog also offers many travel tips for vegans
  16. Vegan Nom Noms – Vegan solo female traveler with a never-ending case of wanderlust. Recipes, reviews and travel tips from a plant-based perspective.
  17. Mostly Amelie – A solo vegan world traveler with a knack for healthy living. Currently in Germany.
  18. Vegan Food Quest – Caryl & Paul find, eat and writing about the best vegan food in the world.
  19. Taste of Slow – A green travel blog which shares travel stories and tips on travel, vegetarian food culture and a green lifestyle.
  20. Vegan in Brighton – Vegan scene and stories from worldwide travel escapades.
  21. Veggie Secret – Laura, food lover and nutrition enthusiast. She shares her knowledge and passion for the vegan, plant plant-based through veggie secret.
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