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Travel Podcasts are the next best thing. When the domain of travel blogging started getting saturated, travel podcasts were here to save the day! These podcasts frequently contain interviews and ‘in the moment decisions’. Whether you’re seeking to start your own blog or are looking for some inspiration, these blogs are always there for you!

Travel Podcasts are usually in the form of episodes which honestly, has us hooked! We just WAIT till the release of the next one… Sounds like Netflix of Travelling, doesn’t it?

Check out these amazing Travel Podcast Bloggers who are sure to give you all the travel goals you need to brighten up your day...

  1. Extra Pack of Peanuts – Travel writer and host of the top-rated travel podcast about travel hacking. Teaching people how to travel more while spending less.
  2. Amateur Traveler – Chris Christensen’s audio & video podcast, and a blog, focusing on the best places to travel to, from road trips to swimming with whales in Tonga.
  3. Indie Travel Podcast – Audio and video podcasts along with magazine style articles for independent and adventure travellers.
  4. Travel with Rick Stevens – Weekly radio show with Rick Stevens, expert on travels to Europe. There is an archive sections and audio guides to cities.
  5. Dirtbag Diaries – Fitz Cahall’s podcast dedicated to the sometimes serious, often humorous stories from wild places.
  6. Married With Luggage – Warren and Betsy Talbot are learning about love by travelling the world together They share their thought through video, podcast, blog and books.
  7. Daily Travel Podcast – Nathaniel Boyle invites you for daily podcast featuring conversations with world explorers and creative wanderers.
  8. This Week in Travel – blog by Gary Arndt, Jen Leo and Chris Christensen presenting the best travel podcast of the week.
  9. Excess Baggage – BBC show hosts Sandi Toksvig and John McCarthy talking to travellers from home and around the world about their destinations, experiences, anegdotes and issues arising from their journeys.
  10. Betty in the Sky with a Suitcase – Travel the world with flight attendant Betty listening to her podcast show.
  11. Travel in 10 – Series of short audiotours and soundscapes from hip hotels, restaurants, concerts, festivals and events around the world.
  12. The Opportunistic Travelers – Evo and Sheila, 40-something empty nesters living their lives as opportunistic travelers for a world-wide tour.
  13. Family Adventure Podcast – Inspiring interviews with families who have dreamed big and are accomplishing epic adventures.
  14. Brian Tells Stories – Brian has a passion for radio and podcast and he is intreviewing travlers to provide some listening pleasure for us.
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