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Top Travel Blogs You Must Read - 2

Top Travel Blogs You Must Read - 2

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1. Manjulika - www.manjulikapramod.com

Manjulika  - www.manjulikapramod.com

PENDOWN is a personal space where Manjulika write about her unique experiences. No doubt, She love to travel but her writing is not just restricted around traveling. She keen and curious and thus she enjoy discovering new things around me. Life has not been same ever since she started blogging and this has helped me grow in all perspectives.

2. Ami Bhatt - thrillingtravel.in

Ami Bhatt - thrillingtravel.in

Ami Bhat is a post graduate in marketing by qualification and a travel blogger by passion. A restless traveler, she believes in planning every long weekend that comes her way and capturing them through words and pictures on her blog .  Her blog is all about her travel experiences, destinations, tips and some travel fun – in India and abroad.  You can discover and explore the unknown facets of a place, traditions and stories around a destination and cultural experiences through this blog.  Not to forget the handy travel tips about different places that can help you plan your own.

3. Divya Prasad - obsessivecompulsivetraveller.wordpress.com

Divya Prasad - obsessivecompulsivetraveller.wordpress.com

Travelling happened way before blogging. Divya Prasad committed to freelance writing, energy healing, her healing arts venture Iktomi and travel for life.  Her blog is a channel of expression to share all the beautiful tales. Folklore, people and experiences she met with on her journeys in the Himalayas and other places that happen to me. She is always been fascinated with folklore, anthropology, art, tribes and culture. It’s the love for it that led her to explore takes hidden in these non-descript villages and tribes. She set out on a solo journey via the tribal circuit of Himachal Pradesh collecting tales from villages in Lahaul- Spiti up to Ladakh, which over years became homes she returned to. Over time, travel grew on her and turned out to be a meaningful connection. She was blessed with so much unconditional love from strangers on my travels.

4. Antara Ray - antypasti.com

A management consultant by profession, environmental scientist by academics. She share her hobbies - Travel, cooking, reading. Juggling between these and a demanding work schedule at most times, She try and do as much with my life as time and energy levels permit.

Antypasti is a crockpot of a blog where she share excerpts from her life, travelogues and kitchen adventures form a big part of it; sometimes philosophical realisations from everyday life form part of the banter. A constant effort in the travelgues is to provide useful information to readers about a place they intend to travel or are already in.She  jotting down practical tips on how to make the best of one's trip and avoid disappointments is crucial. Antypasti travelogues covers city, hill and beach destinations across the continent, but more importantly, gives an insight like no other blog or website, on lesser written about places such as Meghalaya, Ratnagiri, Indore-Mandu circuit, Bhutan, Krabi, Penang, Cameron Highlands - a hill station in Malaysia, Ratnagiri - a lesser known beach town along Konkan strech of Maharashtra.

5. Sonal Kwatra Paladini and Sandro Paladini - drifterplanet.com

Sonal Kwatra Paladini and Sandro Paladini - drifterplanet.com

Sonal and Sandro are two hippies in love with each other and the world. If you like music and travel, you’re going to LOVE Sonal’s budget travel stories as they hop from one music festival to another around the world. Sonal is from India and Sandro is from Germany and they met at a music festival while backpacking across South East Asia.  They are gearing up for a 100-day long Euro trip where they plan to cut costs by hitchhiking and living in their tent

6. Antarik Anwesan - antarikanwesan.com

Antarik Anwesan - antarikanwesan.com

www.antarikanwesan.com is the way Antarik stay connected with the world . Travel and movies being the two things closest to his heart, The blog, now 8 years old, boasts of over 320 authentic and quality posts. In early 2015, his travelogue was published on Outlook Traveller.

Currently, he is working with a media house in Mumbai and usually manage to take time out for my travels and blogging. There is nothing in the world that can replace his love for traveling and blogging.

7. Gitanjali Banerjee - www.writergitanjali.com

Gitanjali Banerjee - www.writergitanjali.com

Travelling is her destiny. She didn’t choose to, but now she love to. She wedded to a fauji and that is why she travel because of her Karma. In her blog she talk about unique destinations and offbeat experiences. She don't just travel to a place, she stay there. She have traveled from pasighat, Arunachal pradesh in far North-East to Auroville down South to Bikaner at teh end of Rajasthan. Her writing style is travel humour.

8. Shraddha Gupta - streettrotter.com

Shraddha Gupta - streettrotter.com

Shraddha Gupta is the Founder and COO of StreetTrotter, a travel, culture & lifestyle blog that inspires people every day with real stories to look good, live healthier and travel even better. Founded in 2012, the blog is all about experiencing new things in life, be it a daring mountain trek, a frugal backpacking trip, a runway look made local, or simply anything that scares you enough to live deeper. Shraddha went on her first solo trip in 2013 to volunteer in Mcloedganj, India, teaching English to the Tibetan-in-Exile. Earlier in 2014 she completed the Chadar Trek, and have been traveling solo since, encouraging the idea of 'Voluntourism' amongst her readers.

Currently she is pursuing her Masters in Journalism from the prestigious Boston University, and a photojournalism internship at The Harvard University. Apart from being a traveler who is on the run to explore the United States at the moment, she is also a freelance journalist who often writes on beats like business, changing media dynamics and honest opinion pieces on life and culture.

9. Sushmita Sarkar - www.myunfinishedlife.com

Sushmita Sarkar - www.myunfinishedlife.com

Sushmita Sarkar,  an Engineer & Urban Planner, a mom, a wife but most of all a traveler. Passion for travel both in her work life and personal life has led her to travel to many interesting places, experience unique facets of this world and most of all to learn about this wonderful world on a more hands-on way. Her blog ‘www.myunfinishedlife.com' is an expression of her experiences in life and her travelogues take majority of spaces here.

10. Ayandrali Dutta - ayandrali.wordpress.com

Ayandrali Dutta - ayandrali.wordpress.com

Books, coffee, tea and music with a pinch of insanity pretty much sum up her. She likes from sunset to sunrise everything tickles that butterfly in her tummy. A wanderess by passion, wordsmith by profession, she travel for travel’s sake as the great affair is to move on. Her “Hakunamatata” state keeps her going in this mad world.

The words – “Scattered expressions” is something that she relate to most. As she pen down her experiences and thoughts her blog is a medium of collecting memories and passing them to enthusiast like her.

11. Shubham Mansingka - travelshoebum.com

Shubham Mansingka - travelshoebum.com

Shubham Mansingka is a solo traveller and travel blogger with an avid interest in photography, culture, trekking & food. He prefers slow travel rather than ticking places off a list and has been on the road since January 2014. He finds solace in the mountains and loves listening to stories of villagers. He explores offbeat, unknown places and hopes to make you see more of this beautiful world through his experiences.

12. Tarun Gaur - mygreedybackpack.com

Tarun Gaur - mygreedybackpack.com

He believes "It was not only Aamir khan in Dil Chahta Hai whose first word from the mouth was a camera , this happened with Tarun Gaur too" :))   A simple Delhi guy, A tour operator by profession,  with a dream to travel around the world by the time he turns 40. Bought his first camera at age of 8, but it was his marriage gift from Grandfather  "A Nikon DSLR" which changed his life and made him a travel photographer cum blogger, an another better way to live his dream and break the monotonous 9-5 job life. He travels to find the hidden cultural stories and folklores which are not written in books and pages but present in the world in the hearts of people. Love the past and wants to travel to those places which laid the stone of present society, prefers historical sites and places over nature’s bounty.

13. Manish Kumar - travelwithmanish.com

Manish Kumar - travelwithmanish.com

Musafir Hoon Yaaron started the trend of dedicated Hindi travel blogging way back in 2008 and is one of the leading Hindi blog in terms of readership. Since then more than 300 stories covering destination of India & abroad has been covered in the blog. Nature. History, Culture & People are mainstay of stories published in the blog. The blog has been featured on in several Hindi newspapers such as Dainik Bhaskar, Rajasthan Patrika, Jansatta along with ABP News etc.

14. Gulshan Bafna - gulshanbafna.com

Gulshan Bafna - gulshanbafna.com


Traveling is not something one is born with, it is acquired over time from the places you go to and the people you meet. He swept away with an overwhelming desire to tell people what he has experienced, the memories he has made and the tell-all stories heard, and from that was born, ‘The Exciting Traveler.’
The passion for his traveling and to pen it down in his simple blog  “Hey, it’s a beautiful life out there, so let’s not waste any time, but rather experience life with all its enormity and live it to the hilt.”
Life is no more about fun, if we aren’t going places. The Exciting traveler is, hear his story to know that yours is possible too.

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