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Looking for inspiration for your next trip? Or are simply craving the presence of the mountains and the seas?

In any case, fret not. We present to you these brilliant blogs for men and women, alike for all your travel goals and wanderlust-struck soul. Pick up your friends or go solo, but we guarantee you that you'll be awestruck after reading this comprehensive list of some of the best travel blogs for men and women which have "Travel Goals" written all over them. Most of these travel bloggers have gone beyond the ordinary and explored places we hadn’t even heard of!

Happy reading!


  1. Expat Woman – All the information women need before moving abroad.
  2. Travel Fashion Girl – Women’s travel resource for packing, fashion, and beauty on your adventures.
  3. Her Packing List – Talking about female travel gear and accessories.
  4. Journey Woman – The largest online travel resource for women, to inspire women to travel safely and to connect female travellers.
  5. Tuula Vintage – Travel and fashion blog.
  6. Wanderlust And Lipstick – The leading women-focused travel site, providing tips, reviews, information and inspiration written by women for women.
  7. Yes and Yes – Inspiring blog for women covering many fields of life with very useful Mini Guide series.
  8. Pink Pangea – The community for women who love to travel and have a desire to share authentic insights.
  9. Mademoiselle Le K – Travel, lifestyle, beauty & fashion blog. All posts in English & French.
  10. Travel Belles – An online magazine about travel for women, brings you everything from solo travel to adventure travel to small group travel to girlfriend getaways.
  11. Adventure Women – A unique adventure travel tours for active women over 30.
  12. Travel Go Girl – Weekly travel tips, event news and inspiration for women.
  13. Expat Women – Helping women living overseas, inspiring your success abroad.
  14. Diwyy – A girl’s guide to travel, studying, working and volunteering abroad.
  15. World Moms Blog – Connecting global mothers, telling their stories and making a difference. Over 50 women bloggers representing 20+ countries.
  16. Suitcase and Heels – Melissa’s travel blog for women who want to travel in style and on a budget.
  17. Savvy Girl Travel – A cultural magazine focusing on the female travel experience: from art to books to personal stories.
  18. Worldette – The daily email dedicated to getting you out in the world.
  19. Tango Diva – A travel site empowering women to explore the world and themselves. Includes a forum, links and online newsletter.
  20. Dame Traveler – A girly backpackers blog, looking for advice on fashion, beauty and everything travelling.
  21. Independent Travel Help – Expat life and independent travel for women aged 35+.
  22. Women Travel In Style – Exclusive travel essentials for women traveling in style.
  23. Urban Travel Girl – Thoughts on black women living globally through international travel.
  24. She Sees The World – A site dedicated to sharing authentic and inspiring stories of personal growth through travel.
  25. Rani And Katie – A girl’s guide to spirits, SPAs and travel in style.


  1. Thrillist – A magazine for men providing all that’s new, unknown or under-appreciated in food, drink, travel and entertainment.
  2. Man Tripping – A site dedicated to promoting mancations and guys weekends.
  3. Real Man Travels – Stories and thoughts from a group of very manly Canadian men.

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