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South East Asia is one of the most Heavenly places you could ever set foot on. The exotic Phi Phi Islands in Thailand, the long stretches of white sand beaches and the infinite display of deep blue waters, all there to soothe your soul. If the physical beauty of these South East Asian countries were not enough, their food and culture is sure to win your hearts.

Need further advice? That’s what we’re here for! These South East Asian Travel Blogs/Bloggers will definitely ease your confusion. These blogs exclusively feature the SEA countries and rekindle all your exotic dreams!


  1. Visit Chiang Mai Online – How to get the very best from your visit to this most beautiful part of Thailand.
  2. Go Borneo Travel – Borneo travel guide. Borneo is a great destination for budget traveler, it is not as expensive as it’s said to be.
  3. Let’s Go Kuala Lumpur – Travel Information to visit Kuala Lumpur from local experience.
  4. Living in Malaysia – Expat living in Johor Bahru and travels around Malaysia.
  5. Malaysia Asia – David specializes in travel around Malaysia, but also cover other Asian countries.
  6. Malaysia Food & Travel Blog – Malaysia food and travel blog.
  7. Sleepless In KL – Filipina married to a Malaysian living in Kuala Lumpur. Mother of 6, career woman and incidental world traveler.
  8. Travel Malaysia Guide – An unbiased tourist travel guide to Malaysia.
  9. Whoa Adventures – Some of the best adventures found in Peninsular Malaysia and Borneo.
  10. Wonderful Malaysia – A blog by a couple from The Netherlands enjoying expat life in Malaysia.
  11. Come Singapore – One-stop travel guide to Singapore.
  12. Good Morning Yesterday – A blog describes growing up in Singapore in the 1950s and 1960’s.
  13. My Singapore Diary – A Singapore expat blog about travel, lifestyle, food and photography.
  14. Tails From The Lion City – A British expat living in Singapore for 4 years. The blog is about the sights to visit, the food to eat and all other experiences.
  15. BambooDazed – Myanmar society, politics, travel, opinion.
  16. Becky In Burma – Becky is a writer living in Burma with her husband and daughter. She blogs about transition to a new country and expat parenting.
  17. Feisty Blue Gecko – Life and work of a Scottish woman based in Yangon.
  18. Jessica Mudditt – Jessica is a British/Australian journalist based in Yangon. She spend nearly three years spent in Bangladesh as a special correspondent.
  19. Myanmar Travel Essentials – A website focused on Myanmar, its people, its culture and its sites.
  20. Along the Mekong – The travels and thoughts of a young American based in Saigon, Vietnam.
  21. Expat Heather – Heather is an international educator who has spent the last five years in Ho Chi Minh City with her two young children.
  22. Go Vietnam – A candid view on life in Vietnam and ideas of activities and fun things to do.
  23. Sticky Rice – What to eat in Vietnam. Hanoi food news, restaurant reviews and street food tours.
  24. Vietnam Channel – Discover Vietnam culture, places, and vietnamese food.
  25. Vietnam Travel – A guide to visiting the beautiful country of Vietnam, with information on destinations, hotels and food plus a travel blog.
  26. 99 Boomerangs – Brenden from Australia shares useful tips for exploring South East Asia.
  27. Adventure Travels SE Asia – Slow independent adventurous travel through SE Asia.
  28. Asia For Visitors – All the information you need to plan and book your trip in SE Asia.
  29. Blonde Traveler – Women advice for traveling and living in Southeast Asia.
  30. Da Social Climber – Travel tips and random insights of a female traveler, backpacker and mountaineer from Philippines, currently backpacking in SEA.
  31. Nomad 4 Ever – Christian from Germany is living a nomadic lifestyle in SE Asia.
  32. Octopus Diaries – Laura from The Netherlands on her journey through Southeast Asia.
  33. Solo Flighted – Edcel’s travels, adventures, and headstands in Southeast Asia and the Middle East.
  34. South East Asia Backpacker Magazine – A magazine for independent travellers through South East Asia.
  35. ThaHoliday – Comprehensive guide to exploring the countries of Southeast Asia.
  36. The Fish Egg Tree – New Zealander’s adventures through Vietnam, Cambodia and Thailand.
  37. The Travel Lush – Living and backpacking around South east Asia.
  38. Travelfish.org – Packed with information, guide for independent travellers and backpackers to Thailand, Laos, Vietnam and Cambodia and other Asian destinations.
  39. Travel Happy – A personal guide to travelling in Thailand and South East Asia.
  40. tropiXblue – Stories, photographs and video of travel and adventure in SEA.
  41. Bangkok Girl – A British expat: working, drinking, eating and exploring my way around Bangkok.
  42. Jamie’s Phuket – The original Phuket blog since 2006.
  43. My Thai – Insights from the Land of Smile. 4 years and counting. Experience regarding Travel, Teaching, Working & Living in Thailand.
  44. Phuket101 – 21 years of Phuket exploration in a photo blog.
  45. Thailand Red Cat – Living and loving in Thailand with focus on nightlife and dates.
  46. Thailand Tips – A fast, easy list of Thailand travel tips for backpackers and budget travelers.
  47. Thai Travel News – Number one source for what is happening in Thailand by Richard Barrow.
  48. Thailand Expat Photo Blog – Thailand expat life in pictures.
  49. The Facetious Farang – Funny expat family living in Bangkok.
  50. Tieland to Thailand – Two expats in Chiang Mai, where life is easy and the cost of living is cheap.
  51. Apocalypse Lao – Chronicles of an Australian volunteer who spent a year living in Vientiane.
  52. Enjoy Laos – Informative Laos guide runs by an expat from Holland.
  53. See Think Explore – Multimedia tales of life and travel of an expat based in Vientiane.
  54. Alison In Cambodia – A blog about archaeology and related issues in Cambodia.
  55. Around Cambodia – A blog about various travel destinations in Cambodia.
  56. Inside Cambodia – A photo-blog that shows the everyday life in Cambodia.
  57. Move To Cambodia – Expat Cambodia travel tips, advice, and info.
  58. Our Dear Lady Expatriate – All about living a lovely expat life in Phnom Penh.
  59. Phnom Penh Post – Cambodia’s only international award winning newspaper.
  60. Phnomenon – A blog focused on food and restaurants in Cambodia. Khmer food, restaurant reviews and recipes.
  61. All Indonesia Travel – Unbiased and independent travel information on itinerary, tourist attractions, transports in Indonesia.
  62. Bali Backpacking – The ultimate travel guide for backpackers visiting the island of Bali in Indonesia.
  63. Bali Expat – Tips, advice and information for anyone interested in moving to Bali.
  64. Bali Homeland – A blog about Bali from Balinese perspective.
  65. Discover Your Indonesia – Promoting Indonesia’s tourism to the world.
  66. Indohoy – Information on awesome places in Indonesia.
  67. Indonesia on the Trail – Personal and first hand travel information on Indonesia.
  68. Jakarta News – Jakarta-based Luke is sharing his life and his experiences as he lives and travels in Indonesia.
  69. Katherine and Bruno’s Adventures – Adventures of young marriage in Indonesia.
  70. Our Spice Islands Adventure – Living in the Indonesian Archipelago.
  71. Vilondo – A collection of Bali’s top villas.
  72. Byahilo – Discovering the hidden and not-so-hidden gems of the Philippines.
  73. Expat in the Philippines – A Dutch expat blog about the life, cultures and meetings with Filipinos.
  74. Historic Old Philippines – Historic people, buildings, churches and other interesting things from the Philippines.
  75. Island Girl Traveller – Island Girl Traveller will lead you around Philippines.
  76. Journeying James – James has traveled around the Philippines for 100 days, non-stop, the cheapest way possible.
  77. Langyaw – An award winning travel blog, stunning photography, great features on food, adventure, heritage, culture and architecture in the Philippines.
  78. Life And Travel in Philippines – A blog about living and traveling in the Philippines from an expat married to a Filipina.
  79. Life Beyond The Sea – Find out how is it to leave everything and move to a tropical island.
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