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  1. Global Citizen – Personal blog of Tom Grundy, a British multimedia writer based in Hong Kong.
  2. Farflungplaces – Simon is a big fan of history, volcanos and a specialist on remote places, like Turkmenistan.
  3. Troy Story – Troy loves the outdoors, nature and wildlife. He wants to inspire everyone to travel solo at some point, especially those who are too shy to give it a try.
  4. The Nomad Notes – Canadian lover of the night life with passion for the outdoors.
  5. Engineer on the Road – After graduating Josh combined his profession and passion for travels and landed a job as a traveling water engineer around the globe.
  6. Backpacking Addictz – A site about independent & adventure travel.
  7. Roy Marvelous – Adventures of Roy from New Zealand who once won a contest to hitch-hike naked from Pukekohe to Auckland.
  8. Go Power Kick – Mike is now studying and teaching in Thailand, traveling through Southeast Asia.
  9. Peter Moore – Australian travel author Peter Moore has a funny way of looking at the world.
  10. That Time In – An Asia & Europe photography & travel blog by Carl from England.
  11. Joe’s Trippin’ – Canadian Joe, has been on the road, literally, since ever and will not stop, moving freely around the world.
  12. Discovering Your Truth – Is about personal growth and the journey we travel, physically and spiritually.
  13. The 5K Challenge – Myles on the quest to travel for one year on a budget of £5,000.
  14. Holes in My Soles – A shoemaker’s travels around the world.
  15. Pilgrimito – Thoughts and stories about travel and other things.
  16. Sparkpunk – Zak is a full-time traveler and designer.
  17. The Black Backpacker – A twenty-something traveller with Nigerian background and raised internationally on three continents. And bitten by the travel bug.
  18. Jonas Journeys – A twenty-something year old guy who is absolutely passionate about traveling.
  19. I Ran So Far Away – Joshua is a traveler, foodie, and international school math teacher living the expat life in Taiwan.
  20. Vagabumming – Will has a big experience in working abroad, he lived and worked in all 7 continents.
  21. Global Junkie – A personal adventure travel blog by Christian.
  22. Globe Stompers – Around the world trip without a deadline.
  23. Sand Dollar Adventures – After a fulfilling career Frank became a global adventure humor writer – and he has a business card that says so.
  24. Inspired by Krissi – A mindful traveller, perpetual wanderer, part time meditator and newbie blogger.
  25. Drink Just Drink – A guy that want to run off and travel the world.
  26. Backpacker’s Guide to Earth – adventures of a bearded Canadian blogger Logan.
  27. The Life Less Travelled – Ara enjoys his journey and growing through the process.
  28. Go For It – Icelandic traveler who started backpacking around the world in 2010.
  29. Vagabond Impulse – Travel, adventure and in search of a point to it all.
  30. Man Versus World – A Kiwi on the road in search of a life of adventure and cheap beer.
  31. Small World Travels – Josh is taking the rest of his twenties off to travel around the globe and visit 100 countries by his 30th birthday.
  32. One Dusty Camel – Paul a.k.a. Dusty lives life to the fullest, pushing boundaries and keeping the dream alive.
  33. Voyage au Bout du Jour – A French clumsy nomad exploring the art of living.
  34. Jones Around the World – Share one man’s passion for world-wide adventure and to inspire others to conquer the globe.
  35. Traveler Legacy – Yassine writes about personal development and shares his travel stories.
  36. Indie Traveller – Marek is a long-term traveler since 2012, sharing travel inspiration and advice

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