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A vast majority of travel blogs that exist today are written by those who’ve been courageous enough to break the shackles of the society and freely travel. These solo men are living the dream, travelling to places we’ve probably never even heard of and thankfully blogging about it, too. They bring to us their amazing stories, memories and inspiration.

For all the guys (and girls, alike) out there, who are exhausted with the monotony of daily life and are interested in going solo, read on to break free and travel like there's no tomorrow.


  1. Nomadic Matt – Everyone knows Nomadic Matt – a nomad, vagabond, and NYT best selling author of “How to Travel the World on $50 a Day”.
  2. Expert Vagabond – Matthew Karsten is an adventure travel addict, photographer and great storyteller. His curiosity of the world took him to many places around the globe. For the last 4 years he shares his entertaining stories, beautiful images, and useful travel tips with us.
  3. Chris Guillebeau – On his blog The Art Of Non-Conformity, Chris is sharing unconventional strategies and stories on life, work, and travel. His recipe for happiness is simple – Live the life you want, not the way other expect.
  4. True Nomads – Justin Carmack travels and dives for a living. Permanent nomad, he believes that travel should be a lifestyle, not a vacation.
  5. Nomadic Samuel – A blog by Samuel Jeffery, a travel blogger and YouTuber. For over 8 years he is trotting the world sharing quirky travel stories and photos along the way. He spent a lot of time as an English teacher in Asia.
  6. Wandering Earl – Long term traveler Derek Earl Baron shares his best secrets for travelling the world on a budget for years. Human interactions and first-hand education that travel provides is what he searches for.
  7. LandLopers – Matt travels the world in order to share how to experience the best the world has to offer. Tips for everyone from the novice to the pro traveler.
  8. Velvet Escape – Keith Jenkins award winning blog about some hidden gems of the world.
  9. The Travel Tart – An Australian travel blogger with a silly sense of humor. Anthony writes about the funny, weird & offbeat things about travelling.
  10. The Expeditioner – Travel site for the avid travelers founded by Matt Stabile. It features travel articles from some of the best travel writers in the world.
  11. Wandering Trader – Marcello Arrambide day trades in the stock market and travel the world for a living. He has visited 80 countries on all 7 continents.
  12. Man on the Lam – Raymond, a cubicle-escapee who writes about quirky getaways, offbeat attractions, & unique adventures.
  13. Leave Your Daily Hell – Robert has started this blog to share travel related information, inspire, entertain and empower other to travel.
  14. Banker in the Sun – Rashad decided to pursue his dreams of travelling and writing instead of 9-5 job. He shows how to achieve financial freedom and freedom of soul.
  15. Travels of Adam – Adam from Boston, MA is on his quest to try the coolest cultural things that are to do around the world.
  16. One Step 4Ward – Johnny Ward from Ireland is living his dreams traveling, studying, working, volunteering and backpacking around the globe.
  17. Dont’ Stop Living – A blog about a lifestyle of travel by Jonny Blair from Northern Ireland. Blog covers all 7 continents and 100 countries that Jonny has visited during last 10 years.
  18. Time Travel Turtle – A blog by Michael Turtle. Great stories from around the world, with deep insight about culture and people.
  19. Nomad Revelations – Joao Leitao’s blog is an archive of 15 years of travel narratives and adventure chronicles to get you inspired and explore the world on your own.
  20. Vagabonding – A round-the-world travelogue documenting Mike’s solo, one-year quest through Asia and Africa.
  21. Going Awesome Places – Will is a travel blogger, photographer and social media expert, specializing in affordable luxury adventure travel.
  22. The Aussie Nomad – Chris can make travel easy for use, answering all your questions about visas,budgets, destinations and expat life.
  23. The Longest Way Home – A global quest in search for a place called home spiced with beautiful photographs.
  24. Budget Traveller – Kash Bhattacharya motto is “Travel in style, on a budget”. He discovers great places around the world.
  25. foXnoMad – Travel the world smarter with tips, tricks, and tech advice by Anil Polat, digital nomad traveling the world indefinitely.
  26. Triphackr – Learn how to stretch your dollar and travel for less with travel resources and inspiration from around the world.
  27. Tynan – Witty blog about adventure, working hard, traveling, and following good habits. Tynan is writing books about nomadic lifestyle and RV living.
  28. Go See Write – Travel blog detailing the mostly overland travels and RTW travels of Michael Hodson. Excellent travel photography, travel stories and travel video.
  29. Nomadic Notes – James Clark is a full time digital nomad, working round the world since 2003, running an online media business.
  30. The Broke Backpacker – Will, a wandering adventurer, travel writer and amateur photographer shows you real adventures with no cash, £10 per day, or less.
  31. Off the Path – Sebastian Canaves, half Spanish, half German, loves life and is always up for an adventure.
  32. Bren on the Road – Every Monday Brendan from NZ post new story, tip or inspiration, showing you how to live a life of full time travel.
  33. Journey Wonders – Raphael, from Mexico, is a renowned photographer and storyteller. He blogs about his passion to culture and adventure travel.
  34. Backpacking Man – Jonny Duncan, adventurer, travel blogger, hiker, photographer. Traveling since 1997 on a budget.
  35. Dave’s Travel Corner – Long running travel blog created by Dave, with the focus on promoting experiential travel.
  36. Flights and Frustration – The rants, ramblings and ruminations of a frequent traveller flight expert from Ireland.
  37. See the World in My Eyes – Historical architecture and cultural adventure around the world through the eyes of a German architect.
  38. GloboTreks – Norbert, an Architect on a mission to visit all UN Countries by 2020.
  39. Lee Abbamonte – Blog of travel expert Lee, the youngest American who have visited all the countries in the world.
  40. Backpacker Banter – Surfing Aussie on the road since 2009, covering everything from how to plan a gap year to guest posts from our network of backpackers.
  41. Travel Feeder – Cecil Lee is an avid traveler and advocate for budget traveling.
  42. The Hungry Partier – Drew has been eating & partying his way around 50 countries since 2012. Currently in India.
  43. The Road to Anywhere – A comprehensive travel blog with a strong focus on independent, cultural and adventure travel.
  44. Travelling Blogger – Blog by Kar, travel addict of Chinese descent, born and raised in London, sharing his experiences.
  45. Art of Adventuring – Slow travel blog edited by Michael Tieso, showing simplicity of backpacking.
  46. Stop Having a Boring Life – Rob left everything behind and start traveling the world, in search of his favorite place on Earth. Loads of travel info.
  47. Hobo Traveler – Andy Lee Graham started traveling in March of 1998, visiting over 100 countries he can teach you how to travel for less than 1000 $ per month.
  48. Runaway Guide – Leif ran away from home at16 and traveled the world with nothing but the clothes on his back.
  49. Francis Tapon – Francis Tapon is an author, global nomad, and great hiker.
  50. The World or Bust – Jeremy is sharing his personal experiences abroad, providing helpful tips to inspire and educate future travelers.
  51. This World Rocks – Dan is traveling the world to see as many places and meet as many people as he can.
  52. Virtual Wayfarer – Backpacking and solo travel blog with focus on sharing stories, musings, and advice.
  53. Escape Hunter – Epic travel stories, photos, reviews and a lot more by the incognito traveler.
  54. Go Travel Your Way – Josh Cahill is a travel journalist and loves everything off the beaten track. He was awarded Australia’s Blogger of the year 2014.
  55. Dauntless Jaunter – Destination guides, tips and travel how-to’s from Christian from New York.
  56. Aussie on the Road – Chris on a quest to avoid ever having to lead an ordinary existence. Great part about travel in Australia.
  57. Intrepid Escape – Travel, adventure & video. Scott is a British travel writer asking you to ‘escape your routine’.
  58. Yomadic – A long term travel and photography blog by Nate Robert from Australia. He loves to travel to lesser known destination.
  59. TravMonkey – Paul’s blog focuses on solo adventure travel and new technology.
  60. A Backpacker’s Tale – Stephen is a twenty-ish something backpacker and nomad, traveling around the world for the last 2 years.
  61. Bemused Backpacker – Michael is an author of numerous gap year and travel guide books. Teaching, empowering and inspiring people to travel RTW independently.
  62. Geeky Explorer – Bruno is a digital geek learning how to travel smart in the real world.
  63. Spartan Traveler – A personal travel blog, logbook of travel hacks, and and forum for thoughts on lifestyle design and working in the 21st century.
  64. Pause the Moment – Ryan is a location independent blogger and world traveler with a passion for adventure.
  65. Travel Wonders – Mark’s articles cover over 25 years of travel and 80 countries.
  66. The Travelling Fool – History buff, lover of cigars, freelance writer and traveler off the tourist path.
  67. Vagablogging – Blog by Rolf Potts, an author of An Uncommon Guide to the Art of Long-Term World Travel, is known for promoting the ethic of independent travel.
  68. Where the Hell Is Matt – Matt Harding is that famous guy who danced his way around the world. Those videos of dancing in front of landmarks went viral.
  69. Breakaway Backpacker – Jamie is on his second RTW trip with no return date. He has a lot of stories to share with you.
  70. A Travellers Journey – Nico from England just want to travel, nothing more or less. he volunteer and work abroad.
  71. Waegook Tom – Meet Tom, very funny, perpetually hungry guy, who love travelling and has just adopt a dog in Taipei.
  72. Mallory on Travel – Iain is an ex-member of the Armed Forces turned amusing travel writer/photographer.
  73. Backpacks and Bunkbeds – Neil started his blog in 2005. You can find here all sorts of useful info on backpacking, road trips, hostels, weekend breaks, volunteering.
  74. Romancing the Planet – Karthik, from India, after completing his M.B.A, decided to get away from a routine and travel the world.
  75. I Dreamed of This – Nathan Allen documents the world’s most fascinating destinations.
  76. Travelholic Nomad – Off-the-beaten path cultural travel blog, focused on finding unique experiences on the road less traveled.
  77. Travel Freak – Inspired stories for the curious traveler. Jeremy a long-term, solo traveler on his way around the globe.
  78. My Wanderlist – Brad’s experimental travel and personal quest to find the most extreme and unique experiences.
  79. What’s Dave Doing – Dave from New Zealand is a wanderer for 15+ years, corporate refugee turned travel and tech writer.
  80. Garfors – Author, visitor of all 198 countries and 7 continents, radio advocate, holder of world records.
  81. Nick’s Travel Bug – Adventure travel blogger & craft beer enthusiast encouraging others to live vicariously through themselves.
  82. The Travelling Editor – Dylan Love is a storyteller, writer, hitchhiker, foodie, seeker of kindness and life enthusiast.
  83. Stay Adventurous – Craig writes tales of adventure to inspire others to take and make adventure in their life.
  84. Lost Boy Memoirs – Ryan, self proclaimed artist, travels the world and learn about cultures, people and countries through experience rather than through opinion.
  85. Backpacking Diplomacy – Andy is a part-time nomad. A site for travelers, adventurists, backpackers, language lovers, and more.
  86. Rexy Edventures – Ed Rex blogs about his unexpected adventures around the world. he is on the road for 3 years.
  87. Finding the Freedom – Alex is an off the beaten path expert and master of adventure.
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