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Continued from [TOP SOLO WOMAN TRAVEL BLOGS OF 2016]

  1. The World Wanderer – Erin loves going out of her comfort zone as often as possible, and experiencing all that life has to offer.
  2. Null & Full – Agata travels around the world with a book in her hand and endless curiosity about places and its people.
  3. The Happy Passport – Inspiration and travel tips for the 30+ solo female travelers from Rebekah Voss.
  4. Travel on the Brain – Annemarie travels the world one country at a time and shares her tips with you.
  5. Borderlass – Travel beyond borders around the world.
  6. Meander the World – A blog about exploring the world through the eyes of a 20 something female.
  7. Lights Camera Travel – Michelle has packed up her life in Melbourne to live a life of adventure and to explore the world.
  8. Globetrotter Guru – 30-something eco travelblogger Amy loves mid-range accommodation, culture and wildlife.
  9. Inside Journeys – Proud Jamaican, Marcia Mayne, travels a world full of books, music, art, fun people and great food.
  10. The World’s Waiting – Expat humour, travel tips, handy hints, photos and inspiration for travellers.
  11. LatinAbroad – Puerto Rican girl sprinkling Latin spice all over the world.
  12. Scarlet Wonderland – A lifestyle and travel blog for people who are fabulously imperfect.
  13. Blocal Travel – Giulia blogs about unconventional destinations, abandoned places, street art, suburbs, urban landscapes, weird spots and other places she happens to visit.
  14. A Thing for Words – Jenny is an expat in Barcelona and English teacher, focusing on the intersection of language and culture.
  15. Made All the Difference – A blog written by a twenty something American female expat living in West Africa and traveling the world on her days off.
  16. Packing My Suitcase – A blog about traveling, diving, Formula 1, eating and drinking and expat life of Brazilian girl in Germany.
  17. Lucy Smiles Away – Permanently lost, usually smiling, Lucy has been blogging for three years, slowly but enthusiastically exploring the world.
  18. Lines of Escape – Kasha left her sunny home of Cape Town in pursuit of a new adventure.
  19. Kirst Over the World – From exchange student in Australia to travel loving Londoner, chasing the world.
  20. Passport Packed – Liz is travelling the world and blogging about it from a young Kiwi perspective.
  21. The Mellyboo Project – Melissa has a mission to live life on her own terms, doing the things she want to do, and exploring every last inch of the world around her.
  22. Weekend Candy – Tasty world of weekend travel. Travel ideas, tips, reviews, guides, news, and inspiration – all tried and tested by Claire.
  23. A Girl and Her Passport – Single expat girl traveling the world from Qatar. Check out her travel adventures, tips and expat musings.
  24. Places People Stories – A twenty-something travel junkie from Norway shares stories and experiences about places she has been and people she has met during 5 years of travels.
  25. Miss Adventure Travel – Personal stories and photos of adventure travel, outdoor adventures and teaching English around the world.
  26. Barefoot Beach Blonde – Oceana is a barefoot budget traveller always looking for a new adventure.
  27. Laura Explorer – Female solo backpacker blog. Budget travel advice and stories from first hand experience.
  28. Travel Chameleon – An adventure Malaysian girl determined to see the world by herself.
  29. Flight of the Travel Bee – An inspirational blog by a deaf traveler Chérie King. She blogs about her experiences and gives tips to ensure that you get the best out of your travels.
  30. Feathery Travels – A blog about some seriously budget travel and the experiences, art and music.
  31. Mapping Words – Daily drawings, illustrations, photographs and writing about life around the world, mainly in South Korea and Colombia.
  32. Live More Happy – Always in search of the next adventure and a deeper meaning in life.
  33. Travel Junkie Julia – Julia Dimon is an adventure travel writer, a TV host and hard-core travel junkie.
  34. The Wanderlust Effect – Travels and adventures of a global citizen currently living life in the British West Indies.
  35. Globe Trottica – Free spirit wandering around the world on a budget to find the strange, the beautiful, and the ugly.
  36. Wide Sea No Anchor – Travel blog that unites her passions for adventure, beautiful photography and a bit of writing.
  37. WanderLuce – Lucy is a travel & beauty nomadic blogger from London. She is sharing her misadventures and trying to inspire some wander & beauty lust.
  38. Where Is Tara – Adventures of a Kiwi Irish girl. Travel tips, medical advice, and amusing anecdotes from Tara’s chaotic life.
  39. Travel Destination Bucket List – Anita’s travel hunger and bucketlist is ever-expanding.
  40. Travel Bug Juice – Kelly has been working and traveling across the globe for the last years.
  41. The Blond Travels – Expat English teacher, solo traveler and divorce survivor, trying to find herself in the world. Currently in Thailand.
  42. Sihpromatum – Savannah Grace is a world traveler, she’s only 24yr and has visited 100 counries.
  43. Gallop Around The Globe – Kiara is a passionate traveller since the early age. Always busy dreaming about, planning, researching and organizing her next adventure.
  44. Travel with Mrs. T. – Micheale is an educator for over 25 years, hence she started this blog to inspire, inform, excite, explore, create and communicate.
  45. Foreign Geek – A geek’s travelogue and life in between in foreign lands.
  46. Lose the Map – Joanna is a 25 year old actress, writer & frequent traveler.
  47. Andrea on Vacation – Travel blog following Andrea around the globe.
  48. The Touristin – For Dorothée travel is her cure and inspiration.
  49. Philatravelgirl – A girl from Philadelphia living life, earning points, traveling the world.
  50. Mindful Travel – A blog by Sara, blogger and expert on exotic destination, passionate about travel and photography.
  51. The Epic Adventurer – Julia is a professional writer & editor based in London. She writes about independent, sustainable, and culturally-sensitive travel.
  52. Solo Female Traveler – Adventures of a solo female traveling the globe from the Northeast, USA to all over the Middle East.
  53. Blondie Travel Blog – Agata left her home country Poland to to exploring the parts of world she has never been to before.
  54. Sally Around the World – Crazy animal lady and extreme partier… In December 2013 Sally quit her job to travel the world.
  55. Woman Seeks World – Nicole shares her experiences of transforming from unhappy and apathetic rat race office worker, to living her dream traveler.
  56. A Wandering Sole – An explorer, volunteer, runner and Africa enthusiast in search of meaningful connections.
  57. Ms Traveling Pants – Heidi’s travels with a touch of sass, fun, and cleverness.
  58. Dream Explore Wonder – Join Aggy, a girl form Indonesia, who travel the world. Great reading, full on insights.
  59. Roam Far and Wide – A blog for dreamers, travel enthusiasts, and those who would like to come along on a virtual journey around the world.
  60. Where in the World – Florida-born, Sydney-based. KP has traveled to 30 countries, studied in 3 and lived in 2 – all before turning 22.
  61. Travel With G – G. is a writer at heart, world traveller and home cook.
  62. Polkadot Passport – Escape into a world of visual memoirs & wandering pondering. Photographed & written by Nicola Easterby, a young, sojourning soul.
  63. J The Travel Authority – Adventures in travel, food, wine and architecture.
  64. Travelosio – Straightforward travel guides, hacks, tips, reviews and recommendations on how to travel more while spending less from Pinay wanderess Sarah.
  65. Totally Sam’s World – Pole dancing travel geek Sam on the road.
  66. Sushiyama Travels – Kimi is a curious traveler, mountain child, and avid reader, eater, and adventure seeker.
  67. The Roamantics – Freelance documentary filmmaker Lorna’s travel adventures and misadventures.
  68. Lateral Movements – Lauren has a huge experience with working holiday visas. She blogs about working, studying, traveling and living abroad.
  69. Find a Happy Place – The highs and lows of travel, mental health and living a life of no fixed abode.
  70. Eager Journeys – Iga is a wandering journo and photographer, who eagerly travels the world and explores her hometown of Johannesburg.
  71. Choosing Figs – Unable to decide weather to stay or go, Valerie has started to travel the world after she turned 30 and didnt stop since.
  72. Boldly Go Solo – How to set out solo, but not travel alone: Trips, tips and ideas for the active traveler.
  73. Travel Run Live – Janine writes about her travel activities, race recaps, fitness, and her adventures crossing things off the bucket list.
  74. Sara Hardman Travels – Former news journalist experiencing & promoting amazing places.
  75. The Wanderlust Scout – An Aussie travel blogger living in the UK, scouting the best finds across the world.
  76. Travarella – Emme, a 20 something world traveller, adventurer inspiring those who dream of seeing and experiencing the world.
  77. A Life Full of Serendipity – Inspirational travel & lifestyle blog. Stories of travel encounters. Growth through travel.

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