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If seas call out to you then you’re probably a pirate! Jokes apart, sailing across seas is one of the most off beat ways to travel. And it’s not simple, either. Sailing requires you to prepare your mind and body. Because, hey, oceans are not always friendly.

As challenging as this sounds, our bloggers decided that no route is too tough for them.

These sailors/travel bloggers have gained a lot of popularity as they bring to us the untold hardships of the real sailors. They are the physical embodiment of “Smooth seas never create tough sailors”.

  1. Swell Voyage – A seafarer Liz Clark left California to pursue the dream of sailing the world in search of surf, knowledge, love, and truth aboard her 40ft sailboat, Swell.
  2. MJ Sailing – Jessica and her husband Matt have taken off to see the world on their 34 foot sailboat s/v Serendipity in 2012.
  3. Arie Travels – A sailor’s reflection on life at sea.
  4. Sail Billabong – Tales of two young-ish fools sailing around the world for 5 years.
  5. Ascension at Sea – The cruising adventures of Gord & Ginny, as they circumnavigate around the world.
  6. The Life Nomadik – А family aboard a boat. This is our journey sailing around the world.
  7. Get Lost on Purpose – A journal entries, photos, and videos from sailing and travel adventures.
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