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When you love travelling and photography, you get a chance to better preserve the memories and time. Often we miss being in some places, we once visited, thanks to photographs, it is possible to recall the time spent and memories made at any place. There are experts who bring your exotic photographs of places, food, people and more from across the world and help you see things through their photography. Such experts know exactly how to capture colours and moments. Here are the TOP PHOTOGRAPHY & TRAVEL BLOGS 2018 that you must visit and follow.

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  1. Interlude Journey : Traveling to the offbeat locations, Interlude Journey is about travel, food, photography and memories. Know the unknown travel destinations on this blog and get inspired for your next trip. A group of software engineers, brings you the best of the travel diaries.
  2. .Photomithra : Srinivasa S. is a photography enthusiast who showcases his work on his website, Photo Mithra. From landscapes to popular places to people and more, Srinivasa captures anything and everything beautiful through his lens. You can also find photography related tutorials and blogs on PhotoMithra.
  3. Fotolaa Fotolaa is where you get your next travel inspiration from the experiences of Kundan Kashish. Kundan is a travel enthusiast who has been to most of the popular and not so popular places of India and brings you knowledge & experiences.
  4. Navansphotography :Navaneethan Viswanathan also known as Navanee Viswa is a professional photographer. With degrees of Engineering & Management and then work experience of civil engineers, he makes an intellectual individual, but it is his work that makes him outstanding. Naveen also happens to be a trekking and traveling enthusiasts clicking best of the manmade and natural marvels through his lens.

  5. Furmanek :Kayaking expert and a photographer, Tomasz Furmanek brings an awesome collection of photographs for you to admire. He is a kayaking enthusiast and love clicking picture of his experience to share with the world.

  6. Arnabmaity : This blog was born to share the thoghts , frames and experiences as an inspiration to people to experience the beautiful world that lies outside , and so far it has been a quite a journey for Arnab Maity . He’s a passionate photographer and a freelance travel writer. 

  7. Shadowsgalore : It is a weblog about travel , photography , lifestlye and community partnership started by Purnendu Singh , who is an IT Project Manager based in Pune with his wife Ekta. Shadowsgalore started as a photblog in 2010. They expanded further and added their own learning from photography and travel. 

  8. Sanjayausta : Sanjay Austa is a jornalist , photographer , a hobby architect and part time orchardist who started this blog. Astronomy and evolutionary biology are his two big passions. His passion for marine life is a recent obsession for which he can journey to wherever to find a good reef.  

  9. Stuck In Customs – The number one travel photography blog. Trey Ratcliff is a warm-hearted, old-school gentleman explorer with really cool toys.
  10. Everything Everywhere – Gary Arndt set out to travel around the world in 2007 and he’s sharing what he saw through his travelogue. He was awarded SATW & NATJA Travel Photographer of the Year.
  11. Brendan’s Adventures – Brendan van Son is a travel photographer and journalist from Canada who spend his last 5 years travelling. Find out how to make better pictures on his travel photography channel on Youtube.
  12. Otts World – Sherry Ott is a corporate cube dweller turned nomadic traveler. She travels to off-the-beaten-path destinations to bring you unique travel experiences and photography.
  13. Be On The Road – Travel photographs and stories of an Indian globetrotter, Sankara, specializing in adventure, wildlife, unique cultures, backpacking, budget travel and vegetarian food. A lot of valuable travel information about India.
  14. Joshi Daniel – Photoblog by Joshi Daniels featuring images of people, lifestyles, cultures, and traditions.
  15. Finding the Universe – Incredible photography as well as travel stories, tips and advice from Laurence and Jessica.
  16. Martin Bailey Photography – Martin Bailey is a Tokyo based nature & wildlife photographer. He is a host of Photography Podcast and international tour & workshop leader.
  17. Ken Kaminesky – Canada-based professional travel photographer Ken Kaminesky with plans to take over the world… One photograph at a time.
  18. Before They – British photographer Jimmy Nelson tried to document the rapidly changing indigenous cultures for future generations.
  19. Hung on the World – Where life, travel and photography interconnect.
  20. Nancy Chuang – Beautiful images and travelogue by New York-based documentary and travel photographer Nancy Chuang.
  21. Linda Dorigo – Italian photograph and traveller specializing in the Middle East.
  22. Griffin Stewart – Through photography Griffin is sharing places, cultures and experiences with others who either are unable, or unwilling to travel.
  23. Foto Ark – People and locations from a world of travel & photography. Feature magazine articles on travel locations, interviews, websites and photography.
  24. Hal Brindley – Hal Brindley’s from Travel4wildlife.com wildlife photography blog. His goal is to travel the world and to learn about the amazing iety of creatures that fill it.
  25. Luke O’Brien – Tasmanian landscape photographer specializing in One on One tuition & Photography Tours.
  26. Evan Travels – Evan Spiler is a New Jersey born photographer and writer. Evan strives to bring unique visions of the world to his audience.
  27. Ciapanna Photo – Alessandro Ciapanna, Italian speaking the most universal of languages: photography.
  28. Darren Melrose – Darren shoots people. With his camera. He is based in Taipei.
  29. Earth Photos – A collection of photos from around the world, that can be browse by countries and categories.
  30. Skip Town – Amazing travel photography, stylish travel products, interviews with creative travellers.
  31. David Duchemin – David duChemin is a nomad, a world & humanitarian photographer and an author of 20 books and ebooks about photography.
  32. Travel Photo Discovery – A travel focused site for sharing exceptional travel experiences, culture and history travel, camera techniques and tips to help you develop your photo skills.
  33. Adventures of a Goodman – Greg Goodman is a a traveler, storyteller and an award-winning travel photographer. Greg’s been inspiring others to explore our beautiful world.
  34. Let’s Travel Somewhere – Nisa Maier wants to capture the essence of every country on the planet through stunning photographs and gripping stories. But because a single traveller can‘t live to see it all you can help to reach this goal.
  35. Blame the Monkey – Elia Locardi is a pro travel photographer seeking out and capturing the most beautiful and inspirational places in the universe.
  36. Geotraveler’s Niche – Nigerian-born Stockholm-based Lola Akinmade is an awarded travel photographer and writer.
  37. A World to Travel – Travel bloggers loving photography, festivals, art, great outdoors and budget flashpacking.
  38. Maddie on Things – Not an ordinary traveller. Maddie is a … coonhound who is traveling around all 50 states over the next 365 days and getting on thing. Hilarious!
  39. Adventure Freelancer – Jeff Bartlett is an adventure freelance photographer and writer based in Jasper National Park, AB, Canada.
  40. Frameless World – A travel and photo blog about the Philippines and Asia from Bino Caiña, a freelance photographer and a traveller.
  41. Jason Teale – Beautiful images from Korea and the world by Korea-based Jason Teale.
  42. Aisle Seat Please – Baron Reznik travels of the beaten paths destination and captures as much of it as he can on his stunning pictures.
  43. Photito – Spencer and Vibeke are a couple of travel photographers, specializing in people all over the world. Check this amazing gallery.
  44. People of the World – Photo blog of the Portuguese traveler Joao Leitao. People of the World is an artistic-anthropological visual research project of people worldwide.
  45. Brian Jannsen – A blog of award winning professional photographer who specializes in travel and landscape photography.
  46. Peter West Carey – Photographer and traveller Peter West Carey is taking a lot of pictures on his trips.
  47. Chase Guttman – An award-winning, internationally published and exhibited travel photographer, an intrepid adventurer, and a world traveler.
  48. Photo Enrichment Programs – Small group cultural tours with a focus on photography.
  49. Travel Photography Tips – Tutorials, guides and lessons on how to improve your photos while travelling.
  50. Unframed World – Learn photography with Andrew Marston’s photo adventure and education blog.
  51. Postcards from Rachel – Rachel, the photograph herself, shares travel photography tips to take the best shots.
  52. World Meets Girl – Tiffany’s travel photography blog offers you photography tutorials, tips and tricks, as well as stunning images and stories from around the world.
  53. Piran Cafe – Bob Ramsak, a reporter, photographer and editor with a lust for travel, art, culture and justice.
  54. Two 2 Travel – A blog by Owen and Nikka, mid-20-something photographers from the Philippines documenting their adventures.
  55. Mr and Mrs Globe Trot – Julia and Yuriy’s 6-month long honeymoon around the world. They love traveling and photography.
  56. Jay Daviot – Traveling through the eyes of an Australian photographer.
  57. Emanuele Siracusa – Passionate about crafting engaging travel, culture and lifestyle related visual stories.
  58. The Carey Adventures – Travel and photography website of Peter West Carey.
  59. Planet Bell – A travel and photo blog by world traveler Jeff Bell. Pictures from over 40 countries, a lot from Alaska.
  60. Curious Cat – Travel photo essays by John Hunter.
  61. ZigZag On Earth – On her blog Claire shares the beauty of Earth and provides visual destination guides for travel planning addicts.
  62. Around the World in Eighty Years – An award-winning author and photographer Jim O’Donnell’s twenty-five years of travel.
  63. Double Takes Blog – A blog about destination and design by Lauren Kilberg. Lauren explores the undeniable relationship between travel and design via a daily dose of inspiration.
  64. Photojournalist – GengHiu is an aspiring photojournalist in travel, events and sports photography.
  65. Daily Travel Photos – The photographic journey from a traveler on the road since 2003.
  66. In a Far Away Land – Marta Kulesza from Poland is a landscape photograph, blogger, outdoors enthusiast and slow traveler.
  67. Quiet Wanderings – Musings, stories, ideas and photography of some of the world’s most beautiful places.
  68. Where and Wander – Around-the-world timelapse and amazing pictures to inspire everyone to travel more.
  69. Aaron Joel Santos – Aaron Joel Santos is a Vietnam-based award-winning documentary and travel photographer.
  70. Hiking Photo – Patrick Latter is a programmer with a passion for all things photography and hiking.
  71. EarthXplorer – An award-winning photograph and video maker. Travel is JD Andrews passion; creating inspiring and creative videos and photographs is his profession.
  72. Eye & Pen – A blog by travel writer and photographer Brandon Elijah Scott, featuring essays, travel advice, articles and photography.
  73. Fotos Mundo – The best of landscape, people, animal and travel photography from around the world by Spanish photograher Joseba Umbelina.
  74. Travel Reportage – Giulia is a digital nomad, brilliant photographer, blogger and solo traveler from Italy on a very slow RTW trip.
  75. Aviators and a Camera – A blog of travel photographer Kirsten Alana, former nomad and current NYC resident.
  76. Arnab Maity – Arnab Maity is an Indian travel blogger and photographer. He wanders in pursuit of the road less taken and the moments never framed.
  77. OOAworld – Original, creative and qualitative multimedia storytelling.
  78. My Life’s A Trip – Jen Pollack Bianco’s multi-media travel diary which focuses on luxury travel without snobbery.
  79. Dream Photo Tours – Professionals photo tours for photographers, by photographers.
  80. Canvas of Light – The travel & culture photography website of Daniel Nahabedian, a French-Armenian photographer and Lightroom instructor based in Granada, Spain.
  81. Smiling Faces Travel Photos – Smiling Faces Travel Photos showcases authentic toothy smile images, pictures, portraits of happy, shiny people around the world.
  82. Travel Photographs – Hans’s portfolio of travel images from his trips all around the world.
  83. Craig Ferguson Images – Travel, cultural and environmental photography by Australian photograph based in taiwan Craig Ferguson.
  84. Smiling Faces Travel Photos – Smiling Faces Travel Photos showcases authentic toothy smile images, pictures, portraits of happy, shiny people around the world.
  85. Sivan Askayo Blog – A blog of a professional Israeli photographer Sivan Askayo, who contributes to magazines such as Travel+Leisure, Conde Nast Traveller, Lonely Planet UK.
  86. My Sarisar Store – Beautiful photo blog about Philippines by Sidney Snoeck.
  87. Have You Packed the Camera – Ongoing travel and photography journal of Paul Skidmore, an avid traveller and photographer from England.
  88. Visions of the Wild – An award-winning nature photographer Florian Schulz spent last 18 months on documenting the Arctic.
  89. Siddharth Jain – Siddharth is a freelance photographer from India. An honest blog on travel, photography, entrepreneurship and in between since 2011.
  90. Real Picture Blog – An award winning blog by Samantha, a 20-something traveler, photographer and designer from Chicago.
  91. A Capricious Compass – Lavina shares itineraries and unique travel resources. But her thought provoking travel pieces are the highlight of her blog. She juggles a full time job and travels every spare day she gets.
  92. AKimages – Amanda King has a passion for adventure travel and wildlife photography.
  93. A Lovely World – A collection of the photos from all over the world.
  94. Project Magellan – Travel photography blog by Miguel form Philippines, featuring Asia and its destination.
  95. Backpacker Ben – Ben’s backapcking travel blog with an emphasis on travel photos of his favourite destinations.
  96. Ellen Barone – Photojournalist Ellen fusing blogging, multimedia storytelling and social media.

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