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With the advent of digitization, our world continues to grow smaller by the second. We see people everywhere going ahead and living their dreams. But, it is not always about being “All in”. A sense of security, coupled with travelling seems too good to be true?

Well, SURPRISE! We bring to you these awesome part time travel bloggers. They travel, they work, they blog about it and fill us mere mortals with envy, aren’t we right?

Nevertheless, these bloggers have struck the right balance between work and life; you can frequently see them sporting a humongous smile for the cameras one moment and engrossed in their work, the next.

  1. Local Adventurer – Esther & Jacob from San Diego are lifestyle bloggers and youtubers who love travel, food, & cats, seeking adventure locally and worldwide.
  2. On the Luce – Lucy, part-time traveler, full-time travel obsessive, provides inspiration and information to help you make the most of your travel time.
  3. 12hrs – 12 hours travel itineraries for cities around the world.
  4. Travelling Buzz – Maria is a travel blogger from Bulgaria. She shares tips for part-time, affordable travel and destinations in Europe.
  5. Pack Me To – Follow Adelina, a part-time traveler as she explores the world between work.
  6. This Could Lead to Anywhere – Kate and I’m a part-time traveller passionated cultures, heritage and having local experiences.
  7. Wander the Map – Jenna and Micah travel the world as much as their schedules allow to capture the world through photos, videos and words.
  8. Travel? Yes Please! – Rhonda and Mike, two 30-something professionals who make it a priority to travel every chance they get.
  9. 48 Hour Adventure – Short break guides and travel advice to motivate and inspire career focused people to explore more.
  10. Final Transit – Priyank, based in Toronto, has been travelling the world part-time for the past seven years.
  11. We Travel Together – Monica and Jon, both born and raised in Norway, are a part-time traveling couple.
  12. Travel the World – Katherine and Romeo are part-time travelers. They like culture, adventure, food, and a little golf.
  13. Flirting with the Globe – A unique perspective on travel from a full-time attorney and part-time adventuress.
  14. That Adventurer – Hannah is learning to balance a 9-6 job with a desire to travel as much as possible and share her travel stories, hints and tips.
  15. Why Waste Annual Leave – A doctor by day and avid travel wrirer by night. Stylish, inspiring travel for those with regular careers and passion for travel travel during their annual leave.
  16. Deep Travel and Lifestyle – Will, Australian by birth and sometime banker by trade. He balances his tedious cubicle existence with a passion for travel, keeping fit and writing.
  17. A Blonde Around the World – Female travel inspiration and tips by Pam, part time blogger and full time dreamer.
  18. Non Stop Destination – Lies is a Belgian travel blogger currently living in London, UK. On her blog you will find travel inspiration, tips, resources and travel photography.
  19. Travel Notes – Manoj and Aparna are short term traveler from Maharashtra in India.
  20. Angela Travels – A part-time travel blogger sharing her local and world travel adventures. From local weekend hiking to full vacations.
  21. Life, Love and Adventure – A part time traveller Dawn is obsessed with historical architecture throughout the world.
  22. The Big Fat World – Megan is a part-time travel blogger and full-time dreamer.
  23. The Time Crunched Traveler – Tips and ideas on how to explore the world, two weeks at the time.
  24. Travellous World – Maaike’s travel blog dedicated to London and other destinations in the world.
  25. Need Another Holiday – Full-time job. First-time mum. Part-time travel.
  26. Miss Vacation – Ideas for trips with limited vacation days per year and stunning photography for inspiration.
  27. Globe Trekking – Travels of seasonal traveler Daniel from Minnesota.
  28. The Journey Journal – Patricia is from Slovakia, currently doing a PhD in Stockholm. She is a part-time traveller and a beginning photographer.
  29. Travel Abouts – Svetla shares information on great places to visit within Europe on a reasonable budget with a 9-5 job and 2 kids.
  30. Ladies What – Two friends, Keri & Emma, exploring the world. They share travel stories, tips, reviews & interviews. They are big foodies and animal lovers.
  31. The Two Week Traveler – Katrina, unlike many travel bloggers, gave up the nomadic lifestyle to put down roots. She shows how to have meaningful travel experiences two weeks at a time.
  32. Annie Anywhere – A travel blog with tips to live more, travel more, and buy less. Annie helps you to discover destination, and plan your trip.
  33. Wife with Baggage – A travel site written for and by a career-minded, family loving, travel-addicted couple.
  34. Weekend Haven – Valerie presents the best weekend gateways in Asia and beyond.
  35. Part Time Backpacking – Robin is a part-time traveler and full-time dreamer.
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