Biking, hiking, trekking, camping and more, outdoor adventure activities are a perfect dose of thrill and joy to break your monotonous schedule. The more you explore the better these experiences become but it is always better to have enough knowledge, right gear and track information in hand before you head out of your home to try an adventure activity and fulfil your outdoor dreams. Outdoor experts bring you all these essentials through their writings.  TOP OUTDOOR/ADVENTURE TRAVEL BLOGS 2018  have every information you need to go on an outdoor expedition and have fun while testing your limits. Check out the list and pick your favourite blog:  

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Here is a list for you - TOP OUTDOOR / ADVENTURE TRAVEL BLOGS 2019




  1. Betraveler :If you are searching for some hot, new and unheard stories about places, Be Traveller helps you with your search. It is a one-stop destination to find amazing content about traveling to far off places and making travel memories. You can find info about famous travel destinations, travel tips and ideas on this blog.

  2. thailandeventguide :Thailand is one awesome travel and tourist destination and this website is all about Thailand and the events that Thailand celebrates throughout the year. Form things to do in Thailand to upcoming events, to exhibitions and workshops in the neighborhood of Thailand, this blog has everything covered.

  3. Gezzio :Love traveling to the world, Gezzio makes it easy for you to learn more about places, find awesome places to travel and what to do when you reach there.

  4. travelonthedollar :if you are seeking information on any particular travel destination, you can find it on Travel on the Dollar. A blog, that has every information about traveling to places including costs, places to see, things to do and tricks and tips to save, Travel On The Dollar based in Los Angeles, U.S.

  5. Kapook :Kapook is a multi-niche blog that cater to audience of all ages. It has updated and entertaining content on iety of niches that make it all the more entertaining. Read entertainment news, horoscope, picture, health, travel, home care and many other contents.

  6. Boredpanda :Want a dose of humor, updates and quality writing? Well, the Bored Panda is all about this. The blog deals with content from all across the world and includes comics, amazing instances, and many other such humorous and entertaining topics.

  7. Travelmywayforless :Just like the name, this blog is all about budget traveling and unique traveling ideas. From famous attractions to travel guides and tips, hotels and more, there is a lot of information on this portal to make your travel memorable and the best. You can also find a link to the Top travel sites in India to seek further knowledge about Indian travel and tourism.

  8. Travelog: A blog that targets Asia in terms of travel and food, Travelog is rich of content with essence. You can read some great articles on food and travel that tells you about ious Asian locations including Shanghai, Hong Kong, Taipei, Seoul, Bangkok, Bali and more.

  9. Top Spot Travel :Top Spot Travel is about traveling and in every form including budget traveling, luxurious 5-star traveling to nature escapades and much more. You will get best travel tips, itineraries, experiences to read and much more at this blog and plan best trips to your favorite destinations.

  10. Matador Network :Matador Network is one place to find best travel ideas and refresh your boring life with some travel related updates. For those looking out something new and exciting from travel, Matador Network has some amazing tips and tricks along with many travel stories to upgrade.

  11. Trendingtop5:Life will be so good if you can read and know things in there top 5 ranking. Well, it is sure going to be great as the blog Trending Top 5 has everything ready as a list. You can get trendiest update on travel, tech, Life & style, facts, entertainment, sports, etc.

  12. DevilOnWheels : This travel blog was started by Dheeraj Sharma , an avid traveler , day – night dreamer and a passionate dreamer of Himalayas . He has a zest for driving whilst exploring new places in the Himalayas and sharing those travel experiences with others.  

  13. The Big Outside – Michael Lanza’s blog about hiking, backpacking, paddling, skiing, and family adventures in the U.S. and around the world. Good tips for raising outdoors-loving kids.
  14. 50 Campfires – The camping authority for great camping tips, recipes, gear reviews & more.
  15. XpatMatt – Matt’s blog focuses on exciting and healthy environmentally friendly outdoors activities.
  16. Side Tracked – An adventure blog and travel magazine features a limited collection of inspiring personal stories of travel, exploration, expeditions and adventure.
  17. Socal Hiker – The hiking guide for Southern California.
  18. Brian’s Backpacking Blog – Brian is a US based backpacker and gear junkie. On his blog you will find reviews, guide how to make your own gear, trail reports, and resources for lightweight hiking and backpacking.
  19. Hiking Dude – Ed is hiking the national scenic trails of the US, carrying less and hiking more in a safe, comfortable way.
  20. Hiking in Finland – Interesting outdoor blog about hiking, climbing, bike-packing, skiing and pack-rafting in Scandinavia and the rest of Europe.
  21. we12travel – An outdoor adventure travel blog from Martijn and Antonette. They love hiking, climb, bike, camping and nature.
  22. A Southern Gypsy – Travel blog focused on outdoors, adventure and wildlife. Showcasing the best outdoor activities in the world.
  23. Wicked Outdoorsy – A collection of outdoor articles.
  24. An Ocean Away – Activity-based travel for the adventurous individual.
  25. 100 Peaks – Hiking, backpacking, and camping throughout Southern California and beyond.
  26. Bushby 3000 – Adventurer Karl Bushby walks 3000 miles across America, from Los Angeles to Washington, D.C.
  27. I Should Log Off – Jillian and Danny’s blog about overland travel around the world with focus on outdoor adventures.
  28. Mike Off the Map – Mike is sharing his outdoor adventures, to inspire others to do the same.
  29. Dave Cornthwaite – Dave is an adventurer on a mission to undertake 25 non-motorised journeys each over 1000 miles and raise money for good causes. So far he completed 11.
  30. Expedition 360 – Jason Lewis travels around the globe using only human power no motors or sails.
  31. Tim Cope Journeys – Australian Tim Cope is a professional adventurer, author and filmmaker. He speaks fluent Russian, and guides in Siberia, and Mongolia.
  32. Anywhere at Home – Angel and Michelle explore the land around them. Get inspired through pics and video on their blog.
  33. Trek Booking – An independent resource for trekking and climbing, connecting you with the best trekking and climbing companies around the world.
  34. The Adventure Blog – A resource for explorers, adventurers and outdoor lovers. News, commentary, and insights on adventures, and adventurers, from around the globe.
  35. Hiking Lady – A blog for women who love the outdoors, and choose to explore it by hiking, backpacking, and camping.
  36. Easy Hiker – Marlys and Michael discovered hiking in their 40s and are making up for lost time by doing easy hikes wherever they go on their holidays.
  37. Paul Kirtley – Authoritative information on wilderness bushcraft, survival skills and outdoor life. Paul is a professional bushcraft instructor, running multi-award winning Bushcraft School.
  38. Great Big Scary World – A blog about fear, adventure, and the amazing world we live in. Jamie is facing his fears by hitchhiking Europe, rafting in Danube or cycling to South Korea.
  39. Best Hike – A collection of best hikes, treks and tramps in the world.
  40. Desk to Dirtbag – Ryan is an adventure travel blogger, climber, hiker, camper, and road tripper. He escaped the 9-5 to follow his dream.
  41. Val in Real Life – Val is a former geologist turned adventure travel writer. Her adventures can be by car, motorcycle, or foot but always involve camping, hiking, geocaching, and photography.
  42. Hiking the Trail – A journal that chronicles Adam’s backpacking, hiking, and camping adventures around the world.
  43. Niall McCann – Adventurer and scientist completely at home in the jungle and on the road.
  44. My Life Outdoors – A blog features Steven’s reports from the trail, rivers, and mountain summits as they are explored through hiking, backpacking, paddling, and skiing.
  45. Last Adventurer – A veteran outdoors person always looking for new challenges, new adventures, and new experiences.
  46. Sean Conway – Sean Conway is the 2014 Adventurer of the Year. Extreme adventurer, blogger, author and speaker.
  47. Danik the Explorer – Daniel is an adventurous crazy explorer who loves to travel the world, write about places, takes a lot of travel photos and meet new people on the way.
  48. The Outdoor Adventure – A Canadian dad giving tips for the outdoor adventurer, helping you and your family find good gear, skills, and confidence to walk, hike, paddle, ski, and climb.
  49. Stoked for Saturday – Jordan & Jenna loves adventure, the outdoors & living life to the fullest.
  50. Wilderness Dave – Dave’s outdoor travel blog focusing on hiking, backpacking, camping, fitness, gear, photography and generally all things having to do with the great outdoors.
  51. Without Baggage – Hank Leukart is a TV producer, writer, and travel addict. His travelogue lists all adventures he had so far in over 40 countries.
  52. The Runners Trip – A travel and trail-running site with stories and advice to help runners improve, stay motivated, and have more meaningful travel experiences by running in new destinations.
  53. Camping Blogger – Roy is promoting family camping and outdoor recreation with tips and tutorials. He has been camping with his wife Lisa and three children, all over the Pacific Coast of the US.
  54. Travel Experience Live – Bram from Belgium shares loads of travel stories and even more photos from his outdoorn adventures.
  55. Enjoy Your Parks – Shannon and Dave spent their time exploring Glacier National Park, Yellowstone National Park and Grand Teton National Park.
  56. Camp Trip – Useful tips & information about the outdoors written by and for campers, sharing a wealth of knowledge.
  57. Britain Outdoors – Rachel loves the great outdoors. Her main passions are running, biking and climbing. Currently she is learning to surf.
  58. Frugal Frolicker – Lindsay brings to you info about affordable outdoor travel.
  59. Sarah Outen – London2London:Via the World journey by bike, rowing boat & kayak while fundraising for Coppafeel.
  60. Adventure Inspired – An outdoor lifestyle website dedicated to sharing stories, musings, gear reviews, and anything related to playing outside.
  61. Just a Colorado Gal – Heather is an outdoor enthusiast, obsessed with adventure travel & adrenaline. Join her as she explores Colorado and other parts of the world.
  62. Two Heel Drive – Tom Mangan’s site for hikers, campers and nature cravers, chronicling the hikes in the hills of North Carolina.

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