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Travelling- it leaves you speechless. Then turns you into a storyteller.” Ibn Battuta

      So before you turn into a storyteller it is more important to travel a lot when there is enough time left. “I travel to the MIDDLE EAST, I travel to China, I travel to Europe – it’s all very rewarding …… Ten years ago I would have enjoyed a lot more.”  I. M. Pei

   So no more wasting time, it’s the hour to plan and pack your bag for your trip to the MIDDLE EAST. And for you, we have collected the list of all bloggers under “TOP MIDDLE EAST TRAVEL BLOGS”, who can be of your help at this moment, to guide you through every aspect of your trip planning.

Happy Travelling!!


  1. Middle East Backpacking – A guidebook to backpacking in the Middle East.
  2. Travel the Middle East – Maria is completely enamored with the Middle East, she lived, studied and has traveled extensively throughout the region.
  3. Quite Alone – Matthew Teller is a freelance journalist and travel writer, specialising in the Middle East.
  4. 2famous.tv2famous.tv – A daily source of culture, life, politics and stardom from self denying hipsters in the Middle East.
  5. A Muslim Traveller – Experiences of a Muslim traveller across cultures.
  6. Girl Solo in Arabia – Carolyn McIntyre is traveling solo from Tangier in Morocco to Mecca in the footsteps of the epic journey of Ibn Batuta.
  7. Green Prophet – Sustainable news from the Middle East.
  8. Kitabiyya – Insights into Middle East world in French, English and Arabic.
  9. Living in Lights – A travel blog about Turkey, Palestine, Jordan, Israel, Bulgaria and Alaska.


  1. Israel Travel Secrets – An insider’s guide to travel to Israel for the authentic local experience.
  2. Sightseeing in Israel – Ethan Bensinger explore historical, biblical and cultural off the beaten track sights in this beautiful country.
  3. Get On In Israel – First hand information for expatriates relocating to Israel.
  4. Israel Travel Ideas – A travel guide written by a native Israeli family.


  1. Kane & Narelle’s Iran Trip – Chronicles from a trip to Iran.
  2. Travel With Mansoureh – Iranian freelance journalist and writer, based in London. She loves travel and sharing her travel experiences, covering Iran and other destinations.
  3. Iran Expat – Impressions of a non-conservative Turkish family living in Tehran.
  4. Iran Wire – News by a group of Iranian journalists in the Diaspora.


  1. Naija Expat Wife – Stella, a lawyer, wife and mother presently living in Muscat, Oman.
  2. The Duncan Adventures – An honest & funny account of a young Scottish expat wife living in Muscat.
  3. A Nomad In The Land Of Nizwa – An American English teacher in Oman.


  1. Ian Edelman in Doha – Ian changed his life, as he moved with his family from south Hampshire to the Arabian Gulf.
  2. Skeptic in Qatar – Living in Qatar since 2006 and breaking the Middle East stereotypes.
  3. Follow Your Sunshine – A blog about British girl’s life in the Middle East. Expat journey of food, friends, fun, travel and everything in between.
  4. Gypsy In The ME – Canadian in the Middle East, working in Qatar.


  1. Susie of Arabia – Susie shares her experiences, observations, and thoughts about living in Saudi Arabia.
  2. The Pink Tarha – An online lifestyle guide to Riyadh, Saudi Arabia and the winner of the Best Website Promoting Tourism in KSA.
  3. American Bedu – Experiences and observations of a former American diplomat now married to a Saudi and living in KSA.
  4. Blue Abaya – Learn about Saudi Arabia, the culture, the traditions and the local customs.
  5. Jeddah Daily Photo Journal – Daily photos from KSA capital by an American woman living with her Saudi husband in Jeddah.
  6. Markisapayne – My Saudi Arabia Blog – Life and travel in the Asir, Hijaz, Tihama, Jizan and Najran regions of Saudi Arabia.


  1. Footsteps of a Wanderer – Travel and outdoor adventure tips, advice and anecdotes, recommendations and reviews across the UAE, MIddle East and around the world.
  2. Ginger and Scotch – Two expats in Dubai. Ginger is always eating and Scotch is always drinking.
  3. Arabian Notes – An insight into daily life in the UAE with reviews, things to do, thoughts on life, travels within the UAE and beyond.
  4. Do In Dubai – An honest guide to life in Dubai. Eating, travelling and living in the Emirate.
  5. Expat Echo Dubai – Information to make moving and living in the UAE simple.
  6. Find Me A Break – Dubai’s blog of travel, food and photography.
  7. The Desert Diva – An adventurer and blogger detailing on and offroad journeys throughout the UAE and the Sultanate of Oman.


  1. Ginger Beirut – An English woman living in Beirut sharing her expat life stories.


  1. White Girl Arab World – Western perspective on 25 years of life, work and love in Bahrain.


  1. Middle East Moments – An Australian woman married to a Jordanian enjoying everyday moments in the Middle East.
  2. Tara of Arabia – An American girl studying Arabic in the Middle East.
  3. It’s An Expat Life For Us – Young, adventurous couple, teaching English as they go. So far they have lived in Taiwan, England, Canada, New Zealand and now Jordan.


  1. Life in Kuwait – A California girl sharing everyday experiences in Kuwait and here to help those who find Kuwait overwhelming.
  2. American Girls World – An American woman married to a wonderful man from Kuwait. Living the life of an expat intertwined with the local community.


  1. Living in Egypt – Maryanne from Canada lives in Egypt since late 80’s and she wouldn’t change it for anything.
  2. Someday I’ll Be There! – The first blog by an Egyptian traveler – from an Egyptian point of view, about travels in Egypt and beyond.
  3. And Away We Go – An American living in Cairo, learning how to survive in a new culture and planning a wedding.
  4. Caribbean Girl in Cairo – Travel Information, food, culture, religion and musings of a Caribbean girl in Cairo.
  5. Egyptian Sidekick – A non-profit, fair-tourism network in-and-around Cairo & Lower Egypt run by English-speaking guides.

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