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  1. Like The Vodka – Stephanie Smirnov and her life with the Russian husband.
  2. Moscowed – Inexplicable love of Russia brought Jessie to Moscow in 2013. She haven’t managed to get deported yet, so she’s still there.
  3. Must See Moscow – Moscow seen from inside, all those curious things of the Russian culture.
  4. My Destination Moscow – Videos, virtual tours and a guide to Moscow by the local expert.
  5. On Life in St.Petersburg – The journal of an American expat in Russia, living in St. Petersburg.
  6. Real Moscow – Moscow survival guide.
  7. Russia Lite – Moscow-based American writer, food blogger, and Russian historian about the life in the world’s largest country.
  8. Transform Siberia – Lifting the veil on a once forbidden place to reveal the beauty and warmth of her people.


  1. 30 Days To Santiago – A website dedicated to the Camino de Santiago, one of the most important pilgrimage site in Europe.
  2. Barcelona Blonde – Read about Jessica’s adventure in Spain and discover why this California girl is so obsessed with the Catalan capital.
  3. Catalonia-Valencia – Travel tips about the communities of Catalonia and Valencia, by an Irish writer living in Spain for 11 years.
  4. East of Malaga – Tales from east of Malaga, a beautiful area known as La Axarquia on Costa del Sol.
  5. Every Museum in Madrid – This blog describes visits to over 50 museums and exhibit spaces in Madrid.
  6. IslandMomma – British expat exploring the stories of the Canary Islands.
  7. La Tortuga Viajera – A blog and travel resource based on experiences of an American expat living in Spain.
  8. Live News From Spain As It Happens – Keep up to date with all the latest news from Spain.
  9. My Spanish Adventure – Will left London to learn Spanish and figure out what to see in Spain while living on the cheap.
  10. Notes from Spain – The best stories, podcasts, videos and photos from Spain since 2005.
  11. Oviedo For 91 Days – Photos and articles from the city of Oviedo.
  12. Piccavey – Molly is a specialist in Spanish culture. Find out what living in Spain is really like.
  13. The Spain Scoop – Fun, expert, travel advice on Spain.
  14. This Spanish Life – Marianne’s blog about her experiences of living, travelling and working in Spain.
  15. Valencia For 91 Days – A guide to Valencia, how to see almost everything that this city has to offer.


  1. Istanbul Eats – A serious eater’s guide to Istanbul.
  2. Istanbul For 91 Days – A guide to Istanbul, how to see almost everything that this famous city has to offer.
  3. Istanbul Trails – First hand information about life in Istanbul and Turkey for future tourists, expats or immigrants.
  4. Turkish Travel Blog – An expat life of a British girl in Turkey. She aims to visit every town, city & village in this large & beautiful country.
  5. The Turkish Life – The travels, linguistic misadventures, and observations of an American expat living in Turkey.

                                    UNITED KINGDOM

  1. Adventures of a London Kiwi – Kiwi long term expat living a London dream.
  2. Backpacking in Northern Ireland – An easy to understand guide to the gorgeous 6 counties of Northern Ireland.
  3. Britain 4 Travellers – Information related to travelling all over the United Kingdom.
  4. Creative Tourist – An art and travel site, uncovering the best art and cultural events in UK.
  5. Eguilbs – A Canadian living in London and enjoying European travels.
  6. Emm in London – The adventures of an eternal tourist living and working in London.
  7. Girl in London – Adventures abroad of an American expat living in London.
  8. Jess-On-Thames – A regularly updated London wish list of upcoming events and places Jess wants to try.
  9. London Unattached – Fiona’s personal blog for the best in London living.
  10. Runawaykiwi – Just a runaway Kiwi blogging about coffee, culture and how to survive this crazy city.
  11. Smitten by Britain – The world’s first blog for Britophiles about all things British.
  12. Stuck in London – A guide to living, working and playing in London.
  13. The Blighty Traveller – An independent travel guide to Great Britain & Northern Ireland.
  14. The London Insider – The magazine about everything London.
  15. Traveling Savage – A travel blog that explores Scotland’s culture, nature, history, and food and drink.
  16. UK Travel Blog – A blog focusing on the UK travel industry.
  17. Travels With a Kilt – A Glasgow based blog and travel advisory service for visitors to Scotland.
  18. VisitBritain Blog – Great source of information about Great Britain.


  1. Daily Scandinavian – A new travel website promoting Scandinavian destinations.
  2. Finland Adventures – The life of a Luisiana expat in Finland.
  3. Hogan’s Blog – Alan Hogan is a visual artist in Finland. He blogs about art, travel and cultural differences in and outside his new home of Finland.
  4. Iceland For 91 Days – A guide to Iceland, how to see almost everything that this country has to offer.
  5. Iceland Eyes – An award winning, internationally renowned blog about life in Iceland.
  6. Life in Norway – Exploring the Norwegian lifestyle from an expat perspective. Written by foreigners living and working in Oslo, Bergen, Stavanger and Trondheim.
  7. Sage & Simple – Denmark’s top expat living blog.
  8. Snow in Tromso – A grad student from Germany in the Arctic of Norway – travels in Scandinavia and beyond.
  9. Something Swedish – A blog all about moving to Sweden from NYC.
  10. Sweden.se – An insider look at expat life in Sweden, one day at a time.
  11. The Fourth Continent – Tale of a young Australian called Tanny, blogging from Greenland, Denmark.

                                       THE BALKANS

  1. Albania or Bust – Ramblings about parenting, Navy and expat life in Albania and Belgium.
  2. An Englishman in the Balkans – Life in South East Europe. David and Tamara live in Bosnia and Herzegovina.
  3. A Yankee-in-Belgrade – An American woman who’s lived and worked in Serbia for over 35 years.
  4. Living In Belgrade – The ultimate information portal for foreign residents and travelers to the city of Belgrade, Serbia.
  5. Macedonia For 91 Days – A guide to Macedonia, how to see almost everything that this country has to offer.
  6. Mount Rewild – A Finnish-Bosnian family living a slow, simple, and rewilding life on a mountain.
  7. Romania and Moldova Travel Guide – The most complete online guide to travel in Romania and Moldova.


  1. Adventure Flair – Adriana blogs about her travels, Bulgaria and the Balkans. She works as a private tour guide.
  2. Great Places in Bulgaria – Great places to visit in Bulgaria.
  3. Uncle Bulgaria’s Blog – A blog by a British expat living and working in Balchik,Bulgaria.


  1. Chasing the Donkey – An Australian-Croatian couple blog about the best of Croatia travel, food, culture, and life in rural Croatia.
  2. Croatia Tips – Tips for a great vacation in Croatia, best locations, beaches and overall great advice.
  3. Find Croatia – A comprehensive on-line travel guide to Croatia with all the details and information.
  4. Frank about Croatia – Croatia travel guide & blog.


  1. Greeker than the Greeks – The life and times of an expat from Britain, living in Greece for over thirty years.
  2. Life Beyond Borders – A travel writer, blogger and EFL teacher currently living in Athens.
  3. Living in Greece – A practical guide to moving, living, working and traveling in Greece, from an American in Athens.
  4. Secret Greece – Find and discover the hidden and alternative Greece.
  5. Travel Passionate – Tips and ideas of what to see in Chrissy’s hometown, Athens and her beautiful country Greece.

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