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  1. American Black Chick in Europe – Dealing with these crazy Europeans one day at a time.
  2. Cheap Weekend Breaks – Exploring Europe best places one weekend at the time.
  3. Dream Euro Trip – A European travel blog that focuses on music festivals, fashion, food trips and unique travel adventures written by Filipino blogger, living in Germany.
  4. Drive on the Left – Two American Expats and one fearless beagle living in London and travelling through Europe.
  5. Eileen Barish’s Monastery Lodging Blog – Niche-travel blog about monastery logging in Italy, France, Britain and Spain created by award winning author Eileen Barish.
  6. EuroCheapo – Tracking down and recommending the best budget hotels, places and food in Europe’s most popular cities.
  7. Europe a la Carte – Tips on where to visit in Europe and the best European destinations.
  8. European Travelista – Sharing the love of European travel.
  9. Europe 4 Travellers – Great tips, advice, suggestions and guides for the informed cultural traveller.
  10. Europe Travel Destination Guide – City and country guides, destinations for all budgets (including luxury & backpacker), inspiring travel photos and lists on top attractions.
  11. Europe Traveler – Information on Europe as a travel destination.
  12. Europe Up Close – Comprehensive Europe’s destination information, travel tips and advice from experienced Europe travel writers.
  13. EuroTravelogue – Journeys through enchanting European destinations.
  14. EuroTribe – A blog focusing on budget travel to European destinations.
  15. Frog & Cheese – Europe travel blog.
  16. Karie and Scott – European adventure of Karie and Scott.
  17. Mangomanjaro – Hitchhiking through Europe and Middle East in the eyes of Swedish couple.
  18. Oh, The Places We Will Go – A Texas accountant who married a globe-trotting Englishman.
  19. Planes, Trains & Autobahns – An American girl living in Germany. Tabitha tries to visit at least one new place every month.
  20. Rear View Mirror – Andrea is mixing slow travel and fun with fast paced road trips driving her Fiat 500. Great resource on Europe trips.
  21. Reflections Enroute – Weekend travel destination in Europe.
  22. Rick Steves – Something to read, watch and listen about the must see places in Europe from Rick Steves, America’s authority on European travel.
  23. See Beautiful Places – A travel blog with lots of photos and information about interesting places in Europe.
  24. Story of My Life – A blog about budget trips to Spain, Italy and Austria.
  25. Surviving Europe – A newly married Erin and Erin have embarked a journey from their comfortable life and 9-5 jobs in Washington DC to the open road and an unknown future in Europe.
  26. The Migrant Expats – Two travelers getting lost for the sake of adventure.
  27. The Savvy Backpacker – James and Susan’s guide for backpacking and budget travel in Europe.
  28. The Unexpected Traveller – Best travel destination in Europe.
  29. The Wanderblogger – An American expat, mum and blogger living in London.
  30. Travel Advice Europe – Get the most out of your time in Europe whether you are backpacking or on a weekend break.
  31. Travellector – Maria is an Europe expert and can plan your itinerary based on your personality type.
  32. Visiting EU – European travel tips for sightseeing, transportation, hotels, and more.
  33. Worldwide Scott – Scott’s travels tales from Europe and beyond.


  1. CheeseWeb – slow travel experts in Belgium, Europe and beyond.
  2. Best of Brussels – city guide for visitors, expats and even locals.


  1. Austrian Adaptation – Expat and travel blogger Carly Hulls shares her stories and adventures of adapting to Austrian life in Vienna.


  1. Wandelion Blog – A blog for those who want to start planning their travel to Georgia and Armenia long before arriving at the destination.           

                                      CZECH REPUBLIC

  1. Christopher’s Expat Adventure – An American expat adventure in Brno, Czech Republic.
  2. Girl in Czechland – A British woman who fell for a Czech chap and then followed him to his Bohemian homeland.
  3. Tracy’s Travels – Tracy travels throughout the Czech Republic, with focus on caves, monasteries and castles.                                        


  1. Berlin City Tours – A lot of info about what to see and do in Berlin.
  2. Fotostrasse – A travel and lifestyle blog with stunning photos written by Brazilian couple living in Berlin. Also includes other European destination.
  3. Nicole is the New Black – Black American Woman living in Berlin with her lovely daughter.
  4. Travel Glam – Living and working in Berlin. Originally from NZ.


  1. Access Riviera – Travel advice on the French Riviera for families and/or persons with reduced mobility.
  2. All Things Riviera – Marlys and Michael on their journey to get to know the French and Italian Riviera.
  3. A Student Abroad – An American student in France, living and traveling around Europe.
  4. Destination Europe – Andrea moved to France in 2005 and set up ‘Destination Europe’ to share her Aussie expat adventures.
  5. Let’s Move To France – Serial expat from North America and French sabbatical expert.
  6. Lost in Cheeseland – Food, travel, lifestyle and expat stories from a Philly native who fell in love with a Frenchman and moved to Paris.
  7. Lou Messugo – Life in the south of France from a British/Australian perspective.
  8. Messy Nessy Chic – Unique guide to Paris, presenting secret, off beat and little known places in the city.
  9. Prêt à Voyager – Tips for your next trip to Paris from local.
  10. The French Way Blog – John Reese specialises in everything to do with tourism in France.
  11. This French Life – News, advice and information for those from the UK, the US and other English speakers who want to live life the French way.                                            


  1. At Home in Tuscany – Useful tips for planning your vacation in Tuscany.
  2. BuzzInRome – Rome travel guide written in English by locals for the international community.
  3. Dream Discover Italia – Italophile traveller, blogger and photographer writing about all things Italian.
  4. Dream of Italy – Insider Italy travel tips and recommendations.
  5. Flip Florence – A video blog of Florence and the surrounding areas of Tuscany and Chianti.
  6. Heart Rome – A food, travel & lifestyle blog about an Australian girl who moved to Rome.
  7. Italian Notebook – The brief, free, daily taste of Italy read by thousands of Italy lovers worldwide.
  8. Italy and Son – Italy is Jeanie’s passion, and will soon be her home.
  9. Katharina’s Italy – Katharina is passionate about Italy and would trade heaven for it.
  10. Melange – A blog for France and Italy lovers.
  11. Ms. Adventures in Italy – Food recipes, travel and photography from Italy.
  12. Napoli Unplugged – All to know before visiting Napoli.
  13. Palermo For 91 Days – A guide to Palermo, how to see almost everything that this city has to offer.
  14. Rick’s Rome – Rick’s mission is to decode Italian culture for the English-speaking world.
  15. Secret Italy – Italy lifestyle and travel blog.
  16. The Maremma Tuscany – An insider’s guide to a Tuscany off the beaten tourist track.
  17. The Sardinia Travel Guide – What to see and do in Sardinia.


  1. French Foodie in Dublin – A blog about my food experiences in Dublin and beyond from the French point of view.
  2. Got Ireland – Ireland travel and tourism blog, featuring some of the best places to visit in Ireland.
  3. Irish Fireside – Get the scoop on Irish travel and culture through this podcast and blog about Ireland.

                                           THE NETHERLANDS

  1. Amsterdam City Tours – Sights, restaurants, bars, nightlife, events, festivals and other attractions in Amsterdam.
  2. Famsterdam Life – A blog about travel, bicycle and the Netherlands.
  3. Olympic Wanderings – A twenty-something Australian living in the Netherlands.
  4. The European Mama – A blog by a Polish mother living in the Netherlands about her expat life, raising global citizens and parenting.
  5. UnClogged in Amsterdam – From local markets to museums to day trips, Melissa explores the Dutch capital from an American expat’s perspective.


  1. Never a Dull Day in Poland – A crazy American expat, follow her adventures and challenges while living in Poland.
  2. Polish Housewife – Culinary and cultural adventures in Poland and in the USA.
  3. Polska Dotty – A funny, touching portrayal of an Englishman’s submersion into Polish life.
  4. Tiffany Horan – A British artist and theorist, currently teaching English as a foreign language in Poland.
  5. Twisted Red Ladybug – An expat photograph from Romania living in beautiful city of Krakow.
  6. Wroclaw Uncut – An ultimate alternative guide to what’s going on in the city of Wroclaw.


  1. An Adventure Abroad – An expat life in Portugal from the view of an Americana.
  2. Angloinfo Portugal – Everything you need to know about moving to Portugal.
  3. Gail at Large – A Canadian photographer based in Portugal.
  4. Julie Dawn Fox In Portugal – A British expat in Portugal with a passion for travel, writing and photography.
  5. Local Porto – Porto city guide and local travel tips.
  6. One Tiny Leap – Lisbon & Brighton based family travel and lifestyle blog.
  7. Piglet in Portugal – Tales of life and travel in Portugal, UK and France with a humorous twist.
  8. Pottering Around Portugal – The best of Portugal for an expat audience.


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