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  1. 20 Years Hence – Steph and Tony is a 30-something married couple devouring the world.
  2. Slightly Astray – Anna’s honest look at life on the road.
  3. Born 2 Travel – Mark and Steffy’s blog in English and Italian about their great adventures on the road.
  4. Plan Your Escape – Plan Your Escape® is an award-winning travel blog by Wayne and his wife, Pat. Having visited 100 countries on 6 continents as well as 44 U.S. states. Show people the unique strategies how to travel for up to half the cost for all levels.
  5. Nomad Spirit – Dave & Erin travel and run online business. On the blog they write about the philosophies, practicalities and awkwardness of living a digital nomad life.
  6. Travels With Two – Melanie’s online travel guide designed for pairs: couples, friends and more.
  7. Travel and Beyond – Malaysian and Indian couple from Australia, Rosemarie and Joseph, blogs about all things travel related mixed with history and culture.
  8. Carrie and Jonathan – Travel the world with Carrie and Jonathan.
  9. Wandering Sasquatch – Kim and Brian, out of the woods and into the world.
  10. On Our Own Path – Bessie and Kyle wandered the world for 4+ years, until mid 2012. Tech, travel, food, outdoors, and volunteer obsessed.
  11. Tammy and Chris on the Move – German-English couple left the rat-race in London behind to travel the world and work on human rights issues abroad.
  12. The Global Couple – Petra and Shaun, two twenty-something New Zealanders, love road trips, street food, and wandering with no destination in mind.
  13. Karina’s Extraordinary Life – Karina and April travel around the world by any means.
  14. Country Hopping Couple – Anu and Sri are avid travelers and working expats. They travel the world slowly, yet steadily for the last 5 years.
  15. Contemporary Nomad – Tony and Thomas are travelling the globe full time since 2007, discovering its wonders and experiment with nomadic living.
  16. One Giant Step – Gillian and Jason, left home in January 2013 with no particular plan. Check their cycle tour of Europe.
  17. The Aussie Flashpacker – Simone and Dan, an Australian girl & English guy. They’re wanderlusters, water babies, foodies and share a love of all things travel.
  18. Vagabond 3 – Travel blog for adventure lovers, showcasing the accessibility of travel, by Bob & Jade.
  19. Dream a Little Dream – The married duo Scott and Dee. We are big dreamers and have a passion to turn them into reality.
  20. Round We Go – Ryan and Laura on a year-long honeymoon around the world.
  21. One World One Year – Mark and Britnee left their jobs to travel around the world for a year.
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