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What could be better than travelling the world with your significant other? In fact, most travel bloggers have found their soulmate while travelling and then love happened! They fell in love while exploring exploring the most beautiful places, the kind of places that you see in your dreams.

These couples have their priorities right and their life is one long honeymoon. Check out these amazing Couple Travel Bloggers who make us feel terrible about our love life and give us immense “Relationship Goals”.

  1. The Planet D – Follow Dave and Deb, Canada’s most adventurous team. Their award winning blog specializes in adventure travel for couples. They have visited over 90 countries on all 7 continents and collected impressive gallery of pictures from the road.
  2. Flying the Nest – A travel blog full of inspiration, quality content, beautiful photographs and cinematic videos from two young Australian travellers Stephen & Jessica.
  3. Goats on the Road – A nomadic couple, Nick & Dariece can teach you how to turn your travels into a lifestyle. They share their ideas and tips to live and travel in exotic places worldwide.
  4. Hecktic Travels – Dalene and Pete are a Canadian couple who have been traveling the world since 2009. They won 2014 National Geographic Travelers of the Year award. Follow their adventures from the road.
  5. Everywhereist – The accidentally adventurous Geraldine, fun and loving wife of Rand, keeps the journal of their travels, filling it up with semi-useful information, biting social commentary, and just plain biting.
  6. Uncornered Market – Daniel and Audrey’s blog about deep and experiential travel. Traveling the world for 7 years, more than 80 countries, they are still going…and still married.
  7. Mapping Megan – Meg & Mike Jerrard, adrenaline junkies and very active travelers, have been blogging since 2007. If they haven’t been somewhere, for sure it is on their list.
  8. Nomad Is Beautiful – The travel blog of Ivana and Gianni broke their old habits to live a new, healthy lifestyle on the road. They write about ecotourism, responsible travel and adventure.
  9. Passport Chop – Travel blog run by Zhiqiang & Tingyi from Singapore provides useful tips and detailed trip itineraries for Asian and European countries.
  10. Neverending Voyage – British couple Simon and Erin sold everything in 2010 to became digital nomads and travel the world forever.
  11. Karolina & Patryk – Karolina and Patryk are madly in love with each other online entrepreneur, traveling, working remotely and living the dream. Get inspired by their lifestyle tips.
  12. Two Monkeys Travel – Kach and Jonathan are working-on-the-road couple from the Philippines and UK. They are yoga en English teachers. Currently exploring South America.
  13. eTramping – Cez and Agnes travel around the world on less than $25 per day. Theirs motto is “Pack lite, travel far, and live long”.
  14. Global Grasshopper – UK based travel blog, run by Becky and Gray team. On their blog, they focus on world’s most beautiful and underrated destinations.
  15. Getting Stamped – 2 Travel junkies Hannah & Adam, decided the normal life was just too… normal and embarked on years long round the world trip.
  16. Mytan Feet – An American couple in Costa Rica living up the life on the beach. Check travel information about Costa Rica and other travel adventures.
  17. 2 Aussie Travellers – 2 Aussies passionate about photography, Japan, Australia, NZ, our natural environment & travel.
  18. Wild Junket – Nellie and Alberto’s award winning travel blog with a focus on adventure travel and offbeat journeys. Nellie is an author of The Adventure Traveler’s Handbook.
  19. Bruised Passports – An Indian couple from London with a lot of love for each other and discovering the world. A travel and fashion blog featuring amazing photography and adventures from around the world.
  20. Latitude Thirty Four – Johns and Marina have chosen a lifestyle filled with world travel and new experiences every day. Check their budget tips and helpful advice.
  21. Beers and Beans – Beth and Randy travel slowly since 2011, volunteering on the way, sharing with us great stories and amazing pictures.
  22. Living the Dream RTW – A long-term travel and adventure blog that focuses on helping you plan your RTW trip of a lifetime.
  23. Venturists – Sean and Jen from California quit their jobs, sold their home and are now traveling full-time leadng the life of digital nomads.
  24. Next Stop Who Knows – A location independent couple from Ireland – travelling the world and working online.
  25. 8 Miles from Home – Vlog by Sach, J & Eden (the Dog), traveling Thailand in a classic Ford Escort Mk 1. Creating cinematic travel videos about their experiences.
  26. The Travel Manuel – Vaughan and Lauren from South Africa are digital nomads and modern day explorers with an endless passion for travel, photography and adventure.
  27. Renegade Travels – Find out how to travel the world on a budget, while still having a fantastic time. Very detailed guide to Thailand.
  28. Nomadasaurus – A blog about sustainable long-term adventure travel. Lesh and Jazza are currently backpacking overland from Thailand to South Africa, without using any air transportation.
  29. Travel Addicts – Lance & Laura are working to support travel habit, and are trying to fit as much adventure as the time allows.
  30. Turnipseed Travel – Vanessa and Ryan see the world affordably and authentically.
  31. A Cruising Couple – Dan and Casey encourage you to step out of your comfort zone to experience new things. With a dash of class.
  32. Luxe Adventure Traveler – Join Jennifer and Tim in their travels. They are crazy adventurers at day and comfort seekers at night.
  33. Travelling King – Sam and Pete shares tips on budget travel, mid-range travel and luxury travel.
  34. Made in Moments – Tomy and Marina are working as a freelancing team while traveling the world. Check their inspiring blog of beautiful photos and stories from around the world.
  35. Brock and Tanj – Brock and Tangerine, adventurers and visual storytellers who love to see the world together. Their goal is to see 100 countries and they are halfway there.
  36. The Roaming Renegades – Nic and Paul blogs about their experiences, give advice and destination guides, create travel publications and talk about their motivation and ideas about travel.
  37. StoryV – Hannah and Dan, perpetual world travelers from Australia and Brazil, share strategies, insights and inspiration to take you from daydreamer to world traveller.
  38. Changes in Longitude – Larissa and Michael sold everything to travel around the world with a Rocky statue.
  39. The Fighting Couple – The real couple travel site, Mike and Luci’s travel ideas and relationship tips.
  40. Wander Lusters – Adventurous nomads Charlotte and Ben from UK blog about their inspiring adventure. They are taking great pictures too./li>
  41. Ordinary Traveler – Christy and Scott, two photographers traveling the world for a living since 2009 & sharing the view through their lens.
  42. Backpack Me – Ashray and Zara, Indian-Portuguese couple, are best friends, travel companions and musicians. Their mission is to circle the globe and take you with them.
  43. Tripper – Sandra from Portugal and Dhanish from India run a blog for enthusiasts of offbeat destinations and offbeat events.
  44. The Travel Tester – Nienke and Nick helps you discover your motivations to travel and suggests ways to let your journeys contribute to personal development.
  45. Gran Tourismo – Professional travel writing and photography team, Lara Dunston & Terence Carter travel slowly and sustainably, enjoying local experience, making travel more meaningful and memorable.
  46. Divergent Travelers – Lina & Dave share photography, videos and stories from their travels all over the globe.
  47. Surfing the Planet – A blog on travel, culture and traditions around Asia, South America, Australasia and Europe. Tips and itineraries.
  48. Nerd Nomads – Maria & Espen’s travel & photography blog where cinematic inspiration becomes real world adventure.
  49. Bridges and Balloons – A lifestyle travel blog for dreamers and nomads by Victoria, a writer and her filmmaker fiancé, Steve.
  50. Worldly Nomads – Laura and Barry’s inspiring adventures, epic photos and beautiful videos from across the globe.
  51. As We Saw It – Travel for comfort and culture lovers who enjoy a bit of fun and adventure … never far from a camera and forks.
  52. Four Jandals – Travel tips, advice and adventure tales from Kiwi’s couple as they wearing out theirs jandals (flip-flops) around the world.
  53. Blog di Viaggi – Marta and Chris backpack around the world through Asia, Australia, New Zealand, Cook Islands and USA.
  54. Peanuts or Pretzels – Liz and Josh, nutty travel bloggers who love exploring the world and sharing what they’ve learned.
  55. Positive World Travel – Anthony & Elise from Australia turned long-term travel into the ultimate lifestyle.
  56. A Brit and A Southerner – A blog of avid travelers, Chris and Heather, provides details of their experiences along with findings and ideas regarding travels.
  57. Flashpack at Forty – Craig and John, a married couple from the UK, who’ve lived and travelled together for well over 20 years.
  58. Backpacking Travel Blog – Samuel (Nomadic Samuel) and Audrey (That Backpacker) used to travel solo, until they met and realize that they have mutual desire to pursue a life of travel.
  59. A Couple Travelers – Full of insights blog about backpacking through Asia and Europe by digital nomads Dave and Vicky.
  60. Around This World – Heather & Erik are long-term travelers, on the road since April, 2010. Their journey runs through Latin America, Southeast Asia, Australia, NZ, India, and Nepal.
  61. Shadows Galore – Explore the world with Puru and Ekta as they talk about travels, photographs, food, books, films and much more.
  62. Honey Trek – Join Mike & Anne as they travel around the world on the world’s longest honeymoon, crossing 6 continents.
  63. Travelling Weasels – Laura and Tanbay are travelling the world luxuriously and cheaply – mainly by House Sitting, making long-term travel affordable.
  64. Crazzzy Travel – Travelling Couple Illia and Nastia have been to 37 countries across 4 continents. Find out how to travel starting at 11$ per day.
  65. The Trading Travelers – Brittany and Charlie traded the so-called “American dream” to live their own dream and see the world. Currently in Chiang Mai.
  66. The Travels of BBQboy and Spanky – BBQboy and Spanky, after many short trips, finally realized their dream of continuous travel.
  67. The Wanderlusters – Sandra and Shane share their on their blog the love to travel, stories and colourful photography.
  68. 501 Places – Travel stories and insights from around the world from Andy, a featured blogger on Lonely Planet, and Sameena.
  69. GQ Trippin – Gerard and Kieu, couple from San Francisco traveling, eating and blogging.
  70. Forget Someday – Forget someday and do what you can to make your dreams happen now.
  71. Deafinitely Wanderlust – Travel blog for deaf and hearing communities. Their goal is to inspire anyone to travel.
  72. Sand in My Suitcase – Janice and George are luxury lovers, adventure addicts and cruise aficionados.
  73. Two Scots Abroad – Scots on career break. Craig and Gemma left their teaching position to travel the Americas.
  74. Kaleidoscopic Wandering – A colorful travel blog encompassing travel advice, destination information, interviews, book reviews and thoughts from life on the road.
  75. Happy Time Blog – Aaron and Georgie have been traveling the world since April 2008. They blog about travels, adventures, love and life from the road as they go.
  76. Everywhere Once – Brian & Shannon are fulltime wanderers since 2010.
  77. Where Is Your Toothbrush – Wherever Peter and Lindsay are they make themselves feel like home.
  78. Guide 2 Travel – Travel adventures around the world with Linda & David Aksomitis.
  79. Turtles Travel – Donny and HeatherTamara are living mindfully, traveling slowly, respecting our Mother Earth.
  80. World Walk About – Matt and Andrea indulge our wanderlust, and document it every step of the way.
  81. After Globe – How one couple quit the American Dream, Kimmy & Drew, and went after their own.
  82. No Place to Be – Poi & Kirsty spen two years exploring China and South-East Asia.
  83. Been Seen – Enjoy the eclectic side of travels with Heinz and Veronique Lievre.
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