If travelling hand-n-hand with your partner is your thing, you surely need to check out TOP COUPLE TRAVEL BLOGS 2018. From adventure trips to romantic dates and visit to historical places to finding an unknown island, these expert couple travel blogs offer you a vivid range of couple experiences to read, share, try and enjoy. So unleash your travel soul and plan out your next couple travel with your partner in crime. If you need some inspiration, these blogs are fully loaded.

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Here is a list for you - TOP COUPLE TRAVEL BLOGS 2019


  1. Sandal Road – Blog featuring exciting destination for independent travelers with focus on NZ.
  2. Two Worlds One Life – Travelblog by a couple from USA and Sweden who loves to travel and explore the world.
  3. The Journey Itself – A newly domesticated world travelers looking for adventure at home.
  4. The Wayfarer – Keyta, half Filipina half English, is a wanderlusting broadcast journalism studen from the UK.
  5. Ian and Wendy – Originally Canadian, we now call California home. We started traveling together in 1995.
  6. Consulting Rehab – Ryan and Jen escaped from the management consulting world to the greener pastures of living in Buenos Aires.
  7. From Ice to Spice – Two travel addicts from Iceland that focus on budget travels, extreme adventures, travel tips, working overseas, and hotel suggestions.
  8. Old World Wandering – Overland travel of South African couple through Europe, Asia and Africa.
  9. Abandon the Cube – Leave the cube behind and travel. The stories, methods, and costs of the adventures of Lauren and Mike.
  10. The Travel Type – Heather and Tim are full-time travelers, helping you add meaning to your travels, motivate and finding yourself.
  11. 2 People 1 Life – Lisa and Alex travel the world and have a wedding ceremony in each country they visit.
  12. Traveling Bytes – How running your own web business can change your life.
  13. The World Effect – For Meggan and Beau travel and design go hand in hand, as they set an online business and keep travelling the world.
  14. Two Thirsty Travellers – A travel blog from a NZ couple who are thirsty for international experiences.
  15. 365 Travel Dates – Round the world honeymoon, 365 travel dates and counting.
  16. A Crafty Traveler – Canadian girl and Irish boy traveling the world.
  17. Breathe With Us – Hugo and Cristina, a couple on a quest to travel and explore the world, one destination at a time.
  18. Chasing Adventure – Jill and Curtis left behind the conventional lifestyle in order to live an adventurous life of slow travel. They love motorcycles, mountains, oceans and the outdoors.
  19. Culture Explorer – Travelling the globe, seeking culture in all its forms.
  20. Elizabeth and Dale Abroad – American couple living and working in Brazil while sharing their adventures around the world.
  21. Ephemerratic – Writer and an artist in search of wanderlust, creatively and independently.
  22. Freaky Tracks – Travel addict Italian couple Claudio and Angela travel the globe with irony and light-mindedness.
  23. Land of Marvels – Casey is from US, was growing in Saudi Arabia and have a big passion for Paris. She travels with her husband.
  24. News from Nomads – A blog by the travel-loving duo Hugo & Elise from Amsterdam.
  25. Nomadic Lifestyle – Traveling the world and documenting the adventures along the way.
  26. One Modern Couple – Macrae and Carolann, delaying major life decisions,depart on a journey full of new experiences.
  27. Our Dream Adventure – Greg and Katy have been on the road for 13 months and counting. Europe, Russia, Asia, USA & now Central and South America.
  28. The Vagabond Adventures – Our dream is to travel the World by land and sea with our faithful hound. Join us on our extraordinary journey.
  29. Travel for Love – American girl and Brazilian boy, documenting their travels and transcontinental relationship.
  30. Travel Bouled – A personal travel blog of Nina & Jempi, full of fun and good travel info.
  31. Two for the Road – A married couple and award-winning filmmakers addicted to travel, adventure, great food, friendly people and good times.
  32. Vagabondway – Tiffany and Christopher are on a quest to live on all seven continents. They interested in wildlife and have a lust for adventure.
  33. We Go Two – Couple living in Hong Kong on a mission to visit every country in the world.
  34. We Roam Around – 20+ Aussie expats living and travelling in Americas.
  35. 30 Traveler – Tips from Kim and her husband on how to travel in comfort but on a backpacker budget of around $3000 a month.
  36. Dilmuni Couple – Hussain & Mariam from Bahrain are living their dream and work hard to make their life a full time travel job.
  37. Empty Rucksack – – An Indian Couple going around the world to fill up our empty rucksacks with loads of memories, stories and pictures.
  38. Follow Me East – Nick and Elle adventures from Sri Lanka to Thailand.
  39. Freelancers on the Road – Matching travels and freelance work.
  40. Happy Holidays Guides – Sharing only useful or inspiring travel-related information, including: travel hacks, travel philosophy, new and inspiring destinations and noteworthy points of interest.
  41. Iced Chai – A boy from Poland and girl from India travel across Middle East, South East Asia and other parts of the world.
  42. Life After Cubicle – A blog chronicling a Silicon Valley couple’s travels around Asia and the transition to their new lifestyle.
  43. LivingIF – An award winning photographers and bloggers on their 3 year RTW trip.
  44. Manali and Terry – Twenty-something adventurous newlyweds who have embarked on the journey of a lifetime. Plan: 30+ countries in one year.
  45. Nomadic Duo – Finding their way in the world, experiencing the tastes, the smells, and the people.
  46. No Place Like Here – Cris and Felipe left Brazil in 2006, have been living in New Zealand since then and travelling around the world in between.
  47. Nov Vacation Required – Gay couple, Kent & Caanan, want to inspire you to quit saving your dreams for “later in life” and to live Now.
  48. Road Affair – The online journal of a young couple hitchhiking the USA in search of a more fulfilling, adventurous, and happier life by living their dream of traveling.
  49. Roaming Around the World – Heather and John document their around the world adventures and local cuisine.
  50. Sending Postcards – Travelogue by Alex and Mina Seville.
  51. Short Road to Happy – The adventurous travel couple, Phoebe and Joel, explore the world on a motorbike, while writing for travel companies and running blog.
  52. Snow Birds in Training – Adventures and experiences from mountain tops to ocean bottoms.
  53. Travelbllgr – Jen and Ben with a passion for budget travel.
  54. Travellious – Kelly and Austin’s blog offers travel Aips, inspiration and education on how to travel smarter, often and on your own terms.
  55. Vagabond Quest – Join Dina and Ryan as they enjoying the lifestyle of permanent travel.
  56. Wanderers But Not Lost – Portuguese couple, Carla and Rui, with strong sense of adventure and passion for capturing disappearing ancient cultures.
  57. The World with Chris and Sarah – Two Australian, Chris & Sarah on a trip of a lifetime.
  58. Your Own Trail – A blog with double narration, from Jake and Lisa’s points of view on theirs travel.
  59. YesNomads – Nomads Paul and Kristin are reporting about the most amazing places in the world via videos, photos and articles.
  60. Wired 2 the World – Kristina and David have been traveling around the world together for over 20 years.
  61. We Like To Travel – Dutch and Japanease couple of travel bloggers who’s next adventure is a tandem bicycle from Europe to Japan.
  62. Wander Tooth – Travel blog of a Canadian couple Katie and Geoff, currently living in Prague.

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