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Asia is an amalgamation of so many cultures and heritages. It is the largest and the most populated continent. It might (read as - definitely) confuse you - Bhutan, Malaysia, Japan and so many more.

So, we’re here to ease your confusion and make life better for you. This list of the best travel blogs featuring Asia is the most perfect way to explore where you really want to be. These Asia Travel Bloggers have enlisted all the places you NEED to be before it gets too mainstream.


  1. Ambot-ah! – Offbeat adventures in the Philippines and around Asia.
  2. An Asian Traveler – An Asian destination, hotels, food, shopping, fashion and stuff.
  3. Asian Ramblings – A blog of photos and stories from China and Asia.
  4. Awesome Solo Travels – Travel stories, tricks and tips from Asia.
  5. Backpacking Philippines – Backpacking trip around Phillipines and Asia.
  6. Beach Holidays In Asia – A guide to an awesome beach holidays in Asia.
  7. Before You Backpack – Made by backpackers for backpackers. A community of vagabonds sharing their experiences of backpacking around Asia.
  8. Best Beaches In Asia – Ideas for beach holidays in Asia.
  9. FlipNomad – A Filipino backpacker on the road discovering Asia.
  10. Flip Travels – Great guide for Philippines and Asia destinations by Ron and Monette.
  11. Filipina In Flip Flops – Asia travel blog run by twenty-something cube-dweller from Phillippines.
  12. Footsteps In Asia – A website and blog by small, personalised travel company that specialises in budget trips in Asia.
  13. Ironwulf En Route – Chronicles of travel, adventure and photography of a freelance photographer and writer based in the Philippines.
  14. Just Wandering – Independent travel around the Philippines, Asia, and the world.
  15. Live Less Ordinary – Boutique travel, new tourism and foodie adventures in Bangkok and Asia.
  16. Living In Asia – A lifestyle magazine for location independent workers and long term travellers who are living in Asia.
  17. My Several Worlds – A world travel guide with a focus on Asian destinations and cultures.
  18. Pau Travels – A collection of the travels and adventures of Pau in Asia and US.
  19. The Travelling Feet – Information on budget travels, travel tips, budget food and accommodations within Asia.
  20. Travel + Leisure Asia – The regional edition of the Travel + Leisure magazine and website.
  21. Travels In Translation – Beth is Japan and Hong Kong expert, join her as she travel translated through culture.
  22. Unearthing Asia – An online magazin covering topics like lifestyle, culture and attractions, all over the region of Asia.
  23. Vo-Pulayya – Korean and Vietnam expat family living in traveling in Asia.
  24. Wild Navigator – Inspiring journeys in responsible tourism to the Indian subcontinent.


  1. 10 Year Itch – An award-winning India Travel Portal that provides travel enthusiasts with information on all major destinations in India.
  2. A Date With Delhi – A guide and information about the megacity – New Delhi.
  3. Admirable India – Find out all the tourist places worth visiting in India.
  4. Anki On The Move – Anki creates self-narrated videos, writes and interviews on many places in India.
  5. An Ace Guide – Kiran had been traveling to exotic and mystic places in India for the last 30 years.
  6. A Wandering Mind – Anuradha loves exploring less known corners of India and sharing them with the world.
  7. Desi Traveler – A family travel blog from India, with stories about people, places, palaces, forts, Holy Temples, foods, colors,smells streets and life in India.
  8. Drew Gilbert – All around travelling India by train from Almost Fearless family.
  9. Incredible India – Official page of Incredible India Campaign of Ministry of Tourism, Government of India.
  10. Indian Bazaars – A blog about the Indian shop and the traditional bazaars in India.
  11. Indian Columbus – Records of many years of travel experiences in India.
  12. Indi Tales – Travel tales about Indian art, history and culture.
  13. India Travel & Photography Blog – First hand experiences of exploring the riches of India. Travelogues, features and photography.
  14. India Untravelled – Off the beaten path India travel stories.
  15. Kerala Blog Express – See Kerala, one of the destinations in India, with the eyes of other bloggers.
  16. My Travelogue – An Indian travel blog on lesser known India.
  17. My Journey Through India – Anisha is exploring diverse Indian cult,cuisine and lifestyle.
  18. Mr. (and Mrs.) Luth Go to India – The expatriate adventures, travels, observations, and misconceptions of a married couple living in India.
  19. Photokatha – Various travellers share their experience, stories and photos from India.
  20. Tales Of A Nomad – Informative resource about travel in India.
  21. Travel Genes – All you have to know to survive your first trip to India and to experience it like never before.
  22. Wayfarers And Pathfinders – A collaborative travel blog documenting destinations in India.


  1. A Modern Girl – A blog chronicles various adventures of a PhD student specializing in East Asian politics in Japan.
  2. Asia Is For Lovers – Practical information for living in Japan.
  3. Budget Trouble – A blog about travel in Japan, focused on Japanese festivals.
  4. Busan Kevin – Podcasts and YouTube vlogs about Japan and Korea.
  5. Foreign Salary Man – The Adventures of a Foreign Salaryman in Tokyo.
  6. Haiku Girl – Ali from England has been teaching English in Japan for 3 years.
  7. Japan Blog List – A list of blogs about Japan in English.
  8. Japanese Castle Explorer – Information, photos and maps of 150 Japanese castles.
  9. Japan Lost – All about Japan without the sugar.
  10. Japan Travel Mate – Personal blog and travel guide to Japan with stunning pictures.
  11. Japan Visitor – A travel and news guide to the latest happenings in Japan.
  12. Japan It Up – Adventures of Steve, an American living in Japan.
  13. Melibelle in Tokyo – A blog chronicling life as an American mother, writer, & teacher in Tokyo going about life with her bicultural, bilingual family.
  14. Muza Chan – Discover Japan through the eyes of a well seasoned traveler and frequent visitor in Japan.
  15. Our Man in Abiko – Japan-based UK blogger.
  16. Outdoor Japan – Travel and outdoor lifestyle magazine in Japan.
  17. Pearls And Passports – An experienced solo female traveller currently living in Japan teaching English.
  18. Shibuya 246 – Latest trends from Japan.
  19. The Green Eyed Geisha – Japan like you’ve never seen it before from the perspective of a Canadian girl.
  20. The Nomads Land – Sarah, South African girl, married to a Japanese scientist shares her thoughs about life in Japan.
  21. Tiptoeing World – Mima’s blog about living Tokyo daily life, photography, travel, food and coffee.
  22. Tokyo For 91 Days – A guide to Tokyo, how to see almost everything that city has to offer.
  23. Zooming Japan – A close-up view on traveling and living in Japan.


  1. Adventures Around Asia – Richelle from Seattle, currently live and study in China. She travels around China and Asia, blogs and eats a lot of spicy food.
  2. Chengdu Living – A blog about culture, politics, and life in China. It’s authored by a small group of Americans in Chengdu.
  3. China Mike – An uncensored look into modern China.
  4. China Travel Go – Brendon is a China travel addict! His blog is a very informative travel guide to China.
  5. Crazy Chinese Family – Everyday life stories from a guy who married into Chinese family.
  6. Day To Day In China – Daily life of an expat in China.
  7. Far West China – The ultimate resource for those who want to travel, work or just learn more about Xinjiang and the Silk Road.
  8. JG, Over the Sea – Jessica is a PhD student in China.
  9. Knee How Shanghai – Experiences, observations & randomness of living in Shanghai, China.
  10. Luggage Tags and Tickets Tubs – Sophie is a twenty something journalist currently living in Beijing. She’s been living in China for over two years.
  11. Sapore di Cina – A portal that offers firsthand information on how to learn Chinese, travel, study or work in China.
  12. Stuck In Beijing – A guide to living in Beijing.
  13. To China And Beyond – Information about Chinese products.

                                              HONG KONG

  1. Blue Balu – All about living, eating, hiking and taking pictures in Hong Kong – sprinkled with a few Asia travel tips.
  2. Hong Wrong – Hong Kong culture and news.
  3. Just Hong Kong Travel – All information you need to know to travel to Hong Kong.
  4. Ordinary Gweilo – Everyday life in Hong Kong from the perspective of a Brit.


  1. Defying Gravity – An expat living in Ulaanbaatar. Becky blogs about things to do and see, restaurants, and travels.
  2. Drinking Coffee Elsewhere: Mongolia – Expat life and travels in Mongolia.
  3. Everywhere But Home – News, musings, and lot of info about all things Mongolian.
  4. Mongolian Musings – An American teaching English in Ulaanbaatar.


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