Top 8 haunted places in Columbia


1. Tequendama Falls Hotel - Cundinamarca
tequendama falls hotel columbia_1470031984e11.JPG

2. La Candelaria - Bogota
la candelaria bogota_1470031986u20.jpg

3. Alboraya Castle - Barranquilla
alboraya castle columbia_1470031987u30.JPG

4. University of Antioquia - Medellin
university of antioquia_1470031988u40.jpg

5. Chorro de Quevedo - Bogota
chorro de quevedo_1470031988u50.JPG


6. The Ermita de San Miguel del Príncipe - Bogota
the ermita de san miguel_1470031990u60.JPG

7. Headquarters of the Colombian Institute of Anthropology and History - Bogota
headquarter columbia_1470031992u70.png

8. The José Raimundo Russi House - Bogota
the jose raimundo columbia    blogspot_1470031993u80.JPG Photo by: blogspot

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