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When was the last time you did something for the first time? Or do you feel that you’re way past the “right age” to explore?

If that’s what you worry about then we have something inspirational just for you. We know the cliche - Age is just a number, but these brave bloggers have proved the statement. The list of blogs below are written by people who decided that they’re age certainly doesn’t determine how and where they travel. In fact, we think that these 50+ aged bloggers give the 20-somethings a run for their money, don’t you agree?

After all, like wine, they’ve just turned finer with age.

  1. Life Part 2 – Jonathan Look took early retirement to pursue my passions for life, writing and photography.
  2. Vagrants of the World – When Kate and Mark retire they got rid of everything, packed 23 kilos each and started new career as international house sitters, discover extraordinary destinations & hidden gems.
  3. Gypsy Nester – David & Veronica are experiencing the collision of baby boomer and empty nester.They decided to grab life by the horns, sell the nest and become GypsyNesters.
  4. A Hole in My Shoe – Lyn and Steve from Australia everyday are one step closer to their next big adventure. Next adventure planned for December.
  5. Contented Traveller – Gordon and Paula travel their own way. Expect unique stories and advice for those who do not like conformity.
  6. My Itchy Travel Feet – The Baby Boomer’s Guide to Travel by Donna and Alan, inspiring boomers to get up off the couch and travel.
  7. Passing Thru – An online entrepreneurs who sold it all and moved to a tropical island. Now traveling RTW full time and living the dream.
  8. Luggage and Lipstick – The ultimate guide to adventure travel for baby boom women and men.
  9. Midlife at the Oasis – Lois is celebrating midlife by rediscovering her husband, comfortable shoes, the joy of female friends and, most of all, herself.
  10. Silver Backpacker – Digital Nomad travelling since the 70’s. Love Asia especially Philippines.
  11. Glamour Granny Travels – World travels of a chic granny.
  12. Travel Past 50 – Tom and Kris, empty nesters, baby boomers and travel bloggers.They have been to 55 countries since 2010.
  13. 50 Shades of Age – A lighthearted blog for the 50s and 60s with focus on Australian travel.
  14. One Road at a Time – Patti and Abi retired early to live a carefree life, travel the world and hopefully inspire others to redefine retirement.
  15. McCool Travel – Charles McCool is a travel skills expert, author, trainer, and blogger.
  16. Adventures in Wonderland – Alison and Don, travelling through the world, and through life.
  17. The Travelers Way – Travel magazine providing information and inspiration for curious baby boomer travelers, focusing on value luxury.
  18. Solo Trips and Tips – The blog for people who travel alone and inspiration for those who want to make their first solo trip.
  19. To Travel Too – Jane and Duncan embark on a global journey, house sitting and travelling in South America, Europe and Asia.
  20. Backroad Planet – Howard & Jerry’s passion are road trips and discovery on the backroads.
  21. Zenaida – Adventures and insights of a lady in her prime traveling solo around the world.
  22. Travel With All Senses – Travel tips to boomers still young and everyone with an interest for adventure, culture, arts and good food.
  23. World Wide Adventurers – Amazing adventures and activities of Joanne and Des.
  24. Nomad Women – Donna shares information and inspiration for mature women who travel or want to travel.
  25. Live Each Adventure – Trev and Chris from Adelaide want to encourage others to enjoy the life.
  26. Not Dun Roamin – Danila and Chris have sold everything and travel, mixing in volunteering on conservation projects, with staying in interesting places for weeks or months at a time.
  27. Tusen Takk II – The travel adventures of Chuck and Barb Shipley.
  28. Vagabondians – Glenn and Dixie are living expat life in Mexico, enjoying freedom in the second half of their lives.
  29. Gray on the Road – Traveler with a senior’s viewpoint and 53 years of experience of independent travel.
  30. Mid Life Wanderlust 1965 – Tales of a middle aged history buff, music lover, vegetarian and his travels.
  31. Jenny & Ewout Grand Adventures – Journal of an Australian couple, Jenny and Ewout who travel extensively in their motorhome the “Bunyip”.
  32. We Trot About – LuAnn and Andy quit their jobs & started traveling the world.

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