Top 5 Honeymoon destination near Bhopal

Top 5 Honeymoon destination near Bhopal

Well, let’s not get into how tedious weddings can be and might we add, all the functions associated with it. From the mehendi and the sangeet to the reception, it’s all a daunting task. So when do the couple get the time to plane their honeymoon. That’s why we’re here to help you with the best honeymoon near your city!

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Here is a list for you - Top 5 Honeymoon destination near Bhopal

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1. Mount Abu

You have to be kidding us to state that you’ve even thought of Mt. Abu for your honeymoon. Simple, quick getaway yet no compromise on the beauty and the love. You can’t say no to Mt Abu, now, can you?

Best time to visit Mt Abu is throughout the year.

How to Reach - Flights are available to Udaipur.Trains are available from Bhopal junction to Abu Road.A rented cab or a private vehicle will take around 10 hours to reach since Mt Abu is 600 kms away from Bhopal.

Things to do - Sunset point, Mt Abu Wildlife Sanctuary, Gaumukh temple, Nakki lake

2. Nagpur

Oranges… That's the one word which is synonymous which Nagpur. Well, guess what? There is more to Nagpur than its oranges; beyond the usual city life you will find an unparalleled peace in the City. And let's not mention the most accommodating and welcoming locals and the wonderful Maharashtrian cuisine

Best time to visit Nagpur is November to February.

How to Reach - 60 trains are available between Habibganj and Nagpur.

The distance between the two cities is around 350 kms. A private vehicle will take around 6 hours. Buses are also available along this route.

Things to do - Deekshabhoomi, Futala Lake, Nagpur Central Museum, Japanese Garden

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3. Indore

If grand architecture fascinates you and your partner, then what are you even waiting for? One of the most accessible and easy honeymoon destinations near Bhopal, Indore has a variety to offer.

Best time to visit Indore is October to March.

How to Reach - 16 trains are available along this route.

A private vehicle will take around 3 hours because the distance between Bhopal and Indore is around 200 kms.

Buses are available for those who would prefer a road journey.

Things to do - Rajwada, Street shopping, Lal Bagh Palace, The Indore Museum

4. Chittorgarh

Time for some fun facts - The famous Chittorgarh fort was built in the early 7th century. Yes, it has also been declared as a World Heritage Site.

Situated along the banks of river Gambhiri, this archaic town is capable of transporting you into a whole different era… The kind with kings and queens, Royals and jewels all around!

Best time to visit Chittorgarh is between January to March and September to December.

How to Reach - Around 8 trains are available between Chittorgarh and Bhopal. The distance is around 460 kms. A private vehicle/rented cab will take around 7 hours for the journey. You will also find buses running along this route.

Things to do - Archaeological Museum in Chittorgarh, Rana Kumbha Palace, Chittorgarh fort

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5. Akola

Can you picture an amalgamation of Muslim and Maharashtrian culture? If you can, then just add a dab of British tincture to it and voila! You have what we call - Akola… Sounds weirdly exciting, right? The you and your better half need to head to this city to absorb the feel of this jewel of Maharashtra.

Best time to visit Akola is between November to February.

How to Reach - 9 trains are available between these two towns. The average duration of the journey is roughly 11 hours.A lot of buses are also available.A private vehicle/rented cab will take around 8 hours for the journey. The distance is around 375 kms.

Things to do -Akola Fort, Tower Chowk, Tape Hanuman Mandir

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