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Top 5 clothes your suitcase should have if you are going to a beach destination

Beach vacation is the best idea to cut off the usual life and spend some days in the vicinity of water, white sand, sea waves and lots and lots of sunshine. You can plan a weekend getaway, a friend’s road trip or a whole week of fun and frolic on a beach destination; still, you would love to come to the waters over and over again. However, if you do not do the right packing for your beach vacation it won’t be as much fun as you plan for. Fret Not!! Here are the best 5 choices of clothes that are enough to make your vacation at the beach funtastic…. 

Shorts or Bermuda
shorts or bermuda_1474882825s11.jpg

Ladies beaches are the best to flaunt your legs, moreover, you would love to lie on the sand and let the water wash your feet. Shorts and Bermudas keep you from changing wet lowers often on beaches.

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Hats & Caps

The sun at the beaches has got something for you and that is “tan”. A little tanning is good but you must keep shade on your face to avoid excessive sunburns. A good hat for the ladies and polo caps for the gentlemen are the best options.

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Swanky tops & t-shirts
tops and tshirts_1474882825s30.jpg Photo by: etsy

Beaches are all about sun, palms, and relaxation; why not let this feel come to your clothes. Buy some Jamaican style tees and t-shirts and be vacation ready in a swanky style.

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Swim Wear
swim-wear_1474882827s40.jpg Photo by: ameliarutter

You planned for a beach vacation because you love the water play; make yourself ready for the salty dip with a good bikini or a splendid swimsuit. Boys, you can rock in your designer boxers itself. Buy the swimwear that easily dries off and so not soak in much water to become heavy to carry.

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You must keep yourself ready at the go to ride between the shores and the shacks. A wet inner garment would definitely cling a lot. So the best advice is to pack a good number of undergarments/lingerie to be always on the go and especially for beach vacations.

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