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Top 12 Things To Do For An Amazing Holiday In Nainital

Nainital is a beautiful place which is blessed with a serene environment. Exploring this hill station which is part of Uttrakhand state can be an absolute delight. This place has many things in store for its visitors. Given below is the list of 12 best things which you must do to have the best holiday in this area.

Go for a boat ride - Nainital

Naini Lake is the best thing which you can experience in the whole Nainital. This beautiful lake offers you an amazing opportunity to ride a boat. So, for the people who want to enjoy the beauty of water, go for a boat ride in this pure lake.

Do go for Horse riding - Nainital

Horse riding is another great activity which you can do in Nainital. This ride is available on Mall Road. So go for it with your friends and family and enjoy the environment of Nainital while experiencing the horse ride.

The exciting ropeway ride - Nainital

The fun experienced in the ropeway ride is pretty amazing. This ride attracts a large number of visitors. When you go for this ride you will enjoy the natural bliss of this beautiful destination which is marvelous.

Enjoy Shopping at Tibetan Market - Nainital

This market is close to Naini Temple and is the best market to buy beautiful winter stuff. This market is also called as Bhotia Market. Go for best winter shopping here and don’t forget to bargain as you can get great things at a very cheap price.

Go for Candle shopping at Mall Road - Nainital

If you have the love for candles than you must buy them in Nainital on Mall Road. You will find beautiful candles in a iety of colours and designs. Do buy them and add it to your collection.

Visit Naina Devi Temple - Nainital

The beautiful temple is located at the upper end of the charming Nainital Lake. The presiding divinity of this temple is Goddess Naini Devi, who is characterized by two eyes. This place has interesting mythology linked with it and is regarded as one of the 51 Shakti Peeths.

Enjoy the great iety of food - Nainital

There are a number of restaurants present on Mall road and in the Tibetan market which serve delicious food. Try being there and enjoy the great iety they serve. Don’t forget to have the softy which is present all the corners of every road.

Visit the Nainital Zoo - Nainital

This zoo is a great place to visit in Nainital as it is well maintained and has a number of animals and bird species. Even the view from this place looks great. So don’t forget to visit the zoo.

Go for that typical Desi massage - Nainital

Forget about the luxurious spas and messages which you get in the parlour. Go for a typical Desi Massage which will just cost you around Rs 50 or 100. This head massage will surely refreshen you up. You will find a number of people sitting with a signboard on head massage on Mall Road and Tibetan Market.

Do have a look at the Governors house in Nainital - Nainital

The Governor’s House in Nainital is a perfect example of their love for their particular region. This building appears a lot to the majestic Buckingham Palace in London and thus is regarded as one of the main attractions in Nainital. It has Gothic-style of architecture and was constructed in 1990. The charm of the building is still the same and 18 golf courses are present there.

Experience the beauty of St. Johns Church - Nainital

This church is present on an isolated hill in Mallital. It is a Gothic style church and was built in 1844. It is quite a peaceful place and is regarded as the best one to experience calmness and serenity.

Go Trekking to Naini Peak - Nainital

This is the highest point in Nainital and you can see wonderful view from this point. Go trekking towards it. While going you will find beautiful surroundings and even you can spot a iety of birds.

Thus these are the 12 things which you must do in Nainital.

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