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Top 10 Travel Destinations in the World

 France is one of the leading tourist destinations of Europe. The city is rich in tradition, architecture and literature. The historical monuments of France are known worldwide. Famous attractions are Disneyland, Eiffel Tower, Arc de Triumph, The Louvre, Georges Pompidou Centre and many others.  

 Being one of the most diverse tourist destinations of the world, America is famous for both natural as well as manmade constructions. Here you can see the marvelous Niagra Falls. The natural beauty of Yellowstone and Alaska, the sunny beaches of California, Florida and Hawaii is spell bounding. 

 China, the country of Great wall, is known for its water towns, royal palaces, and wonderful cultural heritage. Folk custom of China is also rich. Beijing, Shanghai and Xian are the three cities attracting attentions. The Forbidden City, summer Palace and Temple of Heaven are the best locations of China. 

Spain 4.2 ★

 Spain is known for its monuments marking different ages. Its famous tourist attractions are the lively cities of Barcelona and Madrid, the white villages of Andalucia , fort Alhambra, Mezquida of Corboda, El Escorial, Sagrada Familia and many more. Bull fight is the most famous festival here. 

Italy 4 ★

 It is one of the ancient and culturally rich cities of the world. The country is known around the world for its famous cuisine, stunning monuments, updated fashions and marvelous beaches. Italy contains a huge number of World Heritage Sites. 

 Turkey is famous for its religious as well as historical destinations. Coastal areas are charming here. Beautiful cities like Istanbul and Antalya are located nearby sea. Aegean Coasts and Cappadocia witness many splendid historical sites. 

Germany 5.0 ★

 Being one of the leading countries of World War, Germany has preserved many historical documents in its reservoir. About 38 spots of Germany are enlisted in World Heritage Site. From cathedrals to incredible natural scenario, everything leaves out an everlasting remark in memory. 

 There are thousands of attractions in UK to make your tour memorable. Be it basking on sea shore or visiting the historical gardens everywhere you will witness uncommon experience. Festival of arts in Edinburgh, visiting royal palaces and museums are charming. 

 Being the country of Black Sea, Baltic Sea and the famous mountains like Ural, Mount Elbrus and Northern Caucasus the natural view of Russia is fabulous. The country is famous for its wooden architecture and buildings. 

Malaysia 3.8 ★

 It is the country of oldest rainforests of the world. The shining sand of the beaches, humid mangroves, gigantic skyscrapers, and rocky mountains add some unique beauty to the country.       

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