Tips for Vegan and Vegetarian travellers

Tips for Vegan and Vegetarian travellers

  Vegans and vegetarians always find it challenging to travel as there are very few places and restaurants where they actually serve vegan food and the challenge of finding the right place, but many in confusion. As for many countries egg and chicken are considered as a vegetarian, but when it's about the vegan diet, they have an altogether different meal and diet plan. But it is not impossible to travel and eat deliciously if you are on a vegan diet, here we have some tips to traveling vegan, where you can eat well and travel without any worry about going hungry.

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Here is a list for you - Tips for Vegan and Vegetarian travellers

1. Pick the right destinations

Pick the right destinations


If you are following a Vegan or Vegetarian diet, make sure to pick the right destination. As there are many countries such as India and other Asian countries, where it's not at all difficult to find vegan food. Israel is also a good bet, Turin in Italy also have many vegetarian restaurants. Apart from these destinations, even European countries like Amsterdam also have many vegan restaurants. So pick the right destination, so that you will be able to travel without any hassles.

2. Learn some local terms and words

Learn some local terms and words


It's important to know some of the words in their local languages, as vegan and vegetarian are different in different languages. Also, what are your diet preferences, how do you pronounce no chicken, no eggs should be known to you and be sure about the ingredients they are adding into your meal. So keep your list of words handy as it would be easy to explain and get the right meal. For ex: Chicken is called Poulet in many European countries. 

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3. Keep a Backup

Keep a Backup


Keeping a backup for an emergency is always a good idea as being hungry ruins every trip, so keep your snacks ready, protein powder, energy Bars, dried fruit, nuts and travel-friendly packets of food, can keep you satiated when your options are limited or nonexistent.

4. Book right hotels, tours and cruises

Book right hotels, tours and cruises


Booking right hotels, tours and cruises will save a lot of your time in finding the right restaurant, as there are many hotels and tours, which customize and especially prepare vegan and vegetarian meals for their guests and informing them in advance ease all your worries. As it gets a big task to go out of your hotel and look for restaurants to serve you the right kind of food.

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