Three Indians All Set To Undertake TheAdventurous Road Trip From London To Mongolia In A Tata Nano

Three Indians All Set To Undertake TheAdventurous Road Trip From London To Mongolia In A Tata Nano

When it comes to enjoying an adventure, the thrill of a road trip across challenging terrain in a vehicle not designed for such a journey is simply outstanding. This is exactly what three young Indians plan to do to quench their thirst for adventure while also raising funds for their preferred charity. The trio, who has named themselves NanoMADs, will be taking part in The Mongol Rally , which will take them across nearly one third of the planet Earth and through two continents

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Here is a list for you - Three Indians All Set To Undertake TheAdventurous Road Trip From London To Mongolia In A Tata Nano

1. The Participants

The Participants

The NanoMADsteam is made up by three friends, who include BhairavKuttaiah, Binoy John and SunainaPamudurthy. While Bhairav is a petrol-head and adventurer and a part-time advocate, Binoy aspires to be a racer and entrepreneur. The only female in the group, Suniana, is a start-up junkie and sports enthusiast.  The idea of taking part in the rally first stuck Bhairavand suggested the same to his two best friends, Binoy and Suniana. The two agreed without actually being aware of what the rally is all about. A week later the three of them got together to trace the route of their trip on a world map.

2. The Car

The Car

The team will be undertaking the journey in an electric blue Nano car, which given the difficulty and diversity of terrain seems to be an odd choice. Most importantly it suits the specification of vehicles eligible for participation as it is not only ridiculously small for such a tough journey, but its engine is also below 1000cc. About the choice of the car, Bhairav says, that in addition to being an engineering marvel, the car represented the dream of one of the most respected men in India, Namely Mr. Ratan Tata.

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3. About The Rally

The Mongol Rally offers a perfect combination of adventure and charity and has for more than a decade been the greatest motoring adventure across the globe. There are only three simple rules that make participants eligible to take part in the event that is often referred to as the ultimate chaos machine. These rules are listed below.
•    The vehicle used has to be absurdly small.
•    The participants will be not get any support or backup.
•    The participants need to raise a minimum of £1000 for charity.
The Mongol Rally is all about forcing the participants to use their wits, finding ways of raising the required amount for charity, getting lost and still arriving at the finish line in their tattered vehicles and huge smile of satisfaction on their faces.

4. The Route

The Route

The most exciting aspect of The Mongol Rally is that it does not have a fixed route, which means that the participants get to choose their own route. However, irrespective of the route they choose, the contestants of this life changing motor adventure are set to cover a distance of eighteen thousandkilometers. During the course of the journey, they will have to cross multiple mountain ranges, deserts, at least 19 countries and 1 sea. The total time given to the participants to complete the journey is 2 months. The countries that the Nomads team will pass through during their odyssey across Europe and Asia are listed below. 
•    UK 
•    France
•    Spain
•    Italy
•    Switzerland
•    Austria
•    Germany 
•    Czech Republic 
•    Poland 
•    Lithuania 
•    Belarus 
•    Russia 
•    Mongolia

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5. Raising The Funds

Raising The Funds

The NanoMADs team is planning to raise the necessary funds with the support of their family and friends. They are also considering some crowd-funding ideas to make sure that they are able to achieve the target. The funds will be used to fulfill their dream of making a difference in the social sector of education through their favored charity organization MAD (Make A Difference).

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