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This Hidden Hamlet In The Western Ghats Is Our New Favourite Hill station In Southern India

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Moving to the past 1800 years back a massive avalanche had hit an area of the Nilgiri district and ever since the place was named by the locals as Avalanche. The thick forest cover of this place, masked in secrecy and thrill, starts emerging as soon as you cross Ooty's Emerald Lake en route the Upper Bhavani hamlet. If you are lucky enough to be granted a talkative driver, there's no lack of information you will be entertained with, throughout the drive up to the district. Knotted by the Kundah Forest consisting of the Udhagai and Korakundah forest ranges, the trip up to Avalanche is sprinkled with dense woods and a Nilgiri tahr or two.

About the forest - Western Ghats
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This place experiences almost 5,000mm of rainfall annually, Avalanche is typically green. Once you reach, the Avalanche Hills fanning out over the far-reaching valleys will power you to stop and pay attention. There's a lively silence in Avalanche that welcomes you the second you step into the engaged forest. From the glorified town Ooty, this place is twenty-eight kilometers away.  Avalanche is blessed with lush woods and a muttering lake. You will hear a music of its own kind which will just end with time and it is something quite soothing.

You will enjoy the nature - Western Ghats
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As your eyes search through the bright green canopies in search for any kind of movement, an abrupt epiphany takes place. You won't actually remember the last time when you were this close to nature as it will be like breathing the greenery and you might feel you are living it. The green is all around you and is something enjoyable.

You will experience utmost pleasure at lake - Western Ghats
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The beautiful trail full of greenery directs you to the Avalanche Lake.  This lake is serene and you will have the best pleasure there. You can enjoy the calmness, relax and feel your own self with no one around.

If you are among those who have a great love for birds and you enjoy the melancholy they create than you might won't come back from this place. You can spot a number of birds which roam there and chirp their own music which will make you feel like living life the best. For the bird watchers, it is an ideal location.

Walking through the beautiful trail, lakeside and make such undiscovered area offers you the best trek for trekking. You can enjoy discovering different parts which are situated there. You will actually explore the areas which you might not have thought off and will just leave you stunned. So don't forget to take your trekking shoes and other necessities along as this is a lifetime opportunity which you should not miss.

Thus this beautiful hamlet located in Southern India is not much famous but once you visit there, you surely will love it and won't regret your decision later on.

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