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Inspiring: This couple Quit their Job to Travel The World in 1 Year

One World One Year

What if your partner came home one day with the idea of wrapping up your present life to go on a trip around the globe? 
The first reaction you are likely to have is, “Has he/she gone mad?
But then you have yet to hear about Mark and Britnee, the young American couple, who literally dropped everything to see the world.

It all started when the couple went on their first vacation together to Vietnam and the two weeks they spent there seemed simply to fly by. 
By the time Mark and Britnee returned home, they were left totally unsatisfied and craving for more. So they decided to give this crazy idea a try.
The couple decided to save enough money for a year long road trip around the globe and then quit their jobs to embark on the adventure. Together they set a goal for the amount that needed to be saved and started working towards it. 
For two years the couple worked hard to save money giving up things that they could do without and even living on tuna fish sandwich for some time. Finally when they had saved the required amount plus some more to keep them going on their return home, they left their jobs and started their tour from Japan. 
During their one year on road, they visited 26 counties and 76 cities. Their total expenditure on the entire trip came up to $48000, which was $8000 more than they had saved but were able to provide for with their home coming fund!

Tweets of their Story




Few Pics of their Journey
San_Pedro_to_Uyuni_Bolivia_38_1451306746i30.jpg Photo by: San Pedro de Atacama

San_Pedro_de_Atacama_28_1451306747i31.jpg Photo by: San Pedro de Atacama

Cambodia_35_1451306747i32.jpg Photo by: Angkor, Cambodia

Cholitas_Wrestling_11_1451306747i33.jpg Photo by: La Paz, Bolivia at a WWE event

You can get more images of this Mark & Britnee’s journey here

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