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Themed Hotels In Las Vegas- Charming, Charismatic and Celebrated

Of late, Las Vegas has seen a new trend of the themed hotels coming up big time with their controlled treatment and well moderated concepts. Find some of the best in the land of possibilities and fantasy...

Themed Hotels In Las Vegas- Charming, Charismatic and Celebrated

The advent of concepts like central mission, pivotal focal point and themed activities- be it events, conferences and even parks, have categorized the human taste and preference in a well bordered sphere where the harmony is easily maintained. Las Vegas also features in the 'themed community' with its bevy of hotels and resorts built and run around a central idea. Step in the Luxor Las Vegas and see a theme hotel at its extreme and undoubtedly at its best! As the name suggests (Luxor is a city in central Egypt on the east bank of the Nile that is a center for visitors to the ruins of and around Thebes), the Egyptian air engulfs your stay in Luxor Vegas. It has an Egyptian Pyramid
look with its own Sphinx and the diagonally upward elevators that creep ahead transforms the whole scene to a mystic trip down some lost land. Relish luxury in its 5-acre pool area with 4 pools and 4 Jacuzzis; rejoice in food delight in the restaurants with seafood, Mexican cuisines and a huge buffet and find healing in the Nurture spa. The classical Roman aura sweeps you off your feet in the Caesars Palace Las Vegas that could replace the Vegas glow with a backdrop of the Roman theatre setting. Spend time in the lap of luxury while you hover across its 11 restaurants and an elegant Forum Shops. The wonderful architecture and service here makes the guests feel the way the Roman emperors felt when they moved in with their imposing swagger! Time to hit Venice in The Venetian Las Vegas! Now, this takes the themed hotel things to new heights with replicas of St. Mark's Square, Doge's Palace and the Bridge of Sighs along with a gondola ride along a quarter-mile Grand Canal! Are you still panting about visiting Venice

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