The worlds 10 best cities for dating in 2015

If you dream of true love and want to find the right date, then here is the list of cities that might give you great chances to find true love through dates.

1 - Paris

Paris is country of love and it is not a surprise that Paris has occupied the number one position when it comes to dating. Visiting this beautiful country is like a dream come true and you must be ready to encounter some romantic adventure while travelling here. Paris ranked 83 out of 100 on dating scales!

2 - Melbourne

If you are single living in Australia and ready to mingle then Melbourne is the right place to find love. People are rich and wealthy here and that makes it one of the most successful places of dating. Melbourne occupied second position and it scored 81 out of 100 on dating scales!

Kuala Lumpur_1430401773u30.JPG

Love is everywhere in Malaysia, but Kuala Lumpur provides great chances for you to find love. Men here always search for women who are working and as far as dating scale is concerned, it scored 74 out of 100 and occupied third position in the list.

4 - Beijing

Beijing, China is one of the great places to find love, but the dating is not easy here because the marriage topic enters very early. Till 6th date couples are allowed to date others and by 9th date they couples becomes official. Beijing ranked 59 out of 100 and gained 4th positions in the list.

5 - Chicago

Chicago the windy city is one of the best dating places where men are better dating partners than women. Chicago score 58 out of 100 on dating scale. It gained 5th position in the list as women are never satisfied with their date in here.


London is having a little edge over its competitors because British accent has a sexiest appeal to it and that makes London best for dating. Here women are interested to date artist creative people and on the other hand men prefer designers and women from the fashion industry.

New York_1430401774u70.jpg

New York is one of the famous cities and here people utilize technology to find their dream date. The chances of finding romance are quite good with 52 out of 100 on dating scale. The score could have been better, but 47% people are sadly single according to a survey.


It looks that Australia is one of the country where dating is great because after Melbourne, Sydney is another place from Australia. Sydney has scored 50 out of 100 on dating scales. Aussies are sexy and they find love quite easily.

9 - Los Angeles
Los Angeles_1430401775u90.jpg

Los Angeles is a place for dating and women prefer men who are associated with the entertainment industry, and men prefer to date women who have careers in the fashion industry.


Tokyo is a place in, but it scored only 49 out of 100 on dating scale. Here people are shy and getting physical in any sort is big no. Gokon is one of the best ways for single to find dates, Gokon, more or less is like a blind date.

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