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The Iberian Rift: the best road trip between Spain and Portugal

The Iberian Rift: the best road trip between Spain and Portugal


The best kind of trips that you can possibly indulge in your lifetime for the heart throbbing experience would be the road trips. It is not a mere trip but the million of stories that unfold on the route. And what better way to have such a great experience and plethora of memories with the bunch of your friends. We have come across the best plan for you for one of the best sought after and memorable trip of your life. Let us soak ourselves in the beautiful valley and lush greenery on route from Spain to Portugal: perhaps the best road trip of the life.

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1. Greenery all around

Greenery all around


On the way you would hardly find much of concrete structure and only view would be the vast stretch of greenery all around and the flow of turquoise blue water. You can only imagine what a soothing experience it could be to be so much away from all the hustle and chaos of the daily life. This stretch of road from Spain to Portugal is among the very few road with such massive beauty to splurge in. there are various elements that add up to the beauty of the place. From the village Tagus where you can find fishing families and also a place to experience many adventure activities. This route is magical and worth experiencing once a lifetime.

2. Beautiful Castle overlooking everything

Beautiful Castle overlooking everything


Some prehistoric structures, great architectural significance and monuments that overlooks everything is enough to make you the admirer of the beautiful creation of nature. This road trip from Spain and Portugal will be all you might be looking for rejuvenation.

3. Brides to steal your heart

Brides to steal your heart


The backroads of Portugal is nothing less than a picturized movie set where you can move your vehicle on the bridge as fast as you ever wanted. One of the most photogenic stretches of the country is N261-1 that adds up to the charisma of the most sought after trip.

5. Home amongst the boulders

Home amongst the boulders


The higher you go in Portugal’s Beira province, one of the most popular, the larger the stones seem to get. Pebbles become stones which in turn become boulders, and then turn into homes. People have been using the big rocks and boulders to make their livelihood in between the cracks and crevices.

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