Taipei's best street food and where do you find them

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Taipei's best street food and where do you find them

If you are a traveller and by any means had the chance to visit Taiwan, you won’t be able to control the foodie within. Taiwan and street food are synonymous and for the locals there, food is the form of art, a celebration and the bond of togetherness.  Here are some of the food that you cannot miss out while in Taiwan. Although Taiwan is full high end restaurants with the food from different corner of the world but here we will talk about small street shops and family owned small businesses. Let us have a look at these mouth watering delicacies:

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1. Baked Pepper Cake 5.0 

Baked Pepper Cake

Located in the famous RaoHe Night market near Songshan Metro Station, is a small but top notch makers of Baked Pepper Cake. if you enter the market this is the thing that would definitely come to notice. Ground pork seasoned with black pepper and then is wrapped in dough. It is then topped with sesame seeds. Only priced at $1.50 this love is unbeatable. You must totally try this out and while in Taiwan.

2. Big sausage wrapped in small sausage 5.0 

Big sausage wrapped in small sausage

RaoHe market has to be the hub for foodies while in Taiwan. However if you are lucky only then you can find his finger licking delicacy. There is only one stall that sells this and so you can expect the crowd every time. Taiwan’s sausage is the signature dish and it is served on small stalls throughout. But this sausage has something different that makes it so much better. Served with diced garlic, seaweed, soy sauce, black pepper and various other flavors this is something you must definitely would like to try out.

3. Pork Belly Bun 5.0 

Pork Belly Bun

If you are a sucker for good chinese food then this is the must try thing. We met you would totally love it. Also known as Taiwanese hamburger, this is one of the most loved and famous street food in Taiwan. Pork meat sandwiched in soft buns that literally melt in your mouth. Do not miss out on this delicacy while in Taiwan.

4. Sticky Rice Dumpling 5.0 

Sticky Rice Dumpling

Rice Dumplings are not unique to Taiwan but must say that you can find the best ones here. Semi steamed rice in bamboo leaves served with raw peanuts, egg yolk and beef inside you can only imagine how delicious of a cuisine it would make. You cannot afford to miss on this. You can find this in a lot of street stalls and when you see one just run behind. Definitely must try food while in Taiwan.

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