Summer In Sweden- Bright, Warm and Festive

Summer In Sweden- Bright, Warm and Festive

Summer in Sweden is a breathtakingly beautiful time with snow melting down the hills, trees and lakes. The landscape wears a green gown with a bright sky as head gear. Midnight Sun looks better that ever with Gamla Stan becoming more radiant.

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Here is a list for you - Summer In Sweden- Bright, Warm and Festive

1. Enjoy a crazy outing under the midnight Sun

A natural but very unique phenomena that takes place in countries like Sweden, Norway and Finland, the midnight sun has fascinated the human race for centuries. The event becomes more enjoyable during the summers when the light of the midnight sun blesses the landscape with a mystic aura. It is a time when the day time lasts long and the night comes with a dimmer version of the normal daylight. Just imagine going for a hiking trip on the Lapland mountains or enjoying a pensive horse ride near the lakes and you check our watch to see it is 2 in the midnight! Mad and memorable, to be precise!

2. Be a part of the Spring Festival (Valborg):

Move down to Uppsala, the fourth-largest city in the country and one of the oldest ones to be witness of the celebrations during the Valborg festival. The placid waterways, the calmly busy bicycle lanes and most of all, a young student population sets up the perfect stage for the jubilations. A very unique and defining feature of Valborg is the custom known as Champagnegalopp when thousands of youth gather around the Carolina Rediviva, the old university library and eagerly wait for a signal from the balcony. As soon as the signal comes, they charge towards the nearby clubs to get plunged in the sea of champagne.

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3. Cycling across Gotland

Like many other European destinations, Sweden also boasts of its cycle trips. And very few can come closer to the largest island of Sweden- Gotland when it comes to a soothing cycling experience. You can easily hire bikes and camping equipments and set out for a educating trip on the cycles to roam around in this island with over 100 medieval churches, numerous prehistoric sites and awe inspiring ruins of old forts. Owing to the tourist friendly laws of the land, camping anywhere comes with less hassles. Sounds fun and adventurous, isn't it? 

4. Strolling down the Gamla Stan

Better known as the Old Town in the Swedish capital of Stockholm, Gamla Stan is a compressed maze of cobbled streets with souvenir shops and ice cream parlours. The best way to feel the vibe of this place is to take a stroll across the narrow lanes of this queer locality to explore the past of the beautiful and artistic city that Stockholm is today. 

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5. Try your hands at Kubb

This game is basically a lawn game where the objective is to knock over wooden blocks by throwing wooden sticks at them. Summer comes with abundance of Kubb games played all over Sweden and as a tourist it is the best time to get immersed in the local colours by playing a traditional game. If you are good at Skittles, it might be a help for you as both the game are close to each other in terms of execution.

6. Cottage pleasure

During summers, the ice melts in the lakes and they become radiant with sparkling water that reflects the bright sun light. Check in a urban cottage near any lake to spend some relaxed and cozy moments while enjoying the splashing of the waters in the shore. Take out time off the daily routine to treat yourself with the fun vacation in Sweden during the summer time.

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