Spooky Spots In Kolkata Let The Haunting Begins

Spooky Spots In Kolkata Let The Haunting Begins

Paranormal, spirit and ghost stories have always intrigued people unless it happened to them. The first and foremost thing that keep a person hooked is the spice up tales till it happens to them. However, India is famous for such activities every now and then due to its ancient history and monument. One such place in India that can keep an individual’s interest spikes up is Kolkatta. Here are the places that are haunted but a sight to watch in Kolkata.  

Here is a list for you - Spooky Spots In Kolkata Let The Haunting Begins

1. Howrah Bridge


The Howrah Bridge is said to be above the water that holds a lot of stories about haunting. Many people and group claim to experience paranormal activities in the water that is more than enough to sign their death warrant. The apparitions are mainly that a hand is seen just above the water waving such as they are asking for help. However, people who jumped to save them were never seen again. The mystery of this place is still locked up.

2. Nimtala Shamshaan Ghat


The graveyard is a most haunted place one can visit. It is spooky and leaves a person to sweat out. However, something like this happens with the Nimtala Shamshaan as well which is the oldest ghat. It is believed that Kali Puja, Shamshaan Kali is invoked by aghoris with the help of many rituals. Even among the locality, it is said not to say their name. The scene is not for the faint heart, aghoris burn the flesh and eat it up.

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3. National Library


The library is the calmest place in the world. However, what you will do when there is someone breathing right behind you or even some even footsteps. You will be all under sweat if you forget to keep the book back at its original place. There are ious stories that can spook off the people and have a number of supernatural events connected to it. Well, you can even share a laugh on what the ghost is actually enjoyed in a library, maybe shuffling pages or who knows to share an inside joke.

4. Putulbari


We all love dolls, at a point of time. However, you will hate it if you are stuck in a house that is full of dolls. You will be even more spooked if one of them started to talk to you. No one has ever dared to step into the house for a depth search or to inhabit the place for a day or two. Sit is said that in the ancient time, the wealthy owner or babus used to exploit women only to kill them. In order to seek justice, the spirit of these ladies stays and haunted the house. Even the sound of anklet and bangles or laughing can be heard nearby.Kolkata might be the joyous city of India but it has its own dark secrets that are surrounded by the haunted stories that are still unknown. The mystery is still not solved and it might never be. 

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