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Soon Mobile streaming will be the in-flight entertainment resource

Soon Mobile streaming will be the in-flight entertainment resource


Everyone loves travelling. But sometimes the thought of long boring and tedious flights can be a big turn off especially when we have no access to be in touch with our friends, whatsapp and instagram. Seatback screens and the pre loaded content is one way to keep the passengers happy and distracted. The longer the flight is the more essential it becomes to keep us hooked up with more inflight entertainment options. But what the most passengers can do is to watch movies, over and over again. As per one of the surveys 77% of the travellers agreed that movies has to be their favourite pastime and the source of entertainment during the long flights. However at the same time passengers do feel the comfort and feel of watching the movies on their own smartphones, tablets and laptops since its more handy, user friendly and they can move  around a bit than just sitting at one position straight and firm.

Taking all this in consideration, the new implications have been initiated keeping in mind the long hours of flight and the budget constraints with the inflight entertainment options. Let us understand this and know more: 

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1. Did you know this?

Did you know this?


As small as it might look but the entire setup of the flight entertainment system costs about $3 million with and individual setup being as much as around $1000 per every inch of the screen. So rather than putting in so much of money in the whole entertainment setup the some of the airlines are offering onboard streaming services for the passengers that can be accessed on their personal devices.

3. What is it likely to be?

What is it likely to be?


Prior to the boarding passengers need to download the E-Box Stream app and then they would be able to access 300 hours of free content on their smartphones and tablets. These would include the movies, tv series, latest entertainment shows and HBO and Universal shows.

The travellers would be able to enjoy this service from August for upto 5 hours of flight duration from Abu Dhabi. Thus one can expect a better inflight experience and much more entertainment than just being glued to the seatback screens. The mobile streaming would create a much better traveller’s experience and thus making the entertainment flexible and also fit in the budget limitation to be used in other fruitful actions. Hope that we can expect this change in all the airlines soon.

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