This beautiful valley is also called the ‘Solang Nala’ which is derived from the combination of names – Solang and Nullah. The word ‘Solang’ means ‘nearby village’ and ‘Nullah’ which means “water stream”. Surrounded by the beautiful and surreal slopes, this place is famously known as a ski resort. With time the valley has gained its popularity, as a ski paradise of North India and there are many ski agencies offering various courses to learn skiing. A place worth visiting all around the year, that’s exactly what makes this place the perfect holiday destination. However, the  best time to visit Solang Valley  depends on why you wish to go uphill. If you’re looking to indulge in activities like paragliding, gondola, and more, the lush green summers are the ideal time. But, if you’re a winter lover and feel like tasting the thrill of skiing and skating, the snowy weather between November to February makes for the perfect time to plan your trip. While the snow enhances the beauty of  Solang Valley in December , the summers here flaunt warm afternoons, and cold mornings & evenings. While Solang Valley can be fully explored and experienced in a day, the ideal duration for holidaying here is two days and one night. With this amount of time, you can easily indulge in all the activities, relax under the stars, and then proceed further to the nearby places without any hassle. With a plethora of activities to do throughout the year, this place offers an experiential holiday for people of all age groups. While winter is famous for skiing, summer is for zorbing and paragliding. So, irrespective of when you escape to this gorgeous haven, here are the top thrilling things you can indulge in during your holiday: so by carrying this info I was moved to Solang valley by bus and then after checking to the hotel I moved to do the adventure in the hilltops of the valley like skiing on the snowy slopes, sliding on a snow ride and many more. full day fun at the point and at the day ends I came back to my hotel to have dinner and plans for my next day adventure for camping behind the stars on high hills where the sky touched your eyes almost. the breeze morning is on with some rays of sun shining on to me and I feel that this place is like a SWARG feeling of those who want calm and stability trip to go. must visit place try once you will love it

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