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Seychelles Has Lots In Store For The Travelers This Year...

Seychelles tourism has got a lift from the promotional activities that were undertaken to present the nation as a fine holiday destination. The efforts that were taken back in 2009, are bearing fruits now and things are getting better with time.

The archipelago nation on the Indian Ocean, Seychelles has seen new horizons in the national travel arena in the past year. The country saw 174,529 travellers visiting Seychelles in 2010 which marks a staggering 17,000 hike as compared to 2009. The visible rise in traffic from Russia, China, India, Reunion, and Kenya redefined the nation's travel industry and the core markets in Europe also were not lagging behind with a leap of 4.5% .The nation had always the potential to be a sought after travel destination with amazing natural beauty and marine life. But, it is the initiatives, changes in operations, personnel and marketing strategies- that were undertaken back in 2009 led to this positive development. Under the leadership of Alain St. Ange, the necessary groundwork was done and steps were taken to reposition Seychelles in the travel market with a mission to win the trust and goodwill of the travellers.

Promotional campaigns like the advertising efforts in London and display of Seychelles colours on the car of racer Andy Soucek are some of the steps that helped the nation get visibility.At the same time, marketing campaigns like 'From the BIG Five to the Best Five' did the job to create awareness.Things are not yet over folks, coming March, the 'Carnaval International de Victoria' is all set to host participants from all over the globe which includes- UK, South Africa, Zimbabwe, South Korea, Japan, China and France.

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