Secret tips on how to book flights at cheap price - save upto 50% 

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Secret tips on how to book flights at cheap price - save upto 50%

Flight booking has become an art these days as booking air tickets and grabbing the best deals for the air-tickets is no more a dream. Cheap flights and cheap offers on flight tickets is what all of us look for. But many of us are unaware of the tricks of this trade, where we can get amazing offers while booking air tickets. Gone are those days when there used to be only one website to book tickets, with the advent of technology we have myriad options to search and book the best cheap air tickets online only. All we have to do is to go through the few secret tips and some tricks to book flights at cheap price. Wherein your debit card or credit card offers can get you the best offers or just by looking for the cheap flights on the incognito window will give you the best searches for your destination. Also, many of us forget to collect our Air Miles, which every airline provides to their customers, whenever they book tickets and instead of that you can book your tickets. There is nothing like grabbing the best deals from the festive offers in other countries or within your own country, so following the airlines you wish to travel from will provide amazing offers and discounts on air tickets. Not just that most of us also not bother to explore our bank's websites and the facilities provided by them and miss out on a lot of free services and discounts through which we can book tickets almost by paying half the amount of free.  

Research for tickets and plan your itinerary in advance

While planning for your trip, it's always advisable to plan your itinerary so that one can have a fair idea distance, connectivity and cheap modes of transportation available to travel from one place to another. This helps in booking the cheap air tickets or buses to travel. Once your itinerary is ready and you are clear about the places you have to explore and visit, then is the time to research tickets, it's always a great idea to get the cheap tickets and tickets booking offers if you have started your research work in advance. As one should not rely merely on one website, instead look for several websites to grab the best deal. Many travel agents are also available online, websites such as Hello Travel can also let you provide the customize itinerary and tickets booking. Thus don’t lag in your research work thorough research on all the travel websites will help you in getting the best air tickets deals.

Book flights in advance

Once your research work is done and your itinerary is ready, there is no way to wait to book your tickets, as booking tickets in advance always saves you from spending extra for your flights. As we all know, if you plan to book your tickets in a short duration of time from your trip, you will end up spending a lot. Thus it's always the best idea to book tickets in advance, likely three to four months in advance to get the huge discounts and availability of a lot of options. 

Use your credit or debit card points

Many of us are unaware about debit cards and credit cards points we get from each time we swipe a card, so it is recommended to open your wallet and check your cards, there are many travel-specific cards are also available in the market, which would be extremely beneficial for the frequent travelers. All you have to do is to check your bank website and facilities your card is providing. As there are thousands of free facilities that we can take advantage of and most of us are unaware of it because we never care to check or read about it. Credit cards and debits cards cashback offers, reward points, swipe points, specific websites from where you can book and get the discounts because of your bank. Therefore, it is important to go through the facilities and guidelines provided on your bank website and if there is an opportunity to upgrade your card do not miss the chance, the superior the card more the facilities you can get and when its about booking the cheap flight tickets then nothing but your own earned debit and credit cards will come handy.

Use your Airmiles to book tickets

Airmiles are the best way to book your tickets for free as most of us don’t know that every time we book tickets through the airlines we are traveling we get Air Miles, which we can redeem while traveling next time. Every airline has its plans and procedures for providing Air Miles on tickets you are booking, with this benefit you can book the tickets for free sometimes or just by paying half the price. This is the best way to book the flights at cheap rates through Airmiles. All you have to do is whenever you check-in for the flight asks the boarding pass provider to add your points to the account. They will provide you Air Miles according to the amount of your ticket. Thus every time you book a ticket you will get some points for that and those points you can redeem, while booking for the next time or can use it in upgrading your seats in the flight. 

Look for the best festive offers

We all believe that ticket prices hike during festive times, which is true also but we also neglect that festive times come up with great festive offers and availing those discounts on the right time is the art we all need to learn. The best way to stay updated about the offers is to follow the airline's pages and subscribe to their newsletters, this way you will be updated with all offers, discounts for cheap tickets and deals offered by the airlines. Also, traveling to other countries during festive times helps you in grabbing not just the great deals, but also you get to access the free museum tours or heritage site visits as well. 

Explore many travel websites to get the best deal

Explore several travel websites to get the best deal is the mantra to book cheap tickets. Every website fluctuates their prices according to the searches, so it is advisable to open all the websites at the same time and look for the tickets you want to book in one go. This will give you the idea of prices on each website and can give you the list of cheapest prices from all the websites. It's just a little time taking but this way you can get rid of the hike in prices due to the searches and lets you book the cheap air ticket in one go.

Stay away from price fluctuations so search on incognito

When you are searching for cheap tickets on various websites it is advisable to start your search on the incognito window, to not become the victim of price fluctuations. Internet searches on google let to price fluctuations as you search for your destination, thus to avoid that one should always search on the incognito window so that we can not let the search algorithms impact the searches. 

Identify the cheapest day to fly

Online flight booking is the best way to find out the cheap airline tickets. All you have to do is to look for the cheapest day to fly. It has been a trend that, booking for your trip on weekends lets you pay double the prices due to the huge rush in the searches and demand. Thus if you try to book mid-week, were usually fewer people prefer to travel, then you can get the best deals. Thus identifying the cheapest day is the key and you can do by searching on the multiple websites preferably Tuesday and Wednesday are the best days to find the cheap air tickets. 

Book for budget airlines

With the boom in the travel industry, there are many budget airlines, which have come up and traveling in the budget airlines will let you save a lot of money. Thus the best way to book flights at a cheap price is to look for budget airlines as they provide tickets at throwaway prices, where you will save a lot of money. Internationally as well as in India, budget airlines provide amazing offers, which you can never get in any other airline. The only clause is that you have to pay extra for the excess luggage if you are carrying as they allow minimum cabin luggage only and no meals. So plan your trip in a way where you pack light and save huge amounts of money. 

Follow airline websites for discount coupons

If you wish to avail of great discounts and offers for booking cheap flight tickets then follow the airline's pages you wish to travel from. All the airlines have their online pages and accounts where you can keep track of all the activities and latest updates happening in the airline company. One can even subscribe to their newsletters and mailers to get the everyday latest updates. This way you will be updated about all the latest deals and discounts on airline tickets one can avail. 

Make payments by the wallets

Paying for your tickets through your e-wallets can not just speed up the booking procedure but also lets you to avail discounts and lots of cashback on your purchase. There are many wallets, which provide a good number of discounts and cashback offers, all you have to do is to make payments directly through the wallets and keep checking for the offers. This way you can get back a lot of money and book cheap flight tickets. 

Try for an odd hours flight

Another best way to book flight tickets at cheap prices is to book tickets for odd hours. Airlines offer flights at cheap prices during odd hours due to the non-availability of the rush during those hours. Thus booking for odd hours flight will make you save a lot of money, which you might have to pay the full price. Therefore try to look for tickets for odd hours.


Booking a connecting flight instead of direct flights to your destination can let you pay less. The idea is not to book for long layovers for those who don’t want to include new destinations in their itinerary. Also, this can be beneficial for those too, who wish to explore the connection destination as well. Through the connecting flight, one can plan the itinerary and can add more destinations to its list in half the prices. Thus in this way, one can book tickets at cheap prices and can travel to many destinations.

The above-mentioned secret tips to book tickets are the simplest way to get huge discounts and cheap ticket booking online.  All you have to do is to plan a little and practice these tips. There is nothing like traveling for free or with huge discounts. The reward points, planning the trip in advance, researching incognito, money wallets, debit cards, and credit card benefits and many other useful tips mentioned above are the keys to get you the cheap flight tickets, booking offers and many other discounts on your air tickets. So do not forget to go through these tips before planning and booking for your trip.  

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