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Sappora Snow Festival In Japan Evokes A White Fantasy

The Sappora Snow Festival in Japan is something which can drive anyone crazy . Sappora in Japan is thronged by innumerable tourists especially during the month of February to participate in this snow festival. Snow artists from all round the world conglomerate in Sappora during this mega fest.

Snow- The mystic fragrance of ozone, oozing out of the clasp folds of fog, cozily spreading over the greens, sloppily descending on the big blue marble fluttering it's essence. Snow is something which can drive anyone crazy. Then how about assorting some acclaimed Japanese depictions of reality or illusions in Snow? Sounds weird but it's a fact. Chiselling the pristine white snow/ice, creating splendid sculptures, is a passion for hundreds of artisans who flock to the Snow festival in Japan. It seems one is ferrying in a fantasy land. Starting in mid February every year this festival goes on for seven days.

It's a thrill watching hundreds of snow sculptures and statues decked up on the streets of Sapporo city in Hokkaido, Japan. These seven days in Sappora city is like a fairy tale.One must be wondering hard, about the inception of this festival? So, let me throw some light about it. It all started in the year 1950 when some high school students planned to make snow statues in Odori park. They went on crafting six snow statues along the city's main street. These statues attracted a number of spectators and eventually it went on to become a gala competitive festival. This fest has snowballed into a mega winter event attracting more than 2 million visitors from worldwide. The self defence group stationed in Hokkaido found this snow sculpting activity interesting enough. Therefore, the officers also pulled up themselves in ice sculpting. This is how drops went on to make an ocean. Now, the festival is a part of life for the Japanese. This snow festival is held all over three sites around the city of Sappora in Japan.

First we have the Makomanai site specially designed to entertain family visitors and kids but also encompasses huge snow structures. But the largest site is in Odori stands an endless array of snow statues. Here one finds some mammoth buildings chiseled in snow and ice. But one would be startled sighting the ice sculptures of Susukino. Here you just name something and find the same carved in ice.As per data, 150 citizen groups participate and display statues based on unique themes. Hats off to the humility of Japanese citizens that not only do they participate but they also guide tourists providing relevant information. They are also found helping handicapped visitors go along the snow-covered roads on wheelchairs catering to their needs, serve as foreign-language interpreters too.Its a marvel watching these ice sculptures during night, especially the light effects passing through it. It seems thousands of crystals glittering. The best part is that these sculptures are least threatened by the devastating effects of thawing as they are themselves destroyed after end of the festival. Truly, the Festival has augmented from a modest initiation and has snowballed into one of the prodigious winter events in the World.

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