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The Restoration Of The American Whiskey, Washington Style!

The revival of American whiskey industry carries immense potential as a travel add on in the vacation itineraries of the people chasing American dream.

Even though the Scottish and Irish blends occupy the top of mind slot when it comes to whiskey and scotch beverage, the long underrated artillery of the American whiskey seems to find a window to the world of late. The range they offer is simply awesome with American single malt whiskeys, American corn whiskeys, Tennessee whiskey and the numerous brands under the Kentucky bourbons.The whiskey trail in the land of America had a topsy turvy way in making it through the contemporary conditions as they faced strong opposition from the manufactures of softer beverages like wine and beer. The Distilled Spirits Council of the United States (DISCUS) admits of the hard way they had to tread upon in wrestling through the odds to take the whiskey industry amid all the social reservations and taboo.Comes to their rescue is the household name of George Washington who lends his credentials to the distilled spirits campaign by acting as a sort of poster boy for America's rumpled whiskey world. The effect of Mr. Washington's foray as a brand ambassador would be interesting to keep track of; yet, the fact remains, the long and extended menu of American scotch is something that is enough to inject the same aura and feel that you experience while sipping into a scotch peg on the rocks!!!

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