Renaissance Era Relived through the Frescoes and sculptures of the Vatican City in Italy

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Renaissance Era Relived through the Frescoes and sculptures of the Vatican City in Italy


'Speak Moses ! Speak ! You are destined to speak' were spoken by Michelangelo the greatest artist of the Renaissance era. Folks you might be wondering what is the talk all about? We are talking about Michelangelo of the Sistine chapel and the Renaissance era. The Sistine chapel was actually built between 1475 - 1483 A.D but Pope Julius II asked Michelangelo to repaint the ceilings in 1508. Pope Julius II had known the artistic discern of Michelangelo, as earlier he had been mustered for designing the Pope's tomb. Here Michelangelo had sculpted the statue of Moses showing his art par excellence.

The statue of Moses was believed to be infused with life therefore after completing the sculpture Michelangelo thought Moses would start speaking. But Alas! It never spoke, only aggravating the temper of Michelangelo knocking of the knee of Moses with his hammer. True! One cannot resist the sight beholding the moment of the hypnotizing effect Moses creates. So as per the request of Pope Julius II, Michelangelo agreed to repaint the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel. He spent more than four years giving shape to those mind blowing creations, acknowledged artistic masterpieces of Italy till date, never to be recreated. Michelangelo’s hands were said to be magic wands, reason the Pope wanted just 12 Christian apostles painted and in return Michelangelo gifted the Chapel with more than 3,00 lively figures on the ceiling. The paintings revolve round the nine stories from the book of Genesis in the bible. Conjoined the paintings are world's prodigious art masterpieces.

The realistic depictions from Christianity and Judaism is a real wonder for spectators. Irony lies that the ceiling of the chapel was 68 feet above the ground then how could Michelangelo could have painted the ceiling? But Michelangelo had a solution for it he built a scaffold held high well connected to the walls. Such was the dedication of Michelangelo that he hung from the ceiling on his back for hours together thrusting life into those paintings. Another obstacle what Michelangelo overcame while painting the Sistine Chapel was the problem of mold. The existing one could simply disfigure even one of the magnificent paintings making the plaster wet and crumbly. Therefore, Michelangelo with the help of one of his trusted assistants invented a total new method of making plaster that would stay dry thereby kicking out the traditional mold system. The true glory of these frescoes is because of the mouldings which dissect the ceiling. Most of these images are two dimensional, subtly painted in by Michelangelo demarcating separate compositions.

Wonders of Wonder! Folks you would be astonished knowing Michelangelo was actually a sculpture and not a painter. Prior to the Frescoes in the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel he had never painted any other thing. But Michelangelo was never deterred from his work and he went on to work in 'Buon Fresco style'. Though initially he faced certain problems but slowly he got the hang of things and then he painted like a man on fire. Michelangelo got through lot many hardships accomplishing this uphill task. Often, he had to bent backwards and paint over his head which permanently screwed up his vision with totally shattering his neck and back movements.On November 1st 1512 A.D the ceiling was uncovered for the public and the assembled spectators were baffled with thrill and astonishment. It was really a magnanimous piece of work done solely by a single man lying on his back for more than four years altogether.Though the world rejoices the masterpiece till date but it completely devastated Michelangelo's sight and his body. The more one gets deep into these frescoes, craning one's neck altogether 360 degree but still is unable deciphering the intricate details of the lively paintings. Still recounting a fleeting glimpse of the work is a satisfaction in itself. Truly! they look as fresh as dew drops.

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