Visit these 10 Places this Holi to Make it More Colourful

Visit these 10 Places this Holi to Make it More Colourful

The ‘festival of colors’, Holi is one of the most popular festivals that is celebrated across India. Everyone celebrates this festival in their own manner. Colors everywhere and people rejoicing every moment of it is one of the best sights to behold. Holi isn’t just the festival of colors, it is one of those festivals that are celebrated in order to burn the evil and celebrate the goodness. In order to understand Holi, it is important to know the story that is linked to it and according to mythology. There are a lot of stories that are linked to this festival. It is believed that Holi is celebrated in order to commemorate the victory of Lord Shiva over Kama Deva, the god of love. It is also said that Holika, the demoness who lived during the reign of king Hiranyakashyap has a close association with the celebrations. Holika, who tried harming Prahlad, a great devotee of Lord Vishnu was protected by the Lord himself. Hence, on the day of Holi, people collect various things from homes and create an effigy representing Holika and then burn it down showing the victory of goodness over evil. Also, one can get to hear a lot of profane and obscenities during the burndown of the effigy. There is also a practice of throwing the cow dung into the fire and dancing around it as it burns into ashes. Also, as already mentioned Holi in India is celebrated with great fervour and gaiety and some of the destinations in India are must-visit during this festival. Witnessing the festival in its full swing with colors everywhere can be one of the greatest travel memories that one can cherish forever. Well, are you now ready to take a virtual tour of the places that you need to visit to make your Holi celebrations a special one? 

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Here is a list for you - Visit these 10 Places this Holi to Make it More Colourful

1. Holi in Banke Bihari Temple

Location: Uttar Pradesh
Nearest Railway Station: Vrindavan, Mathura Railway Station
Nearest Airport: NA
Holi in Banke Bihari Temple is celebrated with joy and happiness. The temple gets decorated and the devotees are seen dancing to the rhythmic tunes of Lord Krishna’s songs. Holi here is celebrated in order to welcome the spring season. Generally, Holi is celebrated in order to commemorate the happiness of the spring season.
Devotees from all over the country flock here to see the extravaganza of the festival. Musicians from all over the country come to Vrindavan and sing the songs of Lord Krishna and dance away to the glory.  Just the day before Holi, Vrindavan experiences a shower of flowers like colors and it is called ‘Phoolon wali Holi’. Also, Vrindavan has removed the social stigma of widowhood by giving equal rights to the widows to take part in the celebrations of Holi. Widows are seen roaming around the streets of Vrindavan in colored clothes smeared with colors on their faces.

2. Holi in Barsana

<a href='' class=''>Holi in Barsana</a>

Location: Uttar Pradesh 
Nearest Railway Station: Barsana Railway Station 
Nearest Airport: Agra Airport
For all those women who want to catch a glimpse of the men being beaten up gleefully by the village women, head to the village of Barsana for the Holi celebrations. Well, this might sound a little weird but, that’s how Holi is celebrated in Barsana. 
The tradition of playing Holi in Barsana dates back to centuries and the village women get their chance to put the sticks and canes into use completely. Well, India is a land of different cultures, traditions, and festivals. So, if you want to experience something very unique, bizarre and funny then Barsana is one of the places that you must visit to celebrate Holi.

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3. Holi in Delhi

Location: Uttar Pradesh
Nearest Railway Station: New Delhi, Delhi Junction, Delhi Cantonment
Nearest Airport: Indira Gandhi International Airport
The capital city of India can be one of the best destinations to go to during Holi. When you are in Delhi, you must certainly not miss the Holy Cow and the Mad Moozik festivals. These festivals have a different charm altogether and the place would be lit up brightly with music everywhere. 
Smearing colors and listening to some of the best music can be one of the most special ways of celebrating Holi. There are also a lot of places in Delhi where you can actually celebrate Holi is the most authentic manner. So, Delhi is one of the places in India to have some amazing fun and frolic during the Holi celebrations. Make sure to binge on some of the best street foods as well when you are here celebrating Holi.

4. Holi in Shantiniketan

Location: West-Bengal
Nearest Railway Station: Bolpur Shantiniketan railway station
Nearest Airport: Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose International Airport
The state of West-Bengal celebrates every festival with equal importance. Be it Dasara or Holi, West-Bengal adds a different flavour to everything.  Shantiniketan is one of the most happening places in West-Bengal that celebrates Holi quite uniquely. The festival here is carried out as a tradition since ages ever since it was introduced by the Nobel laureate, Rabindranath Tagore. One can get to enjoy some amazing cultural events in the grand campus of Shantiniketan when they are here for Holi. The colorful clothes and the smiling faces can make your Holi all the more special in Shantiniketan.

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5. Holi in Manipur

Location: Manipur
Nearest Railway Station: Jirighat Railway Station
Nearest Airport: Bir Tikendrajit International Airport 
People of Manipur take part in the six-day extravaganza of Holi celebrations. Watching people dressed up colorfully can be one of the best things to happen when you are in Manipur. Yaoshang festival in Manipur also gets celebrated during the same time hence; the Holi celebrations would be even grander. Seeing the people in the most colorful attire walking on the streets with fluorescent lamps throwing the colors on one other can be a sight to behold.

6. Holi in Punjab

Location: Punjab
Nearest Railway Station: Ludhiana Junction 
Nearest Airport: Chandigarh International Airport
The folklore of Punjab is very rich and thus is the celebration of Holi too. Watching the locals perform the martial arts as you binge on the delicious halwa, puris and other authentic delicacies can be one of the best ways to celebrate Holi. Unlike the other states, Punjab celebrates Holi in the most vivid way and these memories would be etched in your heart forever.

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7. Holi in Bengaluru

Holi in Bengaluru

Location: Karnataka
Nearest Railway Station: Sangolli Rayanna Railway Station
Nearest Airport: Kempegowda International Airport
Namma Bengaluru is also one of the popular places to play Holi. You get to visit the Pandals where you would find color solutions. People end up running into the streets throwing the colors on everyone they see around. Celebrating Holi in Bengaluru with loud music in the background and some yummy food items can be one of the most different ways. So, if you want to make your Holi even more colorful then, think of visiting Bengaluru.  

8. Holi in Hampi

Location: Karnataka
Nearest Railway Station: Hospet Railway Station
Nearest Airport: Jindal Vijayanagar Airport
The beauty in ruins, Hampi is yet another favorite destination of all those Holi lovers. Hampi is mostly full of Westerners thus; Holi here has gained a lot of popularity. You can see the streets of Hampi filled with foreigners with color powders and liquids in their hands. Along with these, one can also expect the city to be lit with the music of various genres. You can just sing and dance your hearts away while you spread love in the form of colors. So, the hippie land of Karnataka is another happening place that you must certainly visit during Holi. 

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9. Holi in Udaipur

Location: Rajasthan 
Nearest Railway Station: Udaipur Railway Station
Nearest Airport: Maharana Pratap Airport 

Udaipur is one of those places that are frequented by a lot of tourists for several reasons. Well, apart from the Mahals, forts and the Havelis Udaipur is also famous for its brilliant Holi celebrations. Holi in Udaipur is celebrated in the presence of the King of Mewar. The king attends the celebration decked up in his royal clothes. Cultural events would be organized and the king greets all the tourists and takes part in the celebrations. Lighting the bonfire is also one of the traditions that are followed during the celebrations of Holi in Udaipur.

10. Holi in Goa

Location: Goa 
Nearest Railway Station: Madgaon Junction
Nearest Airport: Goa International Airport
Celebrations of Holi in Goa are also celebrated with great enthusiasm. People in Goa welcome spring in the name of Shigmo. The colorful streets of Goa would become even brighter with gulal and Holika Puja. When you are here, you must not forget to try the local cuisines made for the celebrations.

Well, these are some of the best destinations in India that can make your Holi celebrations one of the best moments. So, to make this Holi special, travel to the above-mentioned destinations. Break the monotony and enjoy a different way of celebration. Make new acquaintances this Holi as you play gulal to your heart’s content. Some of the other places that you could visit to celebrate Holi are Uttarakhand, Agra, and Lucknow!

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