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Nordic Wellbeing Practices You Must Try

Nordic Wellbeing Practices You Must Try

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1. The Beating Of The Skin With Birch Leaves

The Beating Of The Skin With Birch Leaves


This practice is said to have its origin from Finland but was heartily accepted in the Nordic region. In this practice the Nordic people scrub and beat their skin with birch leaves. This beating with the birch leaves is said to help in relaxing the muscles, circulation creates a pleasant smell in the sauna and make the skin look good. Stockholm’s Hellasgården is known to be the best place to experience this birch beating practice. It is a leisure park with a wooded sport surrounding a lake. 


The place close to the main city and can be reached within 15 minutes. The aficionados from the nearby regions visit this place to lather own selves with a mixture formed of salt, birch leaves, and butter and finally squeeze into a hot sauna to sweat out the mixture. A sauna meister practices loyally or aufguss with the help of a towel standing in the center of the sauna. Visitors then leaps inside the icy cold lake before going back to the birch infused water for a repetition of the session. 


2. Natural Hot Pots

Natural Hot Pots


Iceland offers opportunities to its locals as well as visitors to enjoy the extremes of temperature and treatments related to it. It lends itself for balneotherapy in a beautiful way. These are ancient therapies that involved taking a bath in water with varying temperatures to boost wellness and health. The country has around 800 geysers and is also naturally blessed with heated water from the volcanoes which are available endlessly. The temperature of the water flowing from these sources is more than 100 degrees Celsius. Tourists and locals visit Reykjavik to take baths and release muscle tension, reduce stress levels, and improve sleep quality. 


Changing between cold and hot water tends to boost the blood flow, metabolism, and circulation and also assists in relaxing deeply. To gain the most out of this hot pot practice, one can take a shower or a short swim and then rest after the cooling off period. 


3. A New Introduction To The Wellness Structure With Flothetta

A New Introduction To The Wellness Structure With Flothetta


Flothetta is a new practice which got its place in the Nordic wellness structure. In this practice, people require to wear a knee pad, an inflatable cap and serenely float around a swimming pool. Unnur Valdis, who is a product designer by profession in Iceland, came up with this idea and this is said to offer complete relaxation to one’s body. Flothetta helps in melting muscle tension, reduction of stress, and lowering of blood pressure. 


No assistance is required in this practice one just needs to have the appropriate kit. One can float alone or plan to float in groups known as Samflot. There are numerous pools across the country that holds mass sessions of Flothetta on a daily basis for the tourists as well as locals.  Often this practice is followed by yoga stretches and sound healing along with healthy snacks.


4. Practicing Sisu To Improve Energy Levels In The Body

Practicing Sisu To Improve Energy Levels In The Body


Over several years Finland has been successful in gaining the title of being the world’s happiest country. This proves that there is a lot to learn from their lifestyle. Nature can help one to cultivate Sisu. Sisu is the way to gain grit, courage and guts, and cheerful determination. Outdoor challenges help one to improve his or her grit. One such example is leaping inside a frozen lake after a sauna session. Many of their citizens feel that a dip in the icy water offers them extreme energy that lasts for the entire day. 

5. Summertime Hygge

Summertime Hygge


Summertime hygge is not about cups of hot cocoa, cashmere cardigans or spending an evening by the fire. It is much more and involves a year-round philosophy. Hygge is all about spending a lot of laid-back time with family and friends. 


Some of the examples of Summertime hygge are lazy picnics by the riverside, barbecuing fish on a camp, collecting different types and sizes of shells on the beach or enjoying walk in the garden and many more such activities, It helps us to slow down and relax from the daily hassles in life and stressed work life. It is like a savior in this hectic lifestyle. 

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