Nightclubs In Sweden To Tipple The Night Away

Nightclubs In Sweden To Tipple The Night Away

  The nightlife of Sweden and especially its capital, Stockholm, can be enthralling. There are a lot of nightclubs and go-to destinations in the country and a tourist will never feel out-of-bounds while spending time here. These happening places of the city are mostly frequented by its residents and one can get a feel of the country and at the same time stay entertained by visiting them. Here, we list out some of the most desired nightclubs of Sweden that can be visited by interested people who want to enjoy all the fun.

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Here is a list for you - Nightclubs In Sweden To Tipple The Night Away

1. Akkurat Bar Restaurant


This bar offers a wide range of beer and whiskey selections for almost everyone. For the uninitiated, the bartenders can be quite helpful over here and can help in making a selection. The service of this restaurant is excellent as well as the ambiance is quite decent and plush. A lot of old and vintage brews can also be expected here. The chicken wings of this restaurant are quite delicious and should not be missed at any cost while munching on other snacks.

2. Indie Rock Bar And Concert Venue


For all music lovers in the city, it is the place where one can head to in the evenings. Programs at the location usually start before 9 pm so that early visitors can also enjoy amply. The lovely small bar of this place was opened up by the popular Södermalm’s Pet Sounds Records and offers a nice selection of drinks too including some neat cocktails. 

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3. Pharmarium


This nightclub of Sweden can be a visitor's delight as native flavors of Sweden can be enjoyed here. Right from its environment to its menu, everything smacks Swedish over here! Pharmarium also offers some elegant choices of drinks and cocktail, all in a serene and calm environment. Many native delicacies of Sweden can also be enjoyed here in abundance. The interiors of the bar have been very well created so that visitors can have a whale of a time.

4. Wirstroms Pub


Visitors who enjoy music and drinks can visit this place and hope to stay enjoyed sufficiently. This pub can be a very friendly place for meeting friends as it offers a large collection of different types of beer. A visit here on Tuesday night can be quite overwhelming as the Blue Jams Session takes place on that day. Similarly, Sunday afternoon drinks at this place can also be quite enjoyable. 

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5. Oliver Twist Pub


The rustic interiors of the Oliver Twist Pub can be a perfect attraction for friends and families for a nice dinner outside a home. It also offers a quiet atmosphere so that people who like to enjoy silent dinner may like this place. It also has a large collection of many types of beer that guests can enjoy sufficiently. It can be the perfect place to unwind after a hard day's work as the environment is quite laid back and easy going.

6. Fasching Jazz Club


Jazz music enthusiasts can have a ball by visiting the Fasching Jazz Club. It has many rooms where live shows are arranged for visitors and people can enjoy them with a bottle of beer. The club sells ticket only at about 295 KR. The gorgeous jazz music can be best enjoyed here on a Saturday night when the pitch of the place can be said to be at its best.

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7. Sturecompagniet


It is one more renowned nightclub bar of Sweden that is located in Stockholm. The entry fees of the club are twenty Euros only but it can be worth all the money invested in it. Each drink costs here ten Euros and that can be quite justified for all the other facilities that are on offer here. The ambiance of the place is unique and one can always stay involved in its environment. On the New Year's Eve, the place can be rocking as some of the best names in music can be expected to play here live and regale the audience.

8. John Bull


John Bull is undoubtedly the best when it comes to enjoying the nightlife of Sweden. This twenty years old club in Lund offers a vibrant atmosphere and is one of the most desired places amongst the locals of the city. A drinking experience outside of one's home can never be better than this club as it offers a cool environment coupled with some really nice service.

These are some of the best nightclubs available in Sweden and any visitor to the city must pay a visit to some of them to exactly understand the Swedish way of enjoying life.

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