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New study shows Americans are lying about their vacations


According to the new study done across the USA, it was found that 14% of Americans lie about their vacations and holiday plan. When researched about the main reasons for the Americans to lie it was found that it is the tendency to show off, portraying the life better than others and impressing someone or the other lies as the major factor. According to the study from the flight comparison site jet cost it was found that most Americans felt embarrassed for not having travelled a lot and hence the desire to show off.

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1. What are the Americans lying about?


In addition it was found that about two third of Americans have lie about their experiences, weather, quality and the sightseeing experiences. All of this lies in the matter of showing, the FOMO and not being left behind. It is also found that among the 27% of the people who have travelled internationally more than half of them have lied about the experience of travel and exaggerated the truth about the quality of accommodation, quality of weather, sightseeing and adventure in general. 

2. Why are the Americans lying?

Why are the Americans lying?


We live in the world where it is the trend to look and act cool so that no one is left behind. In the rage of social media we all have the desire to be updated with trends and what’s going on. It is most unlikely among that Americans not to have travelled abroad but still they feel the need to appear more travelled, enlightened and experienced. As per the survey it was found, ‘With the modern pressures of Social Media, people feel as they have to prove themselves to others which is so bad. Life isn’t a competition and just because someone else is doing something doesn’t mean that we too have the need and desire to do the same.

Travellers from US are also lying about the alcohol consumption and the money they spend on the same. And it is so saddening to realize that people consider alcohol as a mean to show off and appear cool. Most of the people confessed that they never say tell the truth about their trip if it goes disaster for the sake of appearing happy and content. A lot of people also agreed to the fact that they always exaggerate their vacation and never actually tell the real story behind the vacation. Many people book a vacation not to have a great time with friends and family but also to portray an over filtered and perfect social media life.

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