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New Flights Starts between Ahmedabad and Newark via London

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Air India To Launch a Flight Connecting Ahmedabad to Two Major Cities in the UK and US - United Kingdom

Recently increasing number of direct flights to popular destinations abroad makes travelling easier to international destinations for Indians. Air India is all set to launch a flight connecting Ahmedabad to two major cities in the UK and US respectively from August 15. Ashwani Lohani - CMD, Air India Ltd has made this revelation at a press conference recently. He stated that the Dreamliner aircraft will be operating on this route, thus ensuring a comfortable international flight for Indian globetrotters.

Lohani also continued with that after a successful launch of direct flights between New Delhi and San Francisco last December, Air India is also looking to commence flights between Bengaluru and San Francisco. There is also a plan prepared by Air India to connect the two capital cities, New Delhi and Washington DC in near future.

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