Mumbaikars Most Vacation Deprived In The World

Mumbaikars Most Vacation Deprived In The World

  Workaholics Mumbaikars are the most vacation-deprived in the world, also the Indian workers rank five to leave their vacations unused after Japan, Italy, Australia, and New Zealand. "Most people from Mumbai 51% do not take vacations because they do not get time off work while 40% do not go for vacations as they can make money in exchange of unused vacation days and 88% Mumbaikars feel vacation deprived," said the survey.   Not just that majorly Indians are considered to be as the most vacation-deprived in the world in comparison to other countries and the trendsetters are the Mumbaikars. Although, in recent days the trend started by the millennials to travel has taken over the travel industry and many young-generation are breaking the norm of vacationing and not saving.   As it is important to go out of your routine and travel to explore the world, which has become important for one’s well being and mental health. The constant workload and stress in the young generation have become the reason for many a disease. Prolong seating and continuous work on laptops have to lead to arthritis and spondylitis issues in the young generation, heart attacks, are like common these days, and many more diseases which we are attracting towards us, all due to our lifestyle and stress.   Therefore breaking the routine and de-stressing is important, for one’s health and well being. If not for a long vacation, one should plan a short or weekend getaway to free your mind and soul from all the workload.    Here we have curated quick getaways from Mumbai for Mumbaikars to travel and be stress-free!  

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Here is a list for you - Mumbaikars Most Vacation Deprived In The World

1. Lonavala


Lonavala, one of them the most popular hill station near Mumbai, attracts numerous tourists throughout the year, majorly in monsoon season. During monsoon season Lonavala becomes all the more beautiful with lot many waterfalls to see and lush green valleys become more than beautiful. It’s here one can relax and enjoy the mesmerizing views from Tiger’s leap, take a dip in Bhushi Dam or sit by Lonavala lake and enjoy some peaceful time. 

2. Matheran


Away from the hustle-bustle of Mumbai city, Matheran is a cozy hill station, which does not allow any transport to come in and the lush green hills, no automobiles and red soil roads here will take you back in an idyllic old-world era. The abundance of nature here will give you myriad viewpoints more than 36 and lets you enjoy majestic views of Sahyadri hills.

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3. Alibaug


Alibaug popularly known as mini-goa is a famous coastal weekend getaway destination. It's here you will step back into the colonial history while enjoying numerous beaches, wherein all the beaches are only a few minutes drives away from each other. 


It's here you can never run out of activities, as you can explore temples, forts and sandy beaches to relax and have time with yourself. 

4. Karjat


Karjat a mini hill station is a perfect weekend getaway to de-stress yourself. Being based along the Konkan coast, Karjat holds a very fascinating location, in the Raigad District of Maharashtra. It offers myriad activities like river rafting, trekking, hiking, and mountain climbing to satiate all your craving for adventure. Not just that it also houses innumerable health resorts, so nothing can be better than Karjat to have a relaxing break.

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