Mt Agung blows again, Is it safe to travel? Find out here.

Mt Agung blows again, Is it safe to travel? Find out here.

Bali, the epitome of charisma, spellbound beauty and luxury that attracts thousands of tourists every year has never failed to bestow upon the travelers one of the most exquisite experiences every time. However, as it is said, you never know what nature has in the box for us. It is not the first time when the beautiful Bali has been trapped in the trauma of mother earth and became the victim of the volcanic eruption. There are many stories in the past as well which has reported ginormous volcanic eruptions in Bali. However when Mt Agung hit Bali on the 31st of May not once but twice within the span of a week not only has caused extreme destruction but also massive anxiety among the locals and the tourists. Let us find more about the past history of volcanic eruptions in Bali and not to forget the detailed insight of Mt Agung:  

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Here is a list for you - Mt Agung blows again, Is it safe to travel? Find out here.

1. What is Mt Agung

Mt Agung hit Bali on the 31st of May. However there is no severe impact or great damage that has been reported but what bothers more is the fact within a span of just a week Mt Agung has blown of the beautiful island of Bali twice, the last time being a more severe one. Last major disaster caused by Mt Agung was caused in the year 1963 which still lies fresh in the records when around 1600 people were killed. In 2017, there was again the deadly attack of Mt Agung when all the flights were canceled and residents asked to flee.

2. Are the flights cancelled

This time Mt Agung did not create a significant impact and we are too grateful for that. According to Indonesia’s Geological Agency, no flights have been disrupted and can continue as scheduled. However, there is a three-mile no-go zone marked around the crater which has to keep maintained strongly.

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3. Impact of Mt Agung

Although the volcanic eruption in Bali was not an intense one this time however fumes were seen to have risen up to 2000 meters in the sky. The lave did spread for up to two miles radius and ashes are still widespread across the villages. Some flights to and from Australia did get canceled however normal operations are going on as they should have been.

4. Is it safe to travel to Bali

There are no specific travel restrictions that have been imposed on the island of Bali post the eruptions. However, according to the British Foreign and Commonwealth Practices, there are some of the areas which are highly restricted and fall under the exclusion zone generally along the Mt Agung and the areas near active volcanoes if you are considering a trip to Bali anytime soon. There are many active volcanoes near Bali which can erupt anytime with little or no warning. There have been many incidents of the past which have reported many fatal incidents in Bali so some extra care and protection is very essential when tourism in Bali is considered. However, Bali is and will always be our dream holiday spot and all of us already are so concerned to preserve this majestic beauty.

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