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Mistakes To Avoid When Visiting Paris For First Time

World isn't everywhere the same, but people are! Visiting Paris for the first time can be a blissful experience but to remember some noted points to not get into trouble. Paris is undoubtedly a city of light and has a lot to experience when you visit there, but to have a memorable experience you must know certain things in order to prevent yourself from committing some of the silly mistakes.

Water is free!

As the city was once in danger due to plague still some people take advantage of it, but be aware, plague is over and the tap water is drinkable and the waiters that warn you, are doing nothing but fooling you! Do not buy the pricey water bottles as the tap water is just fine.

Pay tip smartly!

When traveling in taxis, or using the hair dressing service, feel free to pay the tip but when leaving a restaurant, leave the change after paying the bill, that is the simple rule of tipping in Paris!

Visiting Versailles

No, visiting Versailles is not a mistake but if you are visiting Paris in spring or summer, a lot of time will be spent standing in the queues, just to have a glimpse of the bed of Marie Antoinette. There are lot many places also to be seen in Paris!

Lines and Queues, how to save time?

Queues in Paris are common! All need to be in a queue some day or the other, whether you are visiting the Eiffel Tower or a grocery store. The best way is to plan ahead and know the timings of certain places. Eiffel Tower stays busy on all the days but the queues at Louvre are somewhat shorter on Wednesday and Friday nights. Similarly the lines at Musee d'Orsayare are short on Thursday evenings.

Don\'t be disappointed, rather plan better

What if you missed one of the better places of Paris, and you keep regretting! There is always a tomorrow. Plan much better and visit again. Eiffel Tower is probably standing tall always and the Mona Lisa is also probably not going anywhere! Enjoy and cherish the memories you had! Countries You Can Visit For Less Than $50

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